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Sky Organics products are always handcrafted in small batches with ethical ingredients, love, and integrity. They use only natural, organic botanicals to nourish the body, skin and hair with vital nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants, proteins, and essential fatty acids. The company strives to support small family farms that in return gives them the opportunity to share their best and purest products with their customers. You may remember when I posted about their Deep Moisturizing Sweer Orange do-it-yourself kit. That was so fun to make and the result was amazing.

Sara -Jade, the owner was kind enough to send me this fabulous Organic Bath Bombs Gift Set on sale now for only $25.99 (originally $39.99) and shipping is free! This darling gift box contains 6 super-sized bath bombs which were handcrafted with love in the USA. These brightly-colored, tie dye bombs are exploding with organic essential oils, organic coconut oil and tons of fizzy fun. And are they ever fragrant! I could smell them way before I opened the box. In fact, they were sitting in my office before I had a chance to try them and they filled the room with a beautiful scent! Sky Organics is also helping me to reach my goal of using more natural products.

The set comes with 6 scents:

  • Caribbean Coconut – A taste of vacation with an aroma of creamy coconut milk. “Be a flamingo in a world of pigeons”
  • Lavender Lemon Muffin: This fragrance is a lovely bakery-like combination of lavender, lemon peel zest,
    sugar cane, fluffy angel food cake, butter, nutty poppy seeds and vanilla extract. “Top of the Muffin to ‘ya!
  • Love Potion: A sweet bouquet of mandarin orange, bergamot, and tangerine enhanced by hints of fresh
    peaches, strawberries, and raspberries on an undertone of white musk. “A true love story never ends.”
  • Mermaid Kiss: This fragrance begins with top notes of ocean mist, sea moss, and dewy cyclamen petals; followed by middle notes of geranium flower, water mint, and coriander seed; sitting on base notes of white cedarwood and earthy vetiver.
  • Strawberry Milkshake: A combination of vine ripened strawberries combined with notes of juicy orange and peach nectar. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.”
  • Sugar Rose: The rose is tempered with notes of tonka bean, lemon and geranium that makes a fragrance that smells good enough to eat! “With imagination, there are no limitations.”

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Epsom Salt, SLSA* , Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Essential Oils, Fragrance Oils, Natural Colorants.

I absolutely could not resist the scent of Mermaid Kiss so I tried that one first. Each bomb has a little note attached-Mermaid Kiss says “Mermaid kisses and Starfish wishes”–so cute. I am at a loss to describe this fragrance but I’ll try. It has the sweetness of a floral mixed with a watery ocean breeze and grounded by the green earthiness of vetiver. The earthiness is not like dirt or a mowed lawn, rather more like lemongrass minus the sharp spiciness. I know that’s a lame description but I swear this fragrance defies classification. I adore it! Please make an EDT Sara-Jade! And look at my bath after dropping in Mermaid Kiss!

If you read this blog regularly, you know I’m cuckoo for coconut so Caribbean Coconut gives me my coconut fix and Love Potion is another fav of mine as I’m crazy for citrus scents. Strawberry Milkshake reminds me of summer, Sugar Rose has a nice mix of rose and other notes so it’s not powdery or old-lady-like, Lavender Lemon Muffin though listed last is really lovely. There is not one bomb that isn’t heavenly!

There are 20 delightful, aromatic bombs to choose from and you can even customize your own gift box here! Pick 6 scents and you’re done! How about doing a custom box as a gift? The lucky person receiving the box will be so touched you handpicked the scents!

These bath bombs offer a relaxing, invigorating multilayered explosion of color and scent. The unique blends of organic essential oils and Epsom salt will leave your skin feeling soft and silky into the next day. Yes, I said the next day! You won’t, however, be sliding around in the tub because these bombs have just the right amount of essential oil in each bomb.

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Bottom Line: I highly recommend Sky Organics Organic Bath Bombs! They are fun, colorful, smell amazing and leave your skin soft and silky! This set along with the DIY kits would make a perfect Mother’s Day gift! These bath bombs have earned a permanent place in my bathroom!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to take a warm, relaxing bath!

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  1. Robin Rue says

    I loooooove bath bombs!! This sounds like a really nice set. I want to get a set of these for myself 🙂

  2. Lavender Lemon Muffin is right up my alley!

  3. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    They are soooooooooo adorable with the multiple colors. Mermaids Kiss is da bomb

  4. I have to try that lavender lemon muffin one. My favorite scents and flavors all in one spot.

  5. Kristina says

    I think I’m going to get this to go into my moms gift basket I’m making her for Mothers Day! The rose one and Mermaid Kiss Id love to try too!

  6. Janel Berchielli says

    I’m not much of a bath person myself but my adult daughter is. She would love these fun and colorful bath bombs.

  7. I love bath bombs! They are so pretty and a great way to relax after a long day! I haven’t heard of this brand before, but I will check them out!

  8. marciaf says

    What beauties. I think this would make a great gift. I’m impressed.

  9. FabZilla_Kath says

    Great post

  10. Any mom would love this! I like the scents, they remind you so much of the beach, perfect for the summer!

  11. Amanda Love says

    I’m a mom and I wouldn’t mind giving this as a gift to myself. I think it’s really lovely, the scent, the colors and the fact that it’s all organic.

  12. I’ve been using more and more bath bombs lately, these look awesome!

  13. I love bath bombs! These ones are so pretty. The colors are amazing and I bet they would be perfect to give to someone as a gift!

  14. I have a slight obsession with bath bombs. They always make my bath smell so good! These look amazing, although I am a sucker for Lush!

  15. Brittany says

    Ooh I love bath bombs! They are the perfect little gifts for just about anything! I nesd to try these!

  16. These look great! My daughters are obsessed with bath bombs but because they are $$, they don’t get them for every bath.

  17. I love the color scheme, scent profiles and names of the bath bombs shown here. I like how you can customize your own box of bath bombs.

  18. militaryfamof8 says

    I am in love with these scents and colors!
    My daughters and I just started using bath bombs 2 months ago 😉

  19. My daughters are big into bath bombs. These look so fun! {P.S. Great advice!! →“Be a flamingo in a world of pigeons”}

  20. I love love love bath bombs! can’t seem to make my own that are perfect like this! I can’t wait to try it!