SENSAI The Lipstick: The Luxury Lipstick You Don’t Know About

Recently I introduced you to the luxury Japanese brand, SENSAI and their fabulous Fluid Finish Lasting Velvet Foundation. My love affair with the brand continues. Now I’d like to present SENSAI’s The Lipstick.  SENSAI’s proprietary Koishimaru Silk Extract ingredient, anti-aging formulas, lavish packaging, imperial colors and attention to detail make it a major player (even if you haven’t heard of it) in the world of luxury cosmetics.

The Lipstick is THE ultimate anti-aging lipstick for over 40 women. The formula helps achieve lips that are moist, plump, and drenched in luminous color. The unique formula (usually reserved for skincare) includes:

  • Golden Phyto Extract – Exclusive natural anti-aging compound that boosts moisture content, helps to repair skin roughness and restores a more vibrant skin tone.
  • Golden Silk Powder – Original fine-grained silk powder containing real gold particles that provides a dual moisturizing and luminizing effect to enhance The Lipstick colors.
  • Layered Amino Pigments – Exclusive pigments coated with amino acid derivatives to ensure a silky smooth touch, lasting coverage and superb color quality.
  • Pure Glow Oil – High gloss oil with a luxurious consistency and crystal-like clarity that helps to realize a smooth satiny finish.
  • Koishimaru Silk Extract – A rare silk extract, once reserved for the Imperial Family, that contributes to the superior moisturizing properties of all SENSAI products. This is touted to be three times as strong as hylauronic acid!


Shirafuji, Sumire & Rindou indoor light

The origin of the colors has a interesting and magaical story. SENSAI brings together the precious natural elements of pure gold and silk with the majestic colors of the Imperial Court. The color palette is inspired from the beautiful hues found in the traditional Kasane (layered) Komono worn by Japanese nobility. There are 15 shades in all, with six new shades for this season based on two of the noblest and most iconic shades from the Kasane palette–Suou, a celebrated shade of red and Murasaki, a majestic and elegant purple used as a dye by the Empress herself.

New shades are:

  • #16 Rindou
  • #17 Aya
  • #18 Koubai
  • #19 Swarabi
  • #20 Sumire
  • #21 Shirafuji

Rindou- a beautiful coral



The Lipstick - Sumire


The Lipstick - Shirafuji




The Lipstick - Shirafuji, Sumire & Rindou sunlight

Original shades are:

  • #01 Shou
  • #05 Benikinu
  • #6 Niiro
  • #09 Tsuyabeni
  • #10 Hiwada
  • #11 Kurumi
  • #12 Sugiro
  • #13 Momiji
  • #15 Murasaki

The Lipstick is richly pigmented with a satin cream finish, perhaps THE best thing about this lipstick other than the rich shades. It has a weightless feel, there is good slip when applying and it feels super moisturizing. The lasting power is amazing, especially for this balm-like consistency. It even lasts after a meal, fading to a light even stain. If you  prefer something more sheer, the SENSAI Rouge Intense Lasting Color (review coming soon) fits the bill nicely.

Packaging is sleek and elegant. A substantial gold tube engraved with the word SENSAI, encased in a velvet pouch.

Bottom Line: If you want top-of-the-line anti-aging ingredients, elegant packaging, rich lasting color and moisture, you’ve found it in Kanbo/SENSAI The Lipstick! Swatches of most of the colors can be found at Drivel about Frivol.

Kanbo SENSAI’s The Lipstick retails for $55 and can be purchased at, Bergdorf Goodman and Neiman Marcus.

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