Review: Vita Liberata Self Tanners

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If you are a regular reader of Prime Beauty (and shame on you if you’re not), you know I am a big proponent of self tanners since I have had several pre-cancerous spots that had to be burned and scraped and have some awful scars to prove it. Please, please beauties no tanning beds or excessive sun exposure! I am so regretting the time I spent tanning/burning in the sun in my teens. Lecture over, let’s move on.

Long gone are the days of the Coppertone QT orange oompah loompa tan and stinky messy lotions. Self tanners have come a long way baby! However, with all this innovation and so many products on the market, it can get confusing. First you need to choose the formulation you want–gel, lotion, mousse, spray, etc.

Viva Liberata is the newest player in the self tanner market and I’m thrilled to report I have had excellent results! Viva Liberata offers two formulas: Sheer Tinted Tan Mousse ($37.50) and Rich Tinted Self Tan Gel ($37.50). Both formulas provide instant, transfer resistant “tan and go” color. I prefer a color guide with self tanners so I can make sure I’m applying exactly where I want—especially around those tricky spots like ankles and elbows and both the mousse and the gel have them.

My pet peeves about self tanners are the smell, unnatural color, streaking and the mess. Vita Liberata eliminates ALL of those concerns! The mousse is just the right texture–not too thick and not drippy thin–don’t let the deep coffee color fool you, the color is extremely natural and it continues to develop over the next 4-8 hours. If you want a deeper tan, just apply a second coat.

The mousse is my favorite because it is so light and quick-drying with absolutely no streaking. About now you’re probably wondering what makes Vita Liberata different from other self tanners, am I right?

These are the differences I saw:

  •  No awful smell
  • No streaking
  • 100%  free from parabens, perfume and alcohol
  • Moisturizing
  • 80% organic extracts for a natural fad
  • Long lasting color (lasts 4x longer than other tanners)
  • Wonderful application mitt

2013-05-29 19.37.12 (480x360)

The top arm is immediately after one thin application of Vita Liberata Sheer Tinted Tan Mousse.

Make sure that you purchase the Soft Flock Tan Mitt ($6.50) for a flawless application. Simply apply a dollop into the mitt and apply with a circular rubbing motion. Not only does the mitt eliminate any streaking or blobs but it also leaves your hands color free. The mousse dries very quickly so there is no need to avoid clothes for hours after applying. It’s also recommended for pale and sensitive skin.

Available at Sephora.

isit the Vita Liberata website has some great application tips and videos!

Bottom Line: Vita Liberata delivers an instant, natural, moisturizing tan with no smell or mess. Highly recommended!



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