Shiseido Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Skincare + Giveaway!

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After the over indulgence of the holidays, we all need a detox and that includes your skin! Harsh weather, rich spicy foods and alcohol can all damage our skin as well as our waistlines, so I’m starting my detox with Shiseido.

I’ve always loved the Benefiance Eye Cream and have repurchased many times. However, it’s been quite a while since I’ve used the brand so I’m excited to get reacquainted. I’m starting my new relationship with Shiseido with three products from the Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Line–I like the sound of that! My jaw seems to have started drooping overnight and areas of my face are beginning to sag so I hoping this line can help me put things back in place. If you are over 40, you know what I mean! These products are PERFECT for us over 40 gals!

First up is the Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Serum. The first thing difference you notice about this serum is that is thicker than most. It is neither a thin liquid nor a cream: it has a thick gel-like consistency. Thankfully, it spreads on the skin like butter and delivers an instant dose of hydration. It also gives my skin a plumped, smooth look.  As an unexpected bonus, I can even skip primer when I use this serum.  I love multi-tasking products that streamline my skincare routine! Using morning and evening after cleansing and toning for two weeks, my feels really, really soft and supple! Win! It will take more time to see any firming results.

The Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment is impressive. My pet peeve with eye creams is that they are greasy and sit on your skin. Not the case with this one. I admit, I was worried when I saw how thick this concentrated formula is, however it sinks into the delicate eye area and doesn’t smear my mascara. My under-eye area feels smooth and hydrated all day long. With continued use it promises to help the eye area regain a tightened and sculpted look while dark circles appear to fade and wrinkles are visibly reduced. After two weeks, it’s too early to tell, but I have high hopes bases on my success with the serum.

The final product I’ve been testing is Bio-Performance LiftDynamic CreamAgain, the texture is much thicker than what I am used and I was worried it would clog my pores. Much to my surprise, this anti-aging cream melts into my skin giving it a lifted, sculpted look.  I use this only as a night cream but wow has it made a difference in my skin! Typically, in the winter my skin gets very dry on my cheeks, chin and my upper lip. This brings a welcome balance to my combination skin–it moisturizes but doesn’t clog my pores or feel thick and greasy. It energizes skin’s natural restorative ability giving it a youthful appearance. It also supports skin’s natural inner resources to restore the look of elasticity and moisture while reducing the appearance of visible wrinkles. I think my fine lines are a bit softened–my deeper lines will take longer to see results. Still, I love how plump and hydrated my skin is and it feels fabulous!

The packaging is ultra-sophisticated and elegant! The beautiful rose color blends into silver creating an ombre effect that is stunning! Anyone would be proud to display these products on their vanity. All these products do have a rose scent.

Bottom Line: While it is too early to see major changes, I have noticed a definite increase in hydration and the suppleness of my skin. With continued use I hope to see some firming of my jawline and softening of my lines. The Shiseido Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Line is impressive and a joy to use.

Because I love to share products that make me happy, I’m giving away these three Shiseido Bio-Performance LiftDynamic products to one lucky Prime Beauty reader. To enter, please complete the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter widget. To gain additional entries, complete more tasks on the widget. Giveaway open to residents over 18 of the US only. Good luck!

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  1. Julie Wood says

    I have never tried Shiseido before and I have heard that the products are amazing! I want to try these out! Thanks for the giveaway.

  2. Marilyn Nawara says

    I haven’t tried Shiseido before — would love to try it.

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    One of my favorite skincare products that I never thought I needed but absolutely do is Shiseido IBUKI Multi Solution Gel. I have tried other products in the IBUKI product line, but at my age, the LiftDynamic line is really suited to my skincare needs. Thanks for the opportunity!

  4. I have not tried them

  5. I have not tried Shiseido Skincare but I would really like to.

  6. Heather ツ says

    No, I’ve never tried the Shiseido skincare line.

  7. Cindy Aiton says

    I have never tried Shiseido Skincare.

  8. I will buy this for the packaging alone lol

  9. Debbie Yoder says

    No Ive never tried this line of skincare, but Ive heard alot about it, sounds awesome!

  10. I have never tried Shiseido but I’ve always wanted to!

  11. Kim Pincombe-Cole says

    I’ve tried the Shiseido lipsticks before, but not their skincare…

  12. The eye treatment sounds AMAZING! The packaging is so pretty, too!

  13. Not only does this sound like the solution to my skin care problems, it looks great too. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and thanks to your sponsor as well.

  14. Julie Porter says

    I need this in my life! I am also starting to experience some sagging and I don’t enjoy it one bit! These products sound wonderful and they are beautifully packaged as well. I’m entering this giveaway and hope to win!

  15. I haven’t tired Shiseido Skincare. But it sounds wonderful!

  16. I have not yet had the pleasure of trying Shiseido Skincare

  17. Sally Gearhart says

    I have not tried any of Shiseido’s products but oh my do I want to now! I’m definitely in the over 40/mature skin club but i haven’t found my holy grail yet.

