Say Buh-Bye to Wrinkles With The Biobliss Patch


The Biobliss patch is a revolutionary new product in skin care that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without injections in just one hour!  Uh, helllo can you say ‘perfect for women over 40?’ How does it work you ask? Each patch delivers of anti-aging ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin B5 and collagen stimulating peptides. The most important part though is the delivery system; each patch contains two teeny tiny very low voltage electrodes that activate and deliver the beneficial ingredients of a clinically proven hydrogel deep into the skin.

It’s super easy to use, kind of like teeth whitening system. Put the patch on your forehead and go about your business for an hour. Well, there’s a little bit more:

  • Step 1: Cleanse the brow and forehead area with the oil-free makeup towelette including in the kit.
  • Step 2: Apply the Biobliss patch to the forehead for one hour–the patch has a round tab on it that you press. It starts blinking green and will stop blinking when an hour has passed. 
  • Step 3: Remove the patch and refresh the forehead with the moisturizing towelette



Biobliss patch

What the ingredients do for your skin:

  • Vitamin B5 is an antioxidant that reduces cell damage and promoted tissue healing and moisturizing.
  • Acetyl hexapeptide, a mild muscle relaxer, reduces the intensity of facial muscle contractions, which tend to promote the formation of wrinkles.
  • Hyaluronic acid is proven to promote collagen synthesis to achieve the greatest results.

But does it work? Yep, it did for me! This is perfect for one of the first signs aging–expression lines.

Biobliss patch in action

I don’t have a lot of lines on my forehead, but I do have one that is fairly deep.

Before Biobliss

After Biobliss

Bottom Line: The patch works! It’s so quick and easy–no pain, no mess just results! The results can last for 3-5 days. The Biobliss patch is available on  you can purchase

1 sample patch for $24.99

2 patches for $44.99 or

4 patches for $74.99

Biobliss offers a 30-day guarantee —If, for any reason, you’re not delighted with your initial shipment, simply return your entire Biobliss system (box with used and un-used items) within 30 days of the purchase date, for a prompt, courteous refund of your purchase price. Shipping and handling is not included.  What have you got to lose except your wrinkles?

Where I really need one of these patches is for under my eyes and I’m told that product is in development. Oh happy day!! What do you think beauties?

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  1. I need this, stat!!! They need to make them from crows feet!!

    • Kelly, there is one for crow’s feet in development!

      • i need one for right UNDER the eyes (don’t really have crows feet) but have some lines under the eyes and right on top of the orbital bone! they don’t even have botox for those, boo hoo!!

  2. That’s interesting, especially since it lasts for days. I don’t usually have an hour before I’m going out that I could do this but if I could do it the night before when watching TV that would work.

  3. Wow that is so neat! I really need one for under my eyes on the top of my cheek bone. Expensive though! That’s just one use out of each patch for that price?!

  4. Polarbelle says

    I see amazing results in those pictures. Truly! Fantastic. I have to try these.

  5. Wow – I’m was impressed with the pics and even more impressed with the price. I was expecting over $100 for something that lasted 3 days. Oh happy day!! I wonder if the just have the whole face mask one in development yet 🙂

  6. I have to try it! I have some serious vertical troughs between my eyebrows.

  7. Wow, that worked! I don’t have a lot of forehead lines, either, but I do have one horizontal like that, like yours, is a bit deep. I’ll have to give these a try.

  8. I’d like to try this! Pricey, though.

    I can just see the husband wanting to play with that blinky tab!

  9. My forehead is what gives my age away, but I have one seriously deep line and a couple lighter ones. I have a feeling this wouldn’t work on that deep one and would like to see some more reviews and the results of women with those kinds of deeper lines before I spend the money. We’re on a tight budget and I want to be sure it’s worth it before spending, and then being disappointed, and having my husband giving me the evil eye… I think I really need botox and should start a fund. lol


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