Splurge vs Steal: L’Oreal EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo vs. WEN Cleansing Conditioner!

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L’Oreal’s  EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture System Shampoo is the closest thing I’ve come to WEN Cleansing Conditioner EVER and it’s only $7.49! WEN Cleansing Conditioner from Chaz Dean has been good for my hair, no doubt