Review: LAVANILA Healthy Deodrant

LAVANILA’s growing line of healthy products continues to brim with everything that’s good for you and nothing that’s not. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, and completely free of harsh chemicals.

Since loving the LAVANILA fragrances I’ve been wanting to try the Healthy Deodorant but just never got around to it until I needed to add an item to qualify for free shipping at Sephora. I hate to pay for shipping! I ordered the travel size LAVANILA in Vanilla Lavender ($10).

To be honest I wasn’t expecting much. I’m used to using antiperspriant and didn’t expect this to really keep my dry. So many times “natural” means not effective. Not the case here!

I found the texture of the LAVANILA Healthy Deodorant more solid than my normal antiperspirant–it doesn’t glide quite as smoothly. The good news is it really works! It kept me dry all day and it smells wonderful. I wouldn’t compare it to a clinical strength antiperspirant, but for day-to-day dryness, it’s very effective.

LAVANILA says “LAVANILA The Healthy Deodorant uses beta-glucan technology to effectively fight odor while soothing, conditioning, and strengthening the skin. It goes on clean, with no sticky wetness, and delivers long-lasting, luxurious results.” I can say I wholeheartly agree!

More good news is the bad stuff that’s NOT in it. It is free of Parabens, Sulfates, Synthetic Dyes, Petro-Chemicals and Phthalates. It is also dermatologist-recommended, non-irritating, allergy-tested and does not contain aluminum or mineral oils.

Why is aluminum in deodrants bad for us? *Aluminum has been linked to Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases as well as breast cancer. Studies on mice have found that the absorption of aluminum through the skin causes a greater burden on the body than oral ingestion. Humans also absorb aluminum through the skin: a 2001 study showed that aluminum was still present in blood samples 15 days after one application of aluminum to the armpit. Consequently, applying aluminum to the skin is a very effective way to get aluminum in your system, and in your brain.

Bottom Line: A healthy, effective and great smelling alternative to aluminum deodorants.


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  1. I’ve been on the hunt for a “green” deodorant that works! Thanks for the review.

  2. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’m pleasantly surprised to hear that it kept you dry. I have always avoided “deoderants” because, as a perimenopausal woman, I sweat so much and the fear has been that I’d smell. This is worth a try! And I DO worry about the aluminum connection. No aluminum pots for me in the kitchen!

    • Mama, I would suggest trying the “to go” size–it’s only $10 and there is enough product to do a good test.