Say Goodbye to Bags Under the Eye with Genucel Skincare!



Genucel by Chamonix is a uniquely designed facial cream that helps eliminate bags and puffiness under the eye. Don’t let your age and stress wear on your skin. With Genucel,  users saw improvement in under eye bags and puffiness in as little as 12 hours!

Genucel utilizes PhytoCellTech Malus Dometica plant stem cells, which are derived from a rare Swiss Apple. Another key component to Genucel is Eyeseryl ®. Eyeseryl is made exclusively by Lipotec. During a study, 70% of participants who used only 1% of Eyeseryl experienced a reduction of under eye puffiness in as little as 15 days. At the conclusion of the study, 95% of participants saw some sort of improvement in under eye bags and puffiness.

Genucel contains double the amount Eyeseryl than what was used in the study with 2% Eyerseryl in the Genucel formula. Genucel also contains PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica plant stem cells. PhytoCellTech Malus Domestica is a rare swiss apple which was found to have anti-aging effects. These stem cells help give the under eye region a youthful looking appearance.

Genucel is not available in stores and can only be bought on the official website, This week only, Genucel is offering $20 off of the product. Genucel also offers a 60 day money back guarantee. On the site you can also purchase Genucel Immediate Effects which utilizes Relaxoderm Technology to help give you immediate results that last 15 to 24 hours. You can also learn more about Genucel by visiting There you will find a full list of the ingredients and frequently asked questions.

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I seriously need this in my life. The bags under my eyes are so out of control!!

  2. Anything that helps with under eye bags, you can count me in! With two young kids, I don’t get enough sleep, and occasionally look like an extra from The Walking Dead.

  3. I am one of the few lucky women who don’t have bags under their eyes, yet. I’m sure that my day is coming!

  4. Oh my goodness I totally need this! Haha! No matter how rested I am, I always look tired. Stupid stress. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Thanks for introducing me to this new to me brand. I want all the skincare!

  6. KatieCarlson721 says

    Bags under the eyes is not a good look! I haven’t heard of this skincare product, so thanks for sharing.

  7. This looks like something I’m going to need! I bet it works great! I don’t like looking tired and run down. I want to look rested!

  8. Karen Yannacio Morse says

    Never heard of this product, but to get rid of bags would be very welcomed! And $20 off? And 60 days to see how I like it? Sold.

  9. Phyrra Nyx says

    I’ve never heard of this before! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Those are some solid stats and results! Have you tried it? I’d be curious because I’m starting to get concerned about my own undereye puffiness and am starting to research for something!

  11. Oh man, the dark circles under my eyes are the worst. Thanks for sharing, I’m realizing my 30’s skin care routine doesn’t work this new decade of life 🙂

  12. I am looking for such a product right now. I have dark circles, and I think it is a nutrition thing, but I want to have a fix before my reunion!

  13. I think all women want this. Dark circles are the bane of our existence (well one of them).

  14. My dark circles are a nightmare but at this stage I know my issue is sleep deprivation. If they can come up with a cream that tells my body it has had 8hrs sleep, that would be amazing! haha. I do like that this product is using plant stem cells. If I had bags I would been open to using this.

  15. My dark circles can get pretty bad, and I know they’d be better if I got more sleep but sometimes it’s not always possible x

  16. Reesa at Momma Lew says

    Our local radio station advertises for Genucel all the time and I always think about calling up to order. Now i am really intrigued!

  17. Brittany Muddamalle says

    Ooh I would love to try this. I’ve been wiped out lately and no matter what I have been doing I still see the bags under my eyes.

  18. Jean Standley says

    This sounds like a clever product that definitely seems to work! I definitely need help with the big bags under my eyes lol! I know its all about sleep but if products can help too I’m all for trying them.

  19. Sounds like a good product for bags. I don’t have bags, but I do have dark circles wonder if it would work on those?

  20. Brenda Harris Haire says

    Sounds like a good product for people with bags or puffiness. I know this is a problem for many busy moms

  21. These look like great products. Not enough sleep has me seeing more puffiness in the mornings.

  22. Marceline Dementori says

    That sounds lovely. I’d love to get rid of the bags under my eye especially since I always look tired! This would be worth getting!

  23. I haven’t heard of this brand before but I will need to check it out! I’m all for new skincare products!

  24. I absolutely DESPISE my bags, so I definitely need to give this a try. I am Italian with natural dark circles. If I wake up after a rough nights sleep, between the bags and circles no concealer can save me. I feel like a sad raccoon all day. Thank goodness for big Ray Ban sunglasses. I really must get this and beat that horrible puffy eye look at it’s own game!

  25. I would really like to try this product because I tend to have puffy undereyes, especially in the morning when I first wake up.

  26. Krystle Cook says

    This looks like a product line that I would love to try. I have never heard of them before!

  27. Yasmin Ali says

    I’ve never heard of this line before, I’m going to look into it! Thanks for sharing!