Review: Vanessa Williams ReVitalistic Skincare Discovery Kit Hit or Miss?

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Vanessa Williams, R & B singer, producer, dancer, model and actress launched her own skincare line earlier this year. It includes a five-product beauty lineup: an eye serum, anti-aging moisture treatment, enzyme skin peel and neck/décolletage cream all offered on QVC channels across the country.

“I’ve taken proven skin care concepts and improved them. I am involved in every aspect of it, from the name, the color palette of the packing, the logo and the ingredients,” she said. “It has been a labor of love and I have loved working on it for years until I knew it was perfect.”

I was sent the ReVitalistic by Vanessa Williams Five-Pc. Discovery Kit ($52)  to try and had high hopes–who doesn’t want to have skin like Vanessa Williams? She’s 49 and looks fabulous! Sadly, after using her skincare line for 4 weeks, I attribute that more to Botox (she has admitted it) and a team of makeup artists, stylists and Photoshop than her skincare line. Let’s get to it.

The kit consists of:


  • 1-oz Re-Quench Anti Age Defense Intensive Moisture Treatment
  • 2-oz Re-Contour Neck and Decollete Line Defense Cream
  • 1-oz Perfexture Triple Enzyme Skin Perfecting Peel
  • 0.5-oz Re-Focus Firming Eye Serum
  • 1-oz Re-Start Skin Serum

Re-Quench Anti Age Defense Intensive Moisture Treatment – this is the product I liked the best. It is light, hydrating and has a nice texture. It’s a very nice day cream with a lovely refreshing ginger scent. This is the only product in the line I would consider repurchasing.

Re-Contour Neck and Decollete Line Defense Cream – a thicker cream in a squeeze tube and has the same light ginger scent. I’ve been using it on my neck and decollete for four weeks now and have seen no noticeable difference. True, it may be too early to tell, the skin on our necks and especially the decollete is much thinner and delicate so I will it give it more time. One thing that I am disappointed with is that this cream doesn’t seem to absorb as well as I think it should. During the day if I touch my neck I feel that it’s slightly greasy.

Perfexture Triple Enzyme Skin Perfecting Peel – this is perfectly fine–nothing more, nothing less.

Re-Focus Firming Eye Serum – I SO wanted to like this! First it’s way too thin and watery, secondly it doesn’t absorb. For those two transgressions, it’s a fail for me. Originally, I thought the black dots under my eyes were from my mascara. So I tried this eye cream with THREE different mascaras and each time I ended up with black smudges under my eyes which trust me–NEVER happens. If anything, I am always trying to add moisture under my eyes. Eye creams don’t work if they sit on top and don’t sink into the skin. Major fail.

Re-Start Skin Serum – this product is tragically mis-labeled. It is actually a primer. If it looks like a primer, has the texture of a primer and performs like a primer–it’s a primer! There is nothing wrong with that–it’s a good primer, however the instructions say to apply morning and evening. I have no idea why you would need a primer to sleep in?? And…I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to sleep with tons of  silicones on my face. Labeling this as a “serum” is ridiculous–no serum is this thick and can be used “under makeup to enhance application and wear.” I’ll stick to my Reviva Labs Makeup Primer for $19.

Bottom Line: I will stick to skincare developed by skincare companies rather than celebrities. Vanessa, I applaud the effort, but you really need to go back to the lab and re-formulate this line. For me, overall, a miss.

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  1. Thanks for a great honest review. So many companies label serums as primers and vice versa, it’s too bad they don’t know the difference.


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