Review, Pictures and Swatches: Sue Devitt Lip Intensifer Pencil

You may be familiar with Sue Devitt’s cult favorite Eye Intensifer Pencils, but did you know she has a Lip Intensifer Pencil that was inspired by the eye pencils? She does, and it’s just as awesome as the eye pencils. What makes this lip pencil so different? I thought you’d never ask!

Most lip liners are waxy and stiff–this chubby pencil has a unique formula that moisturizes while intensifying natural color to maximize the appearance of the lips and to enhance natural lip shape. The soft, smooth, and velvety texture feels almost like a balm it’s so moist. The formula boasts Aloe Vera, Marine Filling Spheres and Hibiscus Extract for it’s antioxidant properties.

I’m in awe of the brush on the opposite end! When using just the tip of the brush, it’s stiffness allows for precision work at lining and shaping the lips, however the fatter part of the brush is soft enough to fill in the lips without feeling harsh. If you have problems with your lipstick/gloss bleeding, you need this product!

I tried Waikiki, a deep pinky red. The color is indeed intensifyed when applied to lips–notice the difference in the arm swatch and on the lips? After battling a cold, my lips were in awful shape when I took these pics so keep that in mind. That said, I really do think the Sue Devitt pencil did plump my wimpy lips–booya!

Sue Devitt has some tips for creating a sexy lip:

The lip buff is one of Sue Devitt’s sexiest lip makeup tips. ‘Buff’ the lips with a Lip Intensifier Pencil, by applying the pencil with light feathering strokes around the lip line, blending inwards towards the center. Then apply a matte or sheer lipstick evenly all over lips with a lip brush. This delivers maximum pigment and long-lasting color. Finally, finish the lip buff with a lip gloss to give your lips radiance.

Overall Thoughts: I really love the moistuizing aspect of this pencil and well as the ingenious and brush. This is a great product for over 40 women who struggle with their lipstick bleeding into fine lines or who need a little extra volume. Right now until 3/19  with any $25 purchase on, you will receive a free Eye Intensifier Pencil!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

Have you tried either the Sue Devitt Lip Intensifer Pencil or the Eye Intensifier Pencils? Thoughts?

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  1. I’ve learned something new today. I have a great lip liner from Sue Devitt but I wasn’t aware of the Lip Intensifier!

  2. I did not need to see this! I did NOT need to see this! I already adore the Eye Intensifiers, now I want this! 😀

  3. Very pretty!

  4. mamavalveeta03 says

    I almost placed a Sue Devitt order yesterday because she was offering a free eye intensifier pencil in “Gold Reef” with any purchase. I was interested in the Luxury Lipsticks, which look very sheer and pretty. I didn’t even know that she made these lip pencils–I’ll check them out, for sure!
    (Oh, Cindy you poor dear! Try “Neosporin Lip Health”–I just got over a cold and my lips were dry and flaky until I tried this. 3 days later and they’re moist and back to normal. And I used a little of it on my sore nose. Try it!!)

  5. mamavalveeta03 says

    Sorry that I duplicated what you wrote about the free gift. I got it wrong, anyway. Oh, and I just checked and they don’t have the brushes on the end of the Lip Intensifier Pencil anymore on the Sue Devitt website! What gives?!?!

    • shelley bershof says

      I also looked at the Sue Devitt website and was surprised that the Lip Intensifier Pencil didn’t have a brush on the other end. The other lip liner (Longlasting?) did have a brush, though. As far as I could tell, there wasn’t a Waikiki lip liner in either line. Any ideas?

      • I’ve been told that Sue Devitt is temporarily out of stock on the Lip Intensifier pencil. I’m so sorry ladies–had no idea! I’ll let you know when it’s back in stock.

  6. I haven’t used anything from Sue Devitt in so long. I’m going to have to go through my stash and dig one of these out; they are really nice.


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