Review, Pics, Swatches! Lancome In Love Makeup Collection Spring 2013


Doesn’t Emma Watson look adorable? Adorable but not childish…adorable and fun…adorable and fresh…and pretty…and springy. That’s exactly what I love about Lancome’s Spring 2013 Collection, it’s fresh and pretty with a fun and flirty twist!

“What lies at the heart of the In Love Collection is a woman who loves who she is, who knows what is happiness, who embraces a colorful world and who shares her ‘joie de vivre’ with those around her”

Lancome spring 2013

The collection includes:

Blush In Love ($49.00) – these are the stars of the collection. They apply smoothly and impart a lovely satin finish. I purchased Peche Joue-Joue and am really loving it. Read my full review here. I deem these a must-have for over 40 women, and this is why–these apply smoothly and impart a lovely satin finish with no shimmer or glitter. The shimmer you see on the pink flowers is just an over spray and will be gone after the first use. This blush is so flattering and forgiving to dry skin and fine lines!

IMG_0205 (480x360)


2013-02-14 23.30.47

lancome in love blush

Baume in Love ($25.00) (Limited Edition) – I really did not expect to love these. At. All. I mean you’d have to be cray-cray to pay $25 for a lip balm, right? Call me cray-cray. I LOVE Urban Ballet. On my pale lips it packed just the right amount of pigment and shine. It feels glorious on my lips and has very decent wear. The packaging is the same as the other In Love lipsticks–a silver bullet. I’ve become addicted already and have been wearing it everyday for the last week and a half. If fact, I almost had a meltdown when I couldn’t find it to take pictures for you. It was in the ‘secret compartment’ of my purse so I wouldn’t lose it. Duh! I think I’m going to go back for Coral Electric too.


Urban Ballet (480x360)

There are also three Kohl pencils that I am absolutely head-over-stilletos about!


Khol in Love ($25.50)

Jade Crush (480x360)

Emma is wearing Jade Crush in the picture above. Wowza, I adore these eyeliners! They are so soft and creamy. Sometimes that means they are TOO soft and will smear or slide off. Ii purchased Jade Crush and let me tell you sistah, it does NOT come off until you take it off! That said, it gives you enough time to work with. Jade Crush is a gorgeous teal/green/pastel shade and reminds me of a tropical beach. When I wore this eyeliner to work recently, I got LOTS of compliments and several commented that it made my eyes look the same shade. The texture, the color, the lasting power–these eyeliners are my new favorites. I hope Lancome comes out with more colors!

2013-02-14 23.27.20 (480x166)



Color Design Infinite 24H ($24.50) – Last Fall Lancome introduced these new eye shadow pots. They are high shimmer with a creamy texture, extremely long wearing shadows that stay put. There are four new shades for the In Love Spring 2013 Collection. In addition, two more shades are available:  Perpetual Pink and Magnetic Teal. I was sent Perpetual Pink to try and once again, Lancome threw a curve ball at this over 40 lady. I love it! From just looking in the pot, I would have sworn these eye shadows would be too frosty, but they glide on my eyes and add such nice glow! These are very nice to add a soft-touch or to layer over a deeper shade to add some dimension. They come with a lid inside the pot so they don’t dry out. I also found these to be buildable–you can apply sheerly or add additional layers as you desire.  My Lancome synthetic concealer brush is perfect for application.

Lancome Pertual Pink (480x360)
2013-02-14 23.27.44 (480x359)
Vernis In Love ($15)
  • Peach Melodie-orange
  • Rose Macaron – fuschia
  • Sugar Rose-pale pink 
I’ve been wearing AND loving Rose Macaron–will have a review up soon, in the meantime here’s a pic for you.
2013-02-09 00.46.02 (480x360)
The last piece of the collection is Dewy Mist ($37) – a beauty water to be applied before and/or after makeup application to prepare and fix. The formula features 100% naturally derived ingredients that refine pores, smooth, moisturize and revitalize skin. Provides a naturally dewy finish and continuous protection to ensure a flawlessly radiant complexion.
I tried my version of the Emma Watson look pictured. I used my regular foundation, Peche Joue-Joue blushColor Design Infinite 24H in Perpetual Pink, Jade Crush Kohl Eyeliner and Urban Ballet Baume in Love
2013-02-14 23.28.40 (480x360)
2013-02-14 23.29.29 (480x360)
Overall: I was so pleasantly surprised by Lancome’s In Love Spring Collection! At first glance it doesn’t look like anything special, but I love the fresh, fun, dare I say youthful look I get!
What do you think? I love the fresh spring look!
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  1. I just love this collection. I am so with you on the Baume in Love. They are $30 in Canada. Who could love that. But oh I do! I do!

  2. you look really pretty!

  3. What a gorgeous collection and I love how you photographed it. Your total look is very youthful (in a great way) – fresh and refreshing!!

  4. I love Emma, but had no idea she repped them. That blush looks amazing!

  5. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Not only does Emma Watson look adorable and fresh, but YOU look adorable and fresh, as well! I am such a sucker for a sheer lip color…call it a balm, a sheer, whatever…I want it after seeing it on you. And your brows look amazing (I’m kind of a fanatic about brows). Love the pics of you…new profile pics, maybe??? They’re THAT good!

    • Wow, thanks Mama! I’m loving this balm, I’m going back for the coral one and maybe the blue eyeliner too!

  6. I was affraid by this bright colors, but they are really flattering, sweet and fresh !
    You look beautyful !

  7. This collection looks so amazing! I love the Jade eyeliner..Cute!

  8. Wow, so soft, pretty, and springy! Excellent review Cindy!


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