  18. bellagirl07 says

    I have not yet tried Shiseido Skincare but I sure want to I have heard great things.

  19. Dana Rodriguez says

    I haven’t tried Shiseido Skincare yet but their products sound very nice!

  20. Sandy Pincombe says

    Have heard about Shiseido Skincare but have not had the opportunit to try it yet

  21. I have never tried Shiseido skincare before, but I would love a chance too!

  22. Shiseido Benefiance was the first eye cream I used with regularity. This new one sounds even better. Great blog-a-versary giveaway!

  23. Travel Blogger says

    That eye treatment sounds amazing especially if it doesn’t smear your mascara. I will have to give this a try.

  24. I’ve never tried Shiseido, but I’ve heard wonderful reviews from some friends.

  25. Faith Stephenson says

    I’ve heard alot about Shiseido from my BFF, i have no idea how amazing this works! it is very interesting! I should try it!

  26. 1alwaysnyc1 says

    I’ve used Shiseido several times in the past. However its not in my budget these days. I’ve also given Shiseido gift sets to my MIL because she won’t buy it for herself.

  27. I tried one of theirs clean their cleansers before

  28. Annemarie LeBlanc says

    I’ve read good reviews about Shisheido products but I have yet to try them. I would be interested to try the Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment. As much as I embrace aging, I would wish to delay the appearance of wrinkles and droopy eyelids. 🙂

  29. Suzanne Uratani says

    My favorite Shiseido product is the Urban Environment Tinted UV Protector. Like a tinted sunscreen with SPF 43, sheer buildable to medium coverage. Fabulous.

  30. I have used one of their luxurious eye cream samplers …and loved it!

  31. I have never tried any Shiseido products.

  32. Tee Anderson says

    I have never tried Shiseido products before.

  33. I have never tried their products,but would love to.

  34. Joti Baral says

    I’m currently using Shiseido white lucent Skincare products. I really love them.

  35. Nice to hear you’re already feeling something.

  36. I haven’t tried Shiseido Skincare, but I have tried the sunscreen and loved it.

  37. I haven’t tried it, yet, but would love to!

  38. Never tried this brand but have heard lots about it. And it sounds great and certainly I would love to try it!

  39. I’ve heard their skincare is AMAZING!

  40. marcicornelius says

    I haven’t tried it yet

  41. No I have not yet tried Shiseido products. Alas I am not in that income tax bracket to be able to afford it. So, needless to say I wish I win it. Then I could test it out.

  42. Paula Riccobono says

    I haven’t tried Shiseido Skincare

  43. Michelle Castagne says

    i have not tried Shiseido Skincare.

  44. Cindy Peterson says

    I have tried Shiseido products and they are wonderful

  45. I’ve never tried it….yet!

  46. Garelyn Williams says

    yes I tried it and enjoy the benefits of it

  47. Lynne Chambers says

    I have not tried yet, but would sure love to!!

  48. Jill Hanson says

    I have never tried Shisedo products, but I have sagging skin and would love to try them.

  49. No, I have never tried Shiseido Skincare.but would love to !

  50. I havent! Their packaging is gorgeous.

  51. I have not tried Shiseido Skincare to this point.

  52. Jennifer Heintz says

    I have not yet tried Shiseido Skincare products, so I was happy to read your review.

  53. casaflamingos says

    I have not tried Shiseido Skincare but it sounds wonderful.

  54. Kendra Williams says

    I’ve never tried Shiseido before but I really want to try some of their eye cream. It looks amazing!

  55. I haven’t had the privilege of trying Shiseido but the reviews are amazing and I’d love to!

  56. themommazie says

    I have never tried it , but have heard good things about this product.

  57. I haven’t used Shieseido before but I would love to try the eye cream

  58. I have not yet had the pleasure of trying Shiseido Skincare

  59. Claudia C. Davis says

    I have tried their cleanser and it was wonderful.

  60. no not yet

  61. I have heard so many good things about Shiseido skin care products, but haven’t tried them yet. Thanks for an awsome giveaway!

  62. Shiseido skin care products are by far the best!

  63. Sylvia Svihel says

    I haven’t used Shieseido before but I would love to try the eye cream as I just don’t have bags under my eyes but carry on luggage!

  64. Michelle Spayde says

    I have not tried Shiseido Skincare.

  65. I have not tried Shiseido skin care yet but I would love to. Crossing my fingers!

  66. Years ago I was a sales rep for Lancome cosmetics and my best friend worked for Shiseido. We often traded and tried each others products. Needless to say, they were both excellent.

  67. SnowflakeDayAudra says

    I haven’t tried Shiseido yet. I’m in my 40’s, so this looks like products that would work well for me. -Audra O’Hara

  68. No I have not tried it yet but I really could use it.

  69. sohamolina says

    I have not tried it.

  70. No, but I’ve really wanted to!

  71. I’ve never tried any Shiseido Skincare, but it looks cool.

  72. Lauren Peterson says

    I have not, but would love to.

