Review: MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencil

Guest reviewer, Patty is back to tell us know about her lip pencil obsession and what she does and doesn’t like about some popular brands!

I am constantly drawn to lip pencils.  I don’t know why, but if I’m out makeup shopping and come home with just one thing, it is almost always a lip pencil.  My favorite formulas and color choices are from Lancome, Dior and MAC’s Cremestick liners.  I DO like that the Lancome liners have a brush on the opposite end, but I DON’T like that their caps tend to crack and fall off.  I DO really like the smooth glide I get from Dior’s Automatic lip liners, but I DON’T like the limited color selection.  I DO like the color selection and smooth glide of MAC’s Cremestick liners, but I DON’T like how easily these break.  Enter MAC’s newest liner, the Pro Longwear Lip Pencil!  These come in a great selection of colors, glide on smoothly, and boy do they last without being dry!

I have fairly pigmented lips but an uneven lip line.  I work from home and during the week I typically only leave the house to go to the gym and run short errands.  A full face of makeup is not my normal day-to-day regimen these days.  I do however put on a tinted moisturizer (Dex New York Mineral Tinted Hydrator) and a lip liner with lip balm before I go.  I don’t go to a globo gym with a juice bar and mirrors, I go to a hard core gym where we sweat, grunt and cuss while lifting insane amounts of weight.  I don’t care what I look like to my fellow warriors at 6am, but I do frequently run my errands when I’m done and I don’t want to scare people I come in contact with!  My face gets very red when I exercise and the Dex New York Mineral Hydrator (a wonderful product worthy of its own review) plus a little lip liner and lip balm keep me looking presentable.  

MAC Pro Longwear Lip Pencils currently come in 10 shades:

Etcetera:  Creamy Beige

In Anticipation:  Soft Yellow Pink

Staunchly Stylish:  Pinky Beige

More to Love:  Intense Bluish Pink

Kiss Me Quick:  Yellow Red

What A Blast:  Bright Orange

Absolutely It:  Soft Burgundy

Morning Coffee:  Dirty Rose

Nice ‘n’ Spicy:  Pink Cinnamon Stick

Bittersweet:  Intense Brown

 I currently own two of these liners:  Nice ‘n’ Spicy and Absolutely It.  The MAC descriptions are pretty spot on.  Nice ‘n’ Spicy is very similar to MAC’s Crème ‘o’ Spice.  I don’t have anything else that compares with Absolutely It, but it is definitely a nice, soft burgundy shade.  I find myself reaching for this one each morning when I do a very quick, minimal “gym face”.  It adds a little color and definition to my lips without making me look “made up”.  It also lasts through a tough workout, several sips from my water bottle and errands. 

I’m typically drawn to warmer, neutral lip shades.  I like a good, peachy pink, something with warm undertones.  Nice ‘n’ Spicy is perfect with just about anything I’ve paired it with, and also nice on its own for a little bit of color.  Absolutely It is much more fall-friendly, and looks good with plums, wines and DEFINTELY on its own with a bit of lip balm.  These glide on like a dream, smooth as silk with no drag like MAC’s regular lip pencils.  They are also the kind you sharpen yourself, so they don’t have the fragility of twist-up pencils.  The only downside to these and this is minor:  since they are soft, it’s hard to keep a sharp edge.  I’m sharpening very frequently.  I guess that just means I’ll be replacing these more quickly but it’s a fair trade-off considering I really do love these and reach for at least one of these shades each and every day!

These liners retail for $18USD and are not limited.  I was told by a MAC rep recently that since these have been so well received, we’ll probably see this formula in limited edition shades in future collections. Sounds like a Prime Beauty All Star to me!

Reviewed by Patty Newell

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  1. As usual a great review by your guest reviewer. What a find she is! 🙂