SinfulColors Back to School Collection – A Class Act!

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Believe it or not, back-to-school is right around the corner. SinfulColors wants to send you back to school in style with the latest collection for Back To School from SinfulColors, A Class Act. Dusty pastels and pops of color come in a demi-matte finish that feels soft yet looks striking and is deserving of nothing but straight A’s.  Denim blues and ready-to-burst brights capture an effortlessly cool and rebellious vibe, while shimmering silvers, purples and teals with eye catching 3D glitters look just as chic during a night out on the town as they do in class the next day. I was able to try 10 of the 27 colors.


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2015-08-03 21.28.08 (480x320)

These 27 SinfulColors shades deserve straight A’s–the shades in bold are the ones I chose.

  •   24/7: Our hottest pink
  • A-Crush: Soft baby blue in a unique demi-matte finish
  • Blackboard: Demi-matte chalkboard black
  • Blue Sensation: Lustrous silvery sky blue
  • Burst Of Fresh FlairPearlescent lemon yellow
  • Casablanca: Creamy metallic silver
  • Chalk It Up: Saturated, demi-matte pistachio green
  • Daredevil: A pop of neon pink
  • Energetic Red: Classic fire engine red
  • Feel The Vibe: A bright splash of juicy orange
  • Fig: Glistening plum
  • Glass Pink: Sheer and shiny pink shimmer
  • Hazed: Subdued violet with a demi-matte finish
  • Ice Blue: Soft indigo exploding with silver sparkle
  • Ice Dream: Cerulean glitter with a translucent silver base
  • Late Night Haute: Turquoise and gold-flecked 3D glitter
  • Night Owl: Multi-colored gilded 3D glitter
  • Pink Break: Demi-matte peachy-pink
  • Purple Diamond: Twinkling violet
  • RADient: Vibrant raspberry with a demi-matte finish
  • Rebel Rose: Metallic magenta
  • Sinful Sunrise: Warm pink with silver 3D confetti
  • Summer S-cool: Robin’s egg blue
  • Truth or Lavendare: A demi-matte creamy lavender
  • Whiteboard: Chalk white
  • Why Not: A clear sky blue
  • V.I.Peach: Soft touch pastel yellow

2015-08-03 21.29.13 (480x320)

Night Owl, Sinful Sunrise & Late Night Haute

Night Owl is a multi-colored gilded 3D glitter that looks great over any color,  Sinful Sunrise has a pink base with silver 3D confetti and Late Night Haute is a turquoise and gold-flecked 3D glitter that I love over the silver Casablanca.

2015-08-03 21.33.12 (480x241)

RADient, 24/7 & Energetic Red

RADient, 24/7 & Energetic Red

RADient is a sheer jelly vibrant pink, 24/7 is a pretty bubblegum pink cream and Energetic Red is an orange/red cream heavy on the orange.

Energetic Red

Energetic Red

Purple Diamond, Casablanca, Ice Blue & Fig

Purple Diamond, Casablanca, Ice Blue & Fig

Purple Diamond is a sheer violet with fine shimmer, Casablanca a metallic silver–be careful when applying to avoid streaks. Ice Blue is a pastel indigo with fine shimmer and Fig is a deep plum cream.

Ice Blue

Ice Blue

Fig with Night Owl

Fig with Night Owl

Please excuse my terrible nails–I had my fake nails taken off and my real nails are so weak they bend and break constantly. If anyone has a recommendation for a nail strengthener, please let me know!

2015-08-03 21.32.46 (480x266)

The SinfulColors Class Act will be available in August and September 2015 at Walgreens and other mass retailers for $1.99 each

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What colors are you wearing for back to school?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    The 3 glitter shades are right up my alley!

  2. Norah Salazar says

    The colors all seem so bold and rich, I like it!

  3. BeautyJudy says

    These are great colors and Sinful is such a great price point. I am not going back to school but I’m craving vampy wines/burgundy for fall.

  4. I just love SinfulColors they have such a variety and a great price!

  5. I’m wearing Blue Sensation and it’s amazing how well it’s holding up. I’ve got RADiant lined up for a manicure tomorrow.

  6. Betzy Carmona says

    The colors are very pretty

  7. I like the 3d glitter ones

  8. polarbelle says

    I need the hot pink. I need all hot pinks.

  9. Oh yes!!! So many gorgeous shades!!!

  10. Oh, I wish I could find Night Owl around here. So pretty!

  11. RADient is very pretty!

  12. What pretties! I am loving all of them, especially Ice Blue!

  13. Lisa Marie Heath says

    I really liked the mix of stuff they put out for this collection