SilcSkin Anti-Wrinkle Pads + A Giveaway!


Ever wish you could go to sleep and wake up wrinkle-free? “Beauty Sleep” maybe a reality with SilcSkin Anti-Wrinkle Silicone Pads! SilcSkin is a non-invasive solution to neck, chest and face wrinkles that works while you sleep.

So What Are These Magic Pads Made Of?

The pads are 100% medical grade silicone, the same type that is used in treating scars and burns. There are no allergy causing additives or adhesives used in the manufacturing process. They are not transdermal and therefore do not penetrate your skin. Other pads I’ve used contain goopy serums and slip around making it impossible to keep them in place. SilcSkin pads adhere effortlessly and stay put yet are still comfortable to wear.

How Do They Work?

The pads are designed to be worn at night to prevent and correct wrinkles, however, you can use whenever you have a free hour or so. Wrinkles are treated like scars. The pads hydrate the skin, improve the collagen and flatten wrinkles. With prolonged use, the pads provide electro static energy which starts a wound healing response and starts collagen production in the area. This causes the softening of lines and wrinkles giving your skin a more youthful and supple appearance.

Cleanse and dry skin before applying. Do not use any products or lotions underneath. Using lotions can interfere with the adhesive quality of the pads and can also cause rashes and reactions. Night sweats, hot flashes and perspiration can also interfere with the adhesive quality of the pads. If you are experiencing this, wipe the skin with witch hazel and allow to dry prior to applying the pad. SilcSkin has made it easy-peasy to remove the pads from the packaging with a pull tab, then simply apply, pat down and go night-night.

How Long Before I See Results?

The pads are designed to be worn while you sleep. The best results are from a prolonged period of use — about 7-8 hours though they can be used for a few hours during the day. The results can also depend on the type of pad being used since some areas of the body are more susceptible to wrinkles than others. For example, when using Decollette Pads, you should see results overnight and the results last longer as you don’t continue to sleep on your side. I know, easier said than done! For wrinkles around your mouth, you will see longer lasting results after about two weeks of wearing the pads.

How Long Do The Pads Last?

All pads, except for the Eye Pads last 30 days or 30 applications depending on usage. After that, the pads will lose their adhesive properties and need to be replaced. Eye Pads last a minimum of 15 applications.

The pads should be washed occasionally to remove skin cells and any debris. Wash with non-moisturizing soap and warm water, then air dry on the plastic tray that’s included with the pads. Place the pads with their sticky side down and return to the package as soon as they are dry.

All the pad sets retail for $29.95 and the product line includes:

The Decollette Pad for the chest

The Facial Pad Brow Set

The Facial Pad Multi Set (eyes, brow and mouth)

The Collette Pad for Neck

The Eye Pad Set

Take a look at some of these before and afters!


Hand Treatment

SilcSkin also has a wonderful Hand Treatment ($24). The cream is formulated for anyone who has wrinkles and crepey skin on their hands and is seeking a non-invasive method of getting rid of them. In other words, anyone over 40!  This hand treatment treats wrinkles as if they were scars, pulling the skin’s natural moisture to the surface, hydrating the skin and improving the collagen structure. Made using medical grade silicone, the Hand Treatment is made with the hands in mind, though it can also be used on your arms, elbows, knees, legs and the skin under your arms. Made in the USA.

Benefits include:

  • Hydrates the skin
  • Medical grade Dimethicone which treats wrinkles and crepey skin as if they were scars
  • Non-comedogenic and non-irritating
  • Creates a protective barrier on the skin’s surface
  • Made in the USA

I really love this hand cream, it makes my hands feel like silk but not greasy. I also love that it’s not only hydrating my hands but working to improve the look and texture for a more youthful appearance. Apply every 6 hours for max results.

I’ve partnered with SilcSkin to help you get your beauty sleep! I am giving away a full set of SilcSkin Anti-
Wrinkle Pads ($140 value) to one lucky Prime Beauty reader! There are 2 mandatory tasks to enter: leave me a comment on which pads you are most interested in AND you MUST follow or be following me on Instagram. To gain additional entries, follow the extra tasks on the Rafflecopter widget. Must be 18 or over and a US resident to enter. Good luck!

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  1. Tracey L says

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    I really want to try the chest pads and the hand cream. These areas need the most attention!

  4. Wow your results are really quite impressive!

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