Review, Pics, Swatches: Burberry Light Glow Pink Coral Blush



Purchased by me


Burberry launched a spring/summer collection earlier this year that included two new blushes; Coral Pink and Hydrangea Pink ($42). The goal of the collection was to introduce “radiant colour” into their otherwise neutral range.

I purchased Coral Pink, a warm dark pink with a hint of coral. It has a soft, satin finish with a nice glowy sheen.  Coral Pink is an intense shade and extremely pigmented. I purchased it online sight unseen from Nordstrom in Bellevue, WA. The Burberry Beauty line is somewhat elusive and hard-to-find. Had I seen it person first, I don’t know that I would have chosen it for my fair skin.

2013-02-20 01.03.57 (480x360)

I adore the Burberry packaging–a heavy gunmetal compact with the iconic Burberry check pattern on it. It comes in a velvet pouch inside the box. The compact has a mirror and a nice brush housed inside.

2013-02-20 01.02.48 (480x397)

2013-02-20 01.04.35 (480x400)


Burberry blushes are some of the nicest on the market–the texture is very soft, creamy and downright lustrous.  Careful application is must with this intense blush–a light hand and a fan brush is recommended. It is blendable, but your hand may get tired! It seriously takes some work to not look like a clown/sunburned/crazy pants. Or like this….


That said, you can choose to layer a soft powder or cream highlighter over the top to diffuse the intensity. For me though, that’s a lot of work, I’m a more slap-it-on-and-go girl.  Coral Pink did wear for more than eight hours on me though, so the lasting power is there.  I do think the name Coral Pink is misleading–this blush has MUCH more pink in it than coral. I wish I had chosen something that had more coral than pink. I don’t see much difference between this and Hydrangea Pink, the other shade in the collection.

2013-02-20 01.04.12 (480x413)


2013-02-20 01.05.35 (480x439)

Bottom Line: While some may find they like Burberry going out of the norm and adding more color to the line, I prefer the softer sheerer blushes. Darker skin tones will probably fall in love. The quality and texture is superb so if you like highly saturated blushes, check these out!

P.S.- I also purchased the two glosses from the collection–Mallow Pink and Coral, reviews coming soon!


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  1. It is such a gorgeous blush, but the pigmentation is so strong that you really do need to use a VERY light hand. I bought two of the glosses from the collection, but both of the blushes were a bit too pigmented for me. Excellent review, as always! xo

  2. Sheila (Painted Ladies) says

    I cannot believe how pigmented that blush is – wow! Great review.

  3. That’s a stunning color but it would overpower me. Plus I hear that even their blushes are fragranced.

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Clown/sunburned/crazypants is RIGHT! I think it would be great for a woman with a dark complexion. Perfect summer color. But not for me…I’m fair like you, and this would make my rosacea look like it was having a “face party”! (do you think we can team up and hashtag “face party” to make it go viral, Cindy??? You know, like #armparty, lol…). I like how BB does it: Bright colors go on sheer. (but you know I’m a Bobbi Girl). I can’t wait to read your review on the glosses. I keep looking at them, but I’ve heard that they have a powerful fragrance/taste and that sounds not so good.