Senna Cosmetics: Get Glam In 7 Easy Steps!

The Senna Cosmetics line is impressive, the founder is Eugenia Weston, an Emmy nominated celebrity makeup artist that has been a pioneer in the cosmetics industry for over three decades.“From the age of 13, I was fascinated with faces- the emotions, balance, beauty and of course flaws. I was always visualizing how a woman could be more beautiful and better communicate who she truly was through the art of makeup,” states Ms. Weston. If this philosophy sounds familiar, it’s because Weston was considered to be the late Kevyn Aucoin’s muse–what an honor! A powerhouse in the film makeup industry, Weston’s clients include Angelina Jolie, Jessica Simpson, and Jennifer Aniston. Senna is used by top TV and film artists and seen on hit shows including ‘Heroes’ and ‘Ugly Betty’. I’m a huge fan of brands created and maintained by makeup artists–they know what looks good on every skin type and tone and develop products that actually work!I had a chance to try the Senna Glamour Kit ($75) which includes 11 classic Senna products:

  • Glisten Nude Shimmering Face Powder
  • Kabuki Brush
  • Spot White cream highlighter
  • Eye Colors in Filigree and Clove
  • Eye Liner Pencil in Sable
  • Geranium Cheeky Blush
  • Dusty Rose Lip Liner
  • Samba and Tiffany Lipsticks
  • Star Bright Lip Lacquer


I followed the step by step directions on the box for creating two different looks. 

GLAM look: 

Step 1 – Skin – after applying my foundation, I used the kabuki brush and swept the Glisten Nude Shimmering Powder all over. It’s more of a finishing powder than a real highlighter; it is so finely milled with just enough subtle sparkle to be understated and luminous at the same time. 

Glisten Nude Shimmering Pressed Powder

Step 2 – Highlight – I applied Spot White Accenting Cream on my cheekbones and in the inner corners of my eyes–it really makes them pop! 

Spot White Accernting Cream

Step 3 – Eye Shade – Apply eye color Filigree from lash line to under brow bone–this is such a pretty peachy champagne/gold shade that is universally flattering. It has some sheen, I wouldn’t even call it shimmer. Everyone needs a shade like this in their collection. 

Filigree Eye Shadow

Step 4 – Eye Shading w/Clove, a matte rich brown I used in the crease and a touch in the outer corner. 

Clove Eye Shadow

Filigree & Clove

Step 5 – Eyeliner in Linear, a deep brown black with lasting power 

Step 6 – Blush – you beauties know I love me some cream blush! Geranium is a pretty neutral pink with a tinch of shimmer to make cheeks glow 

Filigree, Clove, Geranium Cream Blush, Spot White Highlighting Cream

Step 7 – Lips – line and fill lips with Linear Lip Liner in Dusty Rose, a pink rose ‘my lips but better’ shade. Apply Samba Sheer Lipstick, a sheer glossy strawberry and top with Star Bright Lip Lacquer–a gorgeous gold gloss. 

Dusty Rose Linear Lipliner & Sable Linear Eyeliner

Samba, Tiffany and Star Bright

Finished daytime look with Tiffany lipstick:

Glam look with Dusty Rose lipliner,  Samba lipstick and Star Bright gloss

Overall Thoughts: Senna Cosmetics has a vast and thoughtful collection of products well suited to women over 40. It’s not often that I try so many different products from one line that all work so well. Packaging is pretty, gold compacts with the logo, a darling clown/mime. Quality is top notch and prices are comparable to any mid range brand. The selection includes makeup, skincare, brushes & tools, mineral makeup and brow products. All the products in the Glamour Kit are available separately as well. If you looking for high quality, mid-priced makeup that compliment mature skin, I suggest you look into Senna Cosmetics. 

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  1. I hardly ever wear make up, I really could do with some lessons on how to improve the look I have at the moment, so when I do wear make up it really does help.

    Thanks for the tips, I’ll have to look around and see what else I can learn,

  2. My last post talked a little about how I wish I knew how to properly do my make-up. I’ll be following you for sure hoping to get some good tips!

    Coming (ver late) from #commenthour.


  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Pretty, Cindy! I used to get Senna’s catalog, but I don’t know if they publish one anymore. Nice look!

  4. The clove e/s and the blush are espec lovely!

  5. Senna is such a great yet underrated line. Those colors look gorgeous on you. I’ve had the Dusty Rose lip liner for years and it’s a terrific liner that goes with just about every lip color.

  6. What a great set. I’ve got a lot of Senna eyeshadows and like Ammie said, they are underrated.