The Lipstick League

Question of the Week: Let’s talk body hair removal. Are you a razor person, or do you use another method (wax, depilatory cream, or device)? Or do you prefer to go au naturale? I’m a razor girl, nothing else seems to work for me. Blushing Noir – TALK IS CHIC! Check out the most comprehensive, […]

BeautyFIX June Box: Summer Staples!

We all know there are eleventy-billion beauty subscription boxes out there. This one deserves a second look. It’s the Dermstore monthly subscription box called BeautyFIX and it features over $100 worth of beauty products, hand-selected by an elite team of beauty pros. Try this month’s box for only $34.95, or as low as $24.95 when you sign […]

Review: Whish Shave Cream & Hair Inhibiting Gel

  By Blythe A. It probably goes without saying, but shaving just sucks. It’s time consuming, messy, and sometimes dangerous. I know men complain about having to shave their face everyday, and I do feel some amount of sympathy for them, but they don’t have to figure out how to balance on one leg, without […]

Somsersets Shaving Oils Review

  Somersets was founded in 1991 and is headquartered in Henley-on-Thames, England. Somersets Shaving Oils are a lifesaver for me. Really, I mean a TRUE lifesaver–the amount of blood I save using them can probably save a life or two. You see, I come from a family of klutzes. I’m not as bad as my […]

Eco-Amour Shave With Benefits Shaving Foam

When my good friend Marcia from Beauty Info Zone told me about Ec0-Armour Shave Foam, I admit I didn’t listen very closely. Before you go getting on Judgy McJudgster on me, hear me out. It’s. Shave. Cream. How exciting can that be? Shaving is not glamorous, it’s a chore we women have had to do […]