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Summer is full of special occasions: graduation, weddings, family reunions and more. Did you know that August is the largest birthday month in the entire year? With the second biggest gifting season upon us, I have a wonderful suggestion for a personalized and memorable gift for that special person in your life.

Soufeel, a company that is based in China crafts 925 Sterling Silver charm bracelets that are the affordable version of Pandora or Chamilia bracelets. A charm bracelet makes a fantastic and thoughtful gift because you can chose charms to fit the recipient. A charm bracelet grows with the wearer as she travels, expands her family or gains new interests. Chose a symbol of a hobby the recipient has or make a charm from a photo. Soufeel has hundreds of designs to chose from to mark significant life events or to showcase your personal style.

Soufeel let me chose five charms and a bracelet to review. I chose a basic bracelet in silver. This bracelet is a 925 sterling silver snake style bracelet that has a beautiful shine to it. It has a super strong closure that will stay closed and keep your dangle charms nice and safe. The clasp also has the Soufeel logo engraved into it. I love the flex to this barcelet! Sizes range from 6.30 – 9.06″ long to fit many wrist sizes.


Other bracelets available: 925 Sterling Silver bangle bracelets and woven leather bracelets in several colors.

I am so impressed with how substantial these pieces are. I wasn’t expecting much and was delightfully surprised at the quality, finishes and attention to detail. It is very comfortable to wear with no rough edges and the charms slide easily. I can tell this bracelet and all the charms will last a long time and it has already become a collector piece for me.

Beads are available in three types: beads with a hole through the center, dangling pendants and stoppers: narrow beads that stay in place to separate the charms.

I can’t begin to list all the categories of charms but here are a few: travel, hobbies, religion, birthstone, Murano glass, alphabet and numbers and memorable charms that include a photo of you choice.

The first charm I chose is a dangle red lipstick–duh, being a beauty blogger that was a no-brainer!

Glamorous women are going to love accessorizing with this shimmering bracelet charm. Seen here is our Lipstick Dangle Charm in .925 Sterling Silver. It’s perfect for those who can’t leave the house without a swipe of lipstick, or for those who are ultra-girly. Created with sterling silver that has been given a gorgeous polish, the surface really shines for a luxurious and rich look. The lipstick has been colored a deep, classic red. The base has been set with shimmering stones that have lovely facets. With each move that you make with your hand, this lipstick charm will give off a nice sparkle.


The next two charms I chose are in remembrance of my mother. She was a very classy and feminine woman so this pink crystal heart charm reminds me of her and that her heart is always with me. My mother loved perfume as do I so this perfume bottle is a little bit of me and a little bit of mom.


Are you a woman who loves the classics? Then be sure to add this beautifully unique, Perfume Bottle Charm to your bracelet collection. How pretty and glam is this design? A sterling silver perfume bottle has been decorated with bold, pink crystals in the front and back. The bottle stopper has been inlaid with one bigger crystal for a statement accent. The front of this perfume bottle bracelet bead has been engraved with No. 5 as a nod to one of the world’s most famous and popular perfumes. Wear this pink and silver charm with casual and formal looks. The color will really pop for a fun and playful touch. Mix and match this design with everything from dangle shoe charms and dress charms, to pink crystal beads and lipstick beads.

This next bead is a nod to my best friend, my sweet dog Addy. If you read this blog regularly you have seen her. I couldn’t resist the darling paw prints on this bead!

IMG_5375 (2)

For my last charm I chose a London double-decker bus. This has meaning for me because my ex-husband and the father of my daughter was British. His family lived in England and we went to visit them several times. I can still remember the first time I saw a double-decker bus and how fun it was to ride one! This charm is absolutely adorable!!!


My Soufeel finished starter bracelet! I plan on adding to my bracelet–there are so many fun charms to chose from! I have a huge list of which ones I want next. I also plan to make a wishlist and give to my family for gift ideas–hint hint. I love that my Soufeel bracelet is all ME and that each charm has a special memory for me.



The quality is top notch. Charms are available in 925 sterling silver, gold and rose gold–crystals are from Swarovski. Delivery is free worldwide for purchases over $50. Soufeel offers a 365-day return & exchange so you have nothing to lose!

Soufeel also has completed themed bracelets, rings, necklaces and earrings.

But wait, there’s MORE! Soufeel is offering Prime Beauty readers a 5% discount with the code REVIEW5  

Bottom Line: Create a personalized and memorable gift of jewelry for a graduate, bride, bridesmaids, your mom, daughter, grandmother, aunt, sister, or BFF! I know that everyone will find something to love and cherish at Soufeel.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I love Soufeel. I’m on my second bracelet already. I’m addicted!

  2. Eileen Mendoza Loya says

    Beautiful piece. I love charm bracelets because it speaks so much about the personality of the person who’s wearing it. I will check out Soufeel. I need to give myself a present. Its been a while since I gave myself some love.

  3. I’m jealous. Lisa reviewed her third bracelet today. She didn’t even tell me it was offered. I love that heart charm. That one is so pretty and the first I’d pick. I know I’d have trouble picking from their many beauties.

  4. These charms are amazing. I love that each charm can hold a special meaning! No one will have the same bracelet!

  5. I love my Soufeel bracelet and charms. I add to it, whenever I can. I plan to have several stacked, one day. 😀

  6. Eeee! I am freaking out because these are absolutely adorable. I may scoop this up for my Mom for her birthday because she’s a huge fan of charm bracelets!

  7. This looks like a nice piece of jewelry. I would love to wear a bracelet like this.

  8. Christine Cox says

    I think bracelets like this make really nice gifts!

  9. The charms are very lovely! It’s really nice that you picked each charm to represent a certain part of your life.

  10. I love that little london bus! That is so cute!

  11. The charms are so lovely. I love little trinkets like those!

  12. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    I like this, especially the lipstick charm. They all look lovely, I hope I can have one.

  13. I love that lipstick charm too!

  14. Danne Reed says

    I love this bracelet and all the charms are lovely! I like the perfume and lipstick charms the most.

  15. Such pretty charms 🙂

  16. What cute charms! Especially love the Chanel No 5 one.

  17. I find this bracelet so unique and sassy. I would like to have my own, the charms are so lovely! I would like to add a shoe charm.

  18. Karla Ramos says

    I don’t think anyone will be returning those lovely charms and designs even with the 1-year guarantee. That said, I just like the different interpretations you have for each one.

  19. Louise Bishop says

    I love jewelry that you can personalize. Adding elements that make it unique and truly yours makes for a one-of-a-kind. Thanks for sharing.

  20. That is a beautiful bracelet. I love that you can add your own charms to it too. I would be switching them up often. Love it!

  21. OMG the charms on these are gorgeous, and i love the one you chose to remember your mother.

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  23. Beautiful bracelet, and so much meaning for you every time you wear it. Lovely!

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  25. Lisa Rios says

    Soufeel is a pretty new brand for me, but I am just loving these gorgeous looking products that anyone would like at first sight. The bracelet is cute & those red lipstick & perfume looks so great as well.

  26. Becca Wilson says

    I love all of the different charms that you can personalize this bracelet with! So cute!