SENNA Ravishing Ruby Fall 2013 Makeup Collection

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The Fall 2013 collection from Senna Cosmetics is available now.  It’s called Midnight Wine and there are two distinct looks to the collection. I reviewed Neo-Copper last week and promised you her sister this week. Introducing….drum roll please……Ravishing Ruby!


Ruby is slight more vampy than her bronzed sister Copper.  Her look is sultry with deep bronzed eyes and blushed berry lips. She may occasionally borrow Coppertina Eye Glow and sheer red Leather Lip Lacquer from her more subdued sister, but Ruby prefers her own signature look.  She likes her wine deep red and her men a little dangerous.

Here’s what’s in Ruby’s Collection:

Cordovan Glow Eye Color ($18) – is it brown? Is it wine? Is it bronze? Why, it’s all three! Cordovan is such a unique shade–it looks like a dark, rich brown in the pan, but can be sheered out to an almost nutmeg/cinnamon brown. For more depth, apply over a eyeshadow primer for a rich brown with wine undertones. No wonder SENNA describes it as ‘bronzed wine.”  I dearly love the finish of SENNA Glow Eye Colors–they really do make the eyes glow–no glitter or shimmer, just a subtle sheen that make eyes stand out in an elegant way. PERFECT for over 40 eyes. I love this shade so much that I wore it all by it’s lonesome just to make my blue eyes stand at attention. There are so many fall combinations to be had with Cordovan, I can’t wait to try them all!


Moonberry Sheer Face Color ($18.50) – HIGHLY pigmented, this berry shade is a must-have for fall. If, however you are fair skinned like me, you will want to apply ever so lightly with a fan or duo fiber brush and barely dip into the pan. I love, love, love the natural flush I get–as if I’ve out on a brisk fall day raking leaves. I would love to see a darker skinned beauty wear this shade, I’m betting it’s stunning!


Ruby Cream Lipstick ($20) – is described as a deep wine, but I disagree. I feel it is more of a deep berry. It definitely looks pink and pulls deep pink on my lips. SENNA lipsticks are über creamy and moisturizing and glide on; I truly love the feel on my lips. They out rival plenty of more expensive luxury brand lipsticks.


Mulberry Lip Lacquer ($20) – is a mauve wine with lots of shine. SENNA lip lacquers are loaded with lip conditioning ingredients like Shea Butter, Grape Seed Oil, Jojoba Oil and Mango Seed Butter. Worn over Ruby, Mulberry lights and brightens and it’s gorgeous on it’s own as well.

2013-09-29 06.43.07


2013-10-13 03.36.57 (448x480)

For this look, I’m wearing Cordovan on it’s own, Moonberry Sheer Face Color and Ruby Cream Lipstick topped with Mulberry lip lacquer.

2013-10-12 22.50.31 (480x360)


A look at SENNA Moonberry blush

A look at SENNA Moonberry blush

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Bottom Line: I love each of looks so I’m really hard pressed to pick just one. It’s easy to see that Eugenia Weston, founder of SENNA Cosmetics is a makeup artist herself; the collections all work so beautifully together.  Id you are looking for a quintessential fall look, look no further than SENNA’s Midnight Wine Collection.

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  1. I think this collection is a beauty. I reviewed these products while Lisa reviewed Neo Copper. Senna is really coming out with some great items nowadays.

  2. I rarely comment although I read and look often! but just wanted to say that you look so very lovely in this look! the first pic is especially stunning! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Not only is this collection beautiful, but the blogger is especially gorgeous!! Thx for sharing with us, Cindy!