  73. No, I haven’t tried any Shiseido Skincare products.

  74. Davida Burdette says

    i have not had an opportunity to try, but i do look forward to.

  75. I would love to try! I have not tried it before

  76. TheresaJenkins says

    NO, have not tried Shiseido Skincare products

  77. Sandy Bonesteel says

    I’ve not yet tried Shiseido SkinCare products.

  78. I have tried Shiseido in the past.

  79. Yes, I have tried Shiseido Skincare before and I really loved them!
    Thank You for the great giveaway!

  80. shannon fowler says

    Ive never tried it before, but I have heard really good things about it.

  81. I have not tried Shiseido Cosmetics yet. I sure would like to because I have read many rave reviews about the line.

  82. Julie Bickham says

    No I haven’t had a chance to try Shiseido products yet. Would love to though.

  83. I have not tried Shisheido skin care products. Thanks for the chance!

  84. Susan Pertierra says

    I have not tried Shiseido Cosmetics yet. They sound like great products, though!

  85. Lynn Hickman says

    I haven’t tried this brand before.

  86. Paol Trenny says

    I have not tried Shiseido skin care products but I have tried their makeup. Thanks!

  87. Kimberly G says

    I have not tried Shisheido skin care products.

  88. I haven’t tried their products before, but I have heard nothing but good about them over the years. – HilLesha

  89. I have not tried their products before but have heard lots of good things about them

  90. Pauline Linares says

    Yes I have tried them; they are awesome products!

  91. allison.bahr says

    I have not tried them but would love to!


  93. Teresa A. Thompson says

    I have never tried this brand before.

  94. I have used their essence and it’s wonderful

  95. It sounds like it is a perfect skin rescue, Love it!

  96. Colleen Boudreau says

    No I haven’t.

  97. I have not tried it, but would love to!

  98. I have not used Shiseido Skincare.

  99. yes, love their eye cream – benefiance

  100. I haven’t tried Shiseido Skincare before.

  101. I have used their products, but that was quite awhile ago. I used a cleanser and an eye cream.

  102. Have never tried Shiseido before

  103. Anita Duvall says

    I have not tried the Shiseido Line but I have heard and read that it is amazing. Would love to try!

  104. never tried shiseido

  105. Never tried shiseido

  106. Makes me curious to research products.

  107. I have never tried Shiseido, but I have heard and read great things!

  108. I have never tried Shiseido but I have heard of it.

  109. Tina Renee Barker says

    Unfortunately, I’ve not tried Shiseido Skincare.

  110. Sylvia Mesaros says

    I’ve never tried Shiseido Skincare products either, but they sound very promising. I would love to try them!

  111. Mary Dailey says

    I have not used their skincare products, but I have used their foundation and lipsticks

  112. I haven’t but have been wanting to!

  113. Darlene Carbajal says

    I have never tried Shiseido Skincare.

  114. Hope I win

  115. No, I have never tried Shiseido Skincare.

  116. I have not used Shiseido’s products before

  117. Jamie Williams says

    I have never tried their skincare before but would be excited to try anytime.

  118. I would love to try Shiseido’s products

  119. sarah oswald says

    I have never heard of Shiseido Skincare products before so no I have never tried them but I would love to thanks for te chance to win.

  120. I have not tried any of Shiseido’s skincare products. I do love their Lacquer liquid lip though.

  121. I havent yet but I’d love to!!

  122. That packaging though!!!

  123. Jessica Herring says

    No, I have not had the chance to try Shiseido Skincare yet! I would love to!!

  124. Traci Baez says

    I used Shiseido products years ago. Would love to try again.

  125. I’ve used Shiseido makeup but not their skincare

  126. Leslie Richman says

    I have tried a few of their products, and loved them!

  127. Linda Larson says

    I have been wanting to try the bio performance line.

  128. I’ve used Shiseido before and found it to be excellent for my skin… I would love to win this competition so I can get that feeling again.

  129. Peggy Doty says

    Very nice

  130. Christy Peeples DuBois says

    I have not tried Shiseido products before. I have read reviews on a few of their products that I thought would benefit my skincare needs and would love to try them.

  131. Laurie Nykaza says

    I have not tried the Shiseido-bio-performance-lift-dynamic-skincare but would love to

  132. Such a fancy line. I am still using shea butter, because it’s cheap.

  133. Mary Gardner says

    I have not tried the Shiseido Skincare products but would love to!

  134. jules mcnubbin says

    i haven’t tried them yet but I have always wanted to!

  135. Karrie Ann says

    Yes I have an love it

  136. Jennifer Herman says

    I have not tried this before.

  137. John Herman says

    My wife has not tried this before.

  138. Kayte CookWatts says

    Not yet!

  139. lmurley2000 says

    I have not used this product before but would love to try it

  140. Buddy Garrett says

    My wife hasn’t tried Shiseido skincare.

  141. Mary Songer says

    I’ve tried lots of brands but not Shiseido and I’m hoping I get the chance. Thanks. Prime Beauty

  142. Allyson Becker says

    I have never tried it before

  143. I have never but would love too!


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