Review: Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask

 Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask

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by Blythe

You can spend hundreds of dollars on makeup products, but without a good base to start with, you might as well throw the money in the trash. It seems we hear this more and more all the time. Good skin care is essential, but with so so many products to choose from, it kind of makes my head spin.

One beauty must have, I can’t live without, is the beauty mask. Why do I like it so much? For one it makes me feel like I’m enjoying a spa treatment at home, minus the new age music, and for another, I really love all the benefits beauty masks can provide my skin. I have really dry skin, which just seems to become drier and drier as I age. I’m always on the look out for two types of masks; intensely hydrating for needed moisture, and purifying masks to help clean out my pores and reduce the effects of free-radicals.

Enter Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask. $12, which is designed to aid skin clarity and discard pollution debris. If you’re not familiar with Reviva Labs, they have been creating groundbreaking, all-natural skincare products since 1973.  What really impresses me about Reviva Labs, is that in over 40 years, they have never tested their products on animals. Every single skincare item they make is cruelty-free.

Say Aloha to Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask, 1.5 oz

 Hawaiian Sea Mask Product Shot

This is the first time I have tried anything from Reviva Labs, but I already know I want to try more of their skincare products. Infused with energizing Hawaiian seaplant extract and deep-cleansing Kaolin and bentonite, the Hawaiian Seaweed mask is an intense beauty treatment. It more than delivers on its promise to deeply cleanse and normalize skin. After using this light green colored mask, my skin felt revitalized and my pores free of pollution.

While I enjoyed the results and the texture of the mask (thick and easy to apply and remove) I did find the scent to be a bit overpowering. However, once the mask was on my skin, the scent seemed to dissipate somewhat, and it wasn’t strong enough to make my nose run or eyes water. This has happened with other clarifying masks I’ve used, and it is kind of hard to blow your nose with a mask on your face.

One recommendation I will make is in regards to the amount of time you should leave the mask on your skin. The directions suggest leaving the mask on for 20-30 minutes. As I have mentioned numerous times on the blog, I have very sensitive, dry skin, and I found 30 minutes to be too much for my skin to handle, whereas 20 minutes worked much better. I would recommend testing the time frame out for yourself to see what works best for your skin type.

Using Hawaiian Sea Mask

What a girl will do for great skin. 🙂


Overall: At $12, the Reviva Labs Hawaiian Seaweed Beauty Mask is a great addition to any skincare routine. It helps to brighten and normalize, without causing breakouts, and is suitable for all skin types. Not only did it improve the look and feel of my skin, but also helped my serums and moisturizer absorb better. I woke the next day to find my skin softer and more hydrated.

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  1. I love Reviva Labs! 🙂

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love Reviva Labs too, and I think I’d adore that seaweed mask!

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    I love Reviva Labs! The mask sounds great!

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    I love this mask!!! And Revica Labs. Quality products all around!!

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  9. Aleya Bamdad says

    I haven’t tried this mask yet but I love their other masks.

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    Reviva makes amazing products!

  13. I really enjoyed Reviva’s Hawaiian Seaweed Cleansing Milk – now I need to try this mask! If you have sensitive skin, you have to try their Green Papaya Oxygenating Mask. It’s so soft, like a gel, and doesn’t dry out on the skin.

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    That’s a pretty good price for a mask like this. Sounds really good!