SOAK Sandals Fit, Comfort and Style!

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Sadly my days of stilettoes are over. Oh, I’ll still wear cute block heels, low-heeled boots, etc. but I cannot wear the 4 inch high heels I used to wear all day, every day. I worked in retail for the first half of my career (20 yrs) and wore heels every day. Now I’m lucky if I can last 2-3 hours and I refuse to sacrifice my feet for beauty. That’s why I jumped at the chance to try SOAK Sandals!

Most women’s sandals force you to make a tradeoff between style and comfort. SOAK slides are made using custom comfort technology so that the sandal forms to your foot. The soles are made exclusively in Kennebunk, Maine using eco-friendly, water happy, recyclable BPA-free/non-phalate PVC. The simple, chic design means they’re versatile enough to wear to work and out to drinks with the girls, or from yoga to brunch on the weekend. They might just be the last shoe you ever need to buy!

SOAK slides offer comfort arch support and style. They are designed for a woman’s everyday needs. SOAK slides provide ladies an elegant yet comfortable shoe option for city, seaside and/or country landscapes. They are available in solid color, color block and metallic. Slides are available in 7 solid colors, color block in 4 combinations, metallic color block in 4 colors combos and metallic in silver and gold. I chose metallic gold because I think they go with anything and I love them. The gold doesn’t have glitter or sparkles so they don’t look cheap, however, they are not just beige but have a pretty metallic ‘sheen to them. So cute!!

These come in whole sizes only and as you can see a size 7 just fits my foot. I do wish they came in half sizes but then I have plenty of casual sandals in whole sizes only so it’s definitely not a deal breaker for me.

What I like most about my SOAK slides is that they are so comfortable to wear–waaaay more comfy than my typical Havaiana flip- flops! Turns out research has found flip-flops to be bad for our backs, knees and feet. SOAK slides are a wonderful option and are good for your feet! The little ‘bubbles’ on the bottom of the sandals massage my tired feet and my heels are kind of cradled from the design as opposed to the flat design of a flip-flop. I’ve been wearing them non-stop since they arrived: running errands, in the garden and out to lunch with friends.

If you suffer from any type of foot issues or are looking for an alternative to the casual thong flip flop, you will be pleased with SOAK’s well-thought out sophisticated design! They totally remind me of the spa sandals at high-end spas that I always to steal!

SOAK slides are recyclable, vegan and made locally in Maine, USA. AND…the best part? The kind people at SOAK are offering Prime Beauty readers 15% off with the code PRIME15

What footwear are you sporting this summer?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Great, stylish alternative to flip flops. I’d love a pair!

  2. These are cute. My days of wearing heels are long over too!

  3. These are what you want to have waiting in your car after a tiring event where you’ve worn heels all day/night! They are stylish and comfy, what more can you ask for!

  4. Love them

  5. Oh gosh I hate heels and haven’t worn them in two years! Not worth the pain, I have seen these sandals around and have wondered at their comfort. I didn’t know they were recyclable, that’s pretty cool

  6. Brandi Puga says

    These are so cute and look so comfy! I really need some new sandals, mine are 30 years old (literally, they are wood) and I need an upgrade!

  7. These are cool! Thank you for offering us a discount code!!!

  8. I love the color you picked. I think they’d go with everything. I can’t even wear low heels anymore so these would be a nice product to have. I’d even like them as slippers around my house.

  9. hzajac13 says

    I like the color that you picked. They will go with a lot of things. I don’t really like to do slides as I find them hard to walk in.

  10. I really like the look, do they stay on your feet well? I love the color, and I love that they are vegan.

  11. Ali Gilbert says

    Ooh, I love bubbles that massage your feet. These look so comfortable and cute! So glad I read about these.

  12. TheMummyToolbox says

    these look amazing and in this heat with my pregnant feet at the moment I need some decent sandals!

  13. SavvyMomNYC - Ker says

    Thanks for the discount. I could totally use new sandals for the summer and these look great!

  14. These look so comfy 🙂

  15. Frosted Events says

    I am on the lookout for comfy flats and these look awesome. In the summer I’m so hard on shoes and wear them out quickly. I love a great pair of slipons that will last.

  16. Heather Staggs Garcia says

    These look so comfy and perfect for a summer outing! They would be great for the beach too as they could be easily rinsed off!

    • I wore them yesterday to look for flowers to plant in my yard. They had just watered them all at Loew’s so they were perfect I could walk around in the water and not wreak my shoes!

  17. These sound so comfortable, and it’s so good that they’re fine in water so they’d be perfect for holidays and beach wear x

  18. These sandals look so comfy! I bet they’re perfect for the beach because sand probably won’t stick to them!

  19. TheNewClassy says

    These sandals look very nice! I am always looking for new sandals that are comfortable and look good. This is a great pair for just that!

  20. I love those sandals! I’ve just about had it with flip flops. It seems like every year I manage to trip over my own feet in them more often than the last.

  21. Amanda Love says

    Love how comfy these look! It’s definitely a must have especially if you’re tired of wearing heels. I’d love to wear them this season to the beach and while I’m out and about.

  22. These sandals are really fashionable and they look very comfortable. I love finding comfy sandals to pair with my maxi dresses during the summer.