Runway Rouge by Patricia Hartmann

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 Runway Rogue is an amazing new cosmetic brand founded by 90’s supermodel Patricia Hartmann. Patricia was a familiar face on the Runways of Paris, New York and Milan, walking for the fashion world’s top designers -Versace, Valentino, YSL, Ralph Lauren, Oscar de la Renta and many more. Patricia was the featured cover girl and appeared in Vogue, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, Allure, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, among many others. No matter what your mood, a great lip color can make you feel like a million bucks in a second like no other makeup can.

Patricia’s absolute favorite part of modeling was the transforming artistry of makeup. Sensing a need for high-performance makeup that really looks and feels great and that carries a message of inspiration, Patricia’s created Runway Rogue, a line of high-performance cosmetics of lipsticks, glosses and long-wearing lip pencils.   

The whole vibe of the brand is fun and sassy, focusing on the Attitude of Beauty. Patricia says: 

“On a daily basis, we’re inundated with images of perfect-looking men and women. But one thing I learned during my modeling career is that attitude is everything. A beautiful face doesn’t look beautiful when the person inside is insecure and uncertain of herself.  On the other hand, when someone walks into a room feeling utterly confident and empowered, she or he can be the most attractive person present – no matter their physical appearance. For me, makeup is a point of entry to feeling unstoppable. When I feel beautiful, I act more confident, outgoing and expressive. Sometimes working from the outside in is a great strategy!”

The formulas are loaded with hydrating oils and extracts which pamper your lips and keep them supple and soft. The colors come in an array of bright and bold to sweet and sheer and everything in between with textures ranging from matte to satin to ultra glossy.


  • Jojoba Oil to hydrate and soften the skin without clogging your pores
  • Safflower Oil to enrich your lips with hydrating vitamin E
  • Aloe Vera to soothe and hydrate your pout
  • Vitamin E to combat free radicals with potent antioxidants
  • Green Tea Extract to rejuvenate skin with anti-aging properties and polyphenols for sebum control
  • White Tea Extract to hydrate your pout with anti-aging compounds that promote longer moisture retention for skin
  • Chamomile Extract to soothe your lips

Fashionista ($21) is a richly pigmented, burnt dusty rose. It has a satin finish that is just perfect: not flat and not too glossy. Fashionista is a highly wearable shade will flatter any skin tone and is ideal for everyday, work or anytime you want to feel confident. It’s mostly pink with a bit of coral mixed in.

Purple Haze is a shimmery pale purple gloss with micro-fine glitter. It is simply gorgeous on its own but even better layered over a lipstick. I love how it adds so much dimension to the lips and take a day look to night time Va Voom in one swipe! From Patricia:

“Ok, here is the scoop. A little trick used by make up artists to make a model’s teeth appear whiter, was mixing a tiny amount of pale blue and purple eyeshadow with the gloss. I designed this shade with this nifty little secret in mind. Get ready to shine with this particularly juicy, multifaceted gloss. The blue and purple micro shimmer in this gorgeous sheer hue will bring your lips to life and give you yet another reason to smile.”


Fashionista and Purple Haze layered.

In keeping with the playful feel of the brand, you can shop the site by Attitude: Sassy, Playful, Fun, Professional, Natural and Bold or Style: Shimmery, Satin, Matte, Sheer and Glossy.

All Runway Rogue products are free of nasty stuff like  Paraben-free, Talc-free, Sulfate-free, Gluten-free, non-comedogenic ingredients and Cruelty-Free.

Check out for more about Patricia’s 90’s supermodel career.

Bottom Line: Runway Rouge lip products are hydrating, comfortable to wear and fun!

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I got different shades than you: a great red gloss that’s perfect for me and a purple that I will give away. I wish I got that pink lipstick, so pretty

  2. Fashionista is very pretty! It looks fabulous with that shimmery gloss layered above.

  3. Julie Porter says

    I can remember seeing Patricia Hartmann on many a magazine cover. She has created a very beautiful line of products, I particularly like the look of the two of these colors layered together.

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    Oh, that Runway Rouge Fashionista is a great looking lipstick! I love that it does not contain nasty ingredients too! I’ll get two of this, one for me, one for my daughter!

  5. I’m interested to see her lipstick line. The pigmentation of these glosses are pretty nice too. I love that there are natural ingredients in her cosmetics.

  6. I hadn’t really heard about this line but it looks so pretty.

  7. Travel Blogger says

    This looks like amazing lipstick! I would love to try this. I am always looking for lipstick that will help keep my lips hydrated.

  8. The pink is so pretty on you

  9. kelly reci says

    it looks like a very elegant lippy! perfect for special occasion!

  10. I love the layered lippie and gloss! The pink and sheer purple are a beautiful combination.

  11. rika agustini says

    I want to try the lipstick! Looks like a good brand! So moist and glossy on lips!

  12. Becca Wilson says

    I am loving the color of this! I am not very daring when it comes to lipsticks but I would give it a try.

  13. Wow what juicy and glossy lips. definitely makes one wanna try the brand. The content is what I look for now in a Brand!

  14. I definitely want to try this brand. I love to have juicy and glossy lips.


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