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Ulta Beauty’s 21 Days of Beauty is going still strong.  I look forward to this event every year, they have fabulous sales on my most wanted products. I had the opportunity to try Sanmedica SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplements. Today, Monday, March 23rd, the Sanmedica SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplements (60 count) are 30% off for only $69.03. Use ShopAtHome to save even more discounts and coupons!

SeroVital-hgh is the first and only clinically proven hgh booster to increase mean, endogenous, serum (blood) growth hormone levels by 682% in both men and women of an appropriately wide age range. I’m thinking this is perfect for us over 40 women!

“It’s clear that Growth Hormone has been associated with wrinkle reduction, decreased body fat, increased lean muscle mass, stronger bones, improved mood, heightened sex drive, and making users feel and look decades–not years, but DECADES younger.”



Until now,  the only way to boost your human growth hormone levels was through injections at your physician’s office. However, the SeroVital-hgh claims after more than 30 years of time-consuming and detailed research, they have finally produced an oral compound without dangerous drugs or synthetic injections, that can boost your HGH levels at a much lower price.

Okay, so what is Human growth hormone (HGH)? It is released naturally by the body’s pituitary gland, and is responsible for a wide variety of functions, including growth during childhood and the regulation of “body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, sugar and fat metabolism, muscle growth (even as adults) and the firmness of skin. As we age, we produce less and less HGH. Some experts believe that if it were possible to keep growth hormone at peak levels, we could seriously delay the signs of aging. Yipee!

SeroVital-hgh has 6 primary ingredients:

  • L-lysine HCl
  • L-arginine HCl
  • Oxo-proline
  • N-acetyl-l-cysteine
  • L-glutamine
  • Schizonepeta (aerial parts) powder

The company does stress that SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplement  is NOT a “magic bullet.” It is, rather,  one part of a healthy lifestyle choice that includes a sensible diet and exercise regimen. That being said, you MUST follow the directions exactly. Take 4 capsules (individually packaged inside the box) every day on an empty stomach. You must not have anything to eat for 2 hours before or after taking the capsules. I take mine just before bed, but I have to make sure I haven’t eaten anything for 2 hours before going to bed. Did I mention I’m a terrible snacker?

2015-03-22 04.11.52 (480x320)

I tried taking them first thing in the morning but I take other medication at that time and that meant that I couldn’t eat breakfast for two hours. I’ve read that some people keep the packet of pills on their nightstand and take them when they wake up during the night to go to the bathroom. Do whatever works for you, but take on an empty stomach. I can tell you in good faith that I did NOT get queasy when taking these pills, and that is unusual for me– I get sick if I take vitamins on an empty stomach!

2015-03-22 04.11.25 (480x360)

It’s only been two weeks since I started taking the SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplements and the company does stress changes come with time, however, I am already sleeping better and that is worth the price to me! Ever since I started menopause, I have had trouble sleeping. I’ve tried over-the-counter medications, herbal remedies, herbal teas and finally prescription Lunesta. After taking SeroVital-hgh Dietary Supplements for a few days, I haven’t touched my Lunesta. Some reviewers also said they got relief for hot flashes and night sweats–I can only hope!

I haven’t noticed any changes in my skin, hair or weight but I didn’t expect to this quickly.

Bottom Line: You will have to decide if this sounds like something that can help you., but at this discounted price, it’s worth a try! Don’t forget to use ShopAtHome!


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