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Bold Beautiful Box + Books v2

Anastasia of Beverly Hills, true friend to us over 40’s has done it again. Her newest palette, The Bold and the Beautiful is something every self-respecting beauty addict should own.  First off can we talk about the packaging? The kit resembles a set of books that contains two volumes: Vol. 1, ‘Bold Brows’ and Vol. 2, ‘Beautiful Eyes’. It’s small enough for travel or to carry in a makeup bag and the outer sleeve protects the two palettes, er…”volumes.” The palettes and outer sleeve are a matte black with bold copper designs that look very Art Deco/Old Hollywood to my eye. This packaging it so pretty it’s a shame to throw it in a drawer so I’m going to display it on my vanity. Every good little makeup junkie needs a beauty encyclopedia, am I right?

2013-03-03 02.34.25 (360x480)

Volume #1 is Bold Brows, which includes a Brow Powder and tinted Pomade, as well as a mini dual-ended brush and mini tweezers. I LOVE Anastasia tweezers–they are perfect for getting those tiny stray hairs. I like them much better than Tweezerman. However, I have a confession to make, beauties. I have…. schizophrenic eyebrows. The right one has a good shape and behaves fairly well, but the left–well it’s just cray-cray. Too big in some places and too sparse in other places with a hole in the center. While it seems that my brows don’t really grow any more, I still have long wild ones. How can this logically be? I think they are giving  me the ‘gaslight’ treatment and are trying to make me crazy. It works!  On my bucket list is a trip to Ms. Soare’s  Beverly Hills salon and having her do my brows. A girl can dream can’t she? I digress.

2013-03-03 02.38.47 (480x360)

Anywho, having a nice brow powder AND a pomade for the wild ones, really, really helps. The brow powder is a universal taupe that works very well for me. The pomade is a deep brown so I’m thinking it you have darker brows a combination of the two shades should lend a good match. The slanted brush makes application easy even for my crazy left brow. It’s stiff and has the perfect angle for making small cute strokes that look like real hair–even I can do it!!

2013-03-03 02.38.09 (480x360)

2013-03-03 02.39.15 (480x360)

2013-03-03 02.40.07 (480x356)

Volume #2 is Beautiful Eyes and includes four eye shadows and a dual-ended applicator brush. The shades are not named but I will try to describe them.

2013-03-03 02.40.42 (480x360)

A nude, matte mink–I had a hard time photographing this because it is very close to my skin tone

A shimmery peach–don’t let shimmer scare you, it’s more of a sheen. It just sounds weird to say sheeny–and I MEAN sheeny, not shiny.  Hmm, maybe I should invent that word.  What do you think?

2013-03-03 02.42.33 (480x360)

A matte camel/tan with a teeny tiny bit of gold micro-glitter–again be scared, it’s very, very subtle

A deeply pigmented black/brown with bits of copper micro-glitter. Notice “micro”–no chunks–it’s okay. It makes a gorgeous liner and is a stunning shade for a smoky eye!

2013-03-03 02.42.03 (480x425)

2013-03-03 02.47.36 (480x360)

2013-03-03 02.47.45 (480x349)

Remember when I said that Anastasia was a good friend to us over 40 beauties? All the eye shadows in the palette are formulated with Youthful Synergy Complex.™  This formula contains:

  • A blend of nourishing Macadamia Nut Oil – a natural hydrator capable of holding up to 300% more water in the skin. Powerful antioxidants of Vitamins A, B, C, E, and F. Balkan Botanical Infusion®. 
  • Sea Whip Extract – soothes the skin
  • Brown Algae- a key ingredient that smooths, firms, hydrates, and revitalizes the appearance of skin
  • Diamond Core powder – diffuses light for a soft focus effect

The eye shadows are finely milled, smooth, silky and blend easily. These neutral shades can be used for pretty daytime looks or amped up for a smoky eye date night and will flatter all skin tones. Anastasia is one of my favorite brands for eye shadows because they don’t settle into creases and the peachy shade in this palette brings eyes forward and makes them glow!

The Beautiful Eyes palette also has a double-sided brush–one end for applying the shadow and the other for blending. Brushes is just another thing Anastasia does right.

2013-03-03 02.43.31 (480x360)

One last look—

2013-03-03 02.41.17 (480x360)

P.S.- Hey Ms. Soare how about that bucket list?

Overall Thoughts:  If you’ve never tried Anastasia of Beverly Hills eye shadows or brow products (which are the best!) this would be a great introduction to the brand!  The Bold and Beautiful Palette makes for a flattering everyday palette that you can take with you, grab this soon! I have a feeling it won’t last long.

Prime Beauty Grade: A 

Have you ever tried Anastasia of Beverly Hills?  Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. I’ve hit pan on their Christmas eyeshadow palette. Looks like its time for a new one! Love that this one has brow and eyeshadow products in 1 palette.

  2. I love that packaging. This could easily sit on m y shelf and it looks like it belongs there. BTW Anastasia of Beverly Hills is the best.

  3. How cute is that to sit on your vanity like a book. Anastasia is so wonderful and this looks right up there with the best.

  4. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Pretty, pretty! I could see that on my vanity (or in my makeup bag!). Great colors.

  5. I love the packaging, that would make a great gift for your sister who loves books, don’t you think? Sorry about the eyebrows.


  6. I need this so badly for my over 40 eyes. I love every palette they put out. It’s going on my list!