SOPHi nail polish keeps your manicure chip resistant

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Why should you choose SOPHi nail polish above all the other brands out there? It’s not like you can walk into the drugstore and pick it up. The reason — this is a non-toxic brand that is long lasting and free of all harsh chemicals. SOPHi is water-based unlike other brands that are solvent-based yet it lasts just as long. On top of it all it’s cruelty-free and vegan. Get it? Here’s some polishes so that you do get it.

SOPHi Prime+Shine + Seal System

Let me start with PRIME + SHINE and SEAL SYSTEM. This duo is a must have whether you use SOPHi or other brands but especially with SOPHi. Since SOPHi is water based you need extra protection for chip and scratch resistance. It’s so easy to use ($14.99) and keeps your manicure looking perfect.

SOPHi Prime + Shine + Seal System
Directions for SOPHi Prime + Shine + Seal

Now I’m going to admit that for the manicure that I’m sharing with you today (more coming another time) I didn’t follow the directions exactly. I didn’t use the blow dryer but the coat of polish used first dried so quickly I didn’t feel I needed it. You’ll soon see why.

SOPHi used for my manicure: Winking of You and Date Knight

Date Knight is the kind of black polish that I love. It’s shiny and it has a tiny bit of interest. It’s like the knight in shining armor that’s come to save me. Winking of You is a polish you won’t want to wear alone. It needs to be layered over a special dark polish like Dark Knight so that’s what I did. Winking of You is going to be a best friend during the holidays when you need sparkle!

SOPHi Black Knight topped with Winking Of You
SOPHi Black Knight topped with Winking Of You

If I were to wear Black Knight alone I’d use 2 to 3 thin coats and the SOPHi PRIME+SHINE + SEAL SYSTEM. That would make the black last and last.

SOPHi Black Knight
SOPHi Winking Of You

I’m constantly hearing about people who insist nail polish doesn’t last on them – I have some words for those people: SOPHi nail polishes. They are free of all harsh chemicals and have a special system to contribute to nail strength and length.

samples sent for review

I’ll have more on SOPHi soon and of course I used the complete system for the others.