Review: UNITE Expanda Dust

For those of you that follow Prime Beauty, I’m sure you’ve heard me complain, whine from time to time constantly about my flat, limp hair. I’ve been told by many a hairdresser than I have a lot of hair but it just has a very fine texture. Not only do I think they’re lying to make me feel better, but when they say ‘fine’ they’re not talking like “girl, you so fiiiine,” but rather ‘fine’ being the politiaclly correct term for flat, lifeless, limp, sticks-to-the-side-of-your-head fine the result being for me at least a good impression of a newly hatched chick. You know, with their feathers still wet and stuck flat to their body. Yeaah, that kinda fine.

 In my next life, I want to come back with a full, thick head of long, shiny, lusterous hair. I forget though, do you get to come back because you screwed up this life and you get another chance, or because you did such an outstanding job at this one? I guess there’s no guarantee I’ll even come back as human if at all. My Aunt Flo used to get mad if I so much as killed a spider yelling “What do you think you’re doing? That could be somebody you used to know!” Well, let me tell you, Aunt Flo would have had The. Best. Beehive. Ever. If only UNITE Expanda Dust was around in the sixties, she would have that rocked that beehive–Marge Simpson would have nothin’ on Aunt Flo! And no worries Aunt Flo, UNITE is vegan and does NO animal testing.

My exxperience with UNITE Expanda Dust was surprising to say the least. First off, I assumed (you know what they say about THAT) that it was a dry shampoo–it’s not. That mis-information coupled with my personal motto “why do when you can overdo?” left my hair big that’s for sure but also gritty and clumpy. I put so much on, my part was white–duh. Totally my fault–I can be a idiot and this was one of those times.

Expanda Dust is NOT a dry shampoo–it IS meant to be used on dry hair (I got that part right) but it striclty for instant volume–and it works! Magic, real magic I swear! Lightly (key word here) sprinkle into roots for mega volume and you can as an option sprinkle throughout for added texture–something we flatheads don’t normally have.

This is an ultra fine powder made of some unusal ingredients:

  • Kaolin: Adds texture and hold
  • Potato Starch: Thickens and adds volume
  • Tapioca Starch: Thickens and adds volume
  • Corn Starch: Adds body and hold
  • Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice: Adds moisture and soothes hair and scalp

It kinda makes sense when you think about it–corn starch is commonly used to thicken gravy and my mom always used tapioca to thicken the cherry jucie in her homemade cherry pies–yummmmm. Lemme tell ya beauties, it works–like no other. I’ve tried a LOT of thickening products on my hair and one of two things happens.

1. the products weigh my hair down competely negating the volumizing effect

2. the volume lasts a few hours and then it’s back to being the Mayor of Flatlandia.

UNITE Expanda Dust does neither–it gives instant volume that lasts and holds a curl. Just don’t go ape shizz with product like I did the first time. I really appreciate the natural ingredients and that the nasty stuff–sulfates, parabens and sodium cloride are left out. I also want to use cruelty free products when possible and UNITE is PETA certified and does no animal testing.  My success with Expanda Dust makes me want to try the volumizing shampoo and conditioner as well as some of the other volumizing styling products like Expanda Volume and Boosta Spray.

No worries you lucky beauties that don’t have flat hair–UNITE has two more systems; Moisturizing and Smoothing. 32 professional haircare products in all.  Get UNITE haircare products at and professional salons.

Oh and by the way, I think I want to come back as this sweetheart–now that’s some nice hair!!

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  1. Ahh, this seems like a great product! Do you think it’d work well on dark hair, too?? I’m sure this would also work wonders when combined with teasing the hair.
    PS It took me a bit to realize that your Aunt Flo is actually an Aunt… not a euphemism. 🙂

    • I think it would work for dark hair–just put it right in your part like stupid me. Yeah, my Aunt Flo was a character–she loved fashion, hair and makeup and she lived with us for a few years so she had an impact on my love of all those same things.

  2. Your Aunt Flo was some character. I laugh every time you mention her. I remember you raving about Unite. Now I know one of the reasons why.

  3. Do you rub it into your hair/scalp and it kind of roughens the cuticle, sort of like if you were to backcomb your hair, and that’s how you get the volume?

    • You don’t really rub it into the scalp, just the roots of the hair–that’s where I went wrong the first time. And a little goes a long way

  4. I really want to try this!! Since I’ve had the Thermafuse, I’m trying to add more volume back to my hair. This may be perfect! Have you tried the Got2B stuff that looks similar to this? We should talk…… (that stuff was a giant fail, btw).

  5. Oh I MUST try this! There’s a similar product from Aveda that I never got around to trying. I too have very fine. limp hair and the only thing that saves me a bit is that it is curly. I desperately need more lift and volume at the roots though. Hopefully I can get this to Canada. Thanks for the great, and chuckle inducing, review!

  6. Oh and forgot to mention that I love the product name! Expanda Dust LOL


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