ScenTies – mix ’em, match ’em, wear ’em, love ’em

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I’m in love with ScenTies and can’t wait for you to read all about them. Do you remember Scratch and Sniff stickers? When I was teaching those were my student’s favorites and they felt special when their papers earned a scratch n’sniff. Well now Scenties has brought stretch and sniff accessories to life and they will make your family happy.


ScenTies are colorful accessories with a fun twist. Our hair ties, headbands, scrunchies, and face mask ear loops and mask bands are fragranced with playful scents like Cotton Candy and Vanilla Cupcake. Our variety of scents appeal to kids and will make adults feel like they’re back in middle school. Scenties are fashionable, comfortable, high-quality products that can be worn in the hair or on the wrist as a stylish bracelet. Collect them and trade them with friends!

When these arrived in my mailbox from ScenTies I wanted to rush over to see my granddaughter who I know is going to go crazy when she receives these. There are 4 categories: hair ties, scrunchies, hair bands, and masks each in a variety of fun fragrances. If only we had Smell-o-Blog right now!

ScenTies Hair Ties

The Hair Ties would be absolutely perfect as a goody bag or Easter basket item. Available in Bubblegum, Watermelon, Sour Apple, Strawberry, Cotton Candy, Cupcake, and Brownie Sundae they are colorful and renewable. The scent is located in the tag so to refresh that luscious smell just pull on the tab. I can even smell them with my mask on.

  • Microencapsulated with fragrance
  • Scent lasts 8 – 12 months
  • Flexible and thin cloth hair ties – great for kids hair
ScenTies Hair Ties
ScenTies Hair Ties

There are 3 different sets of Head Bands that have 3 braided bands in each. Choose Cupcake, Cotton Candy or Strawberry for the cutest bands around. I might have to beg my granddaughter to share with me. Like the ties you just pull on the cute tag and refresh the scent.

The Scrunchies are going to be the most popular of all the products. Scrunchies are big again and these are the best, choose from Cotton Candy, Bubble Gum, Cupcake or Strawberry and wear them with pride.

ScenTies Cotton Candy Scrunchies

Last but not least are the adorable face masks. There won’t be any arguing with mom about wearing a mask when they are this cute and come with the hair ties as ear wraps that have the same scents. Available in Picnic Pack (watermelon, cotton candy, and bubblegum), The Sweet Tooth (cotton candy, vanilla cupcake and fudge brownie), The Fruit Cup (watermelon, strawberry and sour apple), and Neopolitan Dessert (vanilla cupcake, fudge brownie, and strawberry). Are these to die for or what?

Scenties face mask set

Scenties face mask
how to attach the ties

And like the others just pull and sniff. A delight for the senses. As a former teacher I don’t think these would bother me in the least.

Now is there any doubt why I was so excited to receive these? They will make the cutest gifts and add so much to new spring and summer outfits. And a bonus is that recently, Scenties has partnered with Child Mind Institute, which is, “an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.”

We are so excited about this partnership. We hope to help raise awareness for mental health and help children reach their full potential.

Join this woman owned company with delightful gifts for those in your life.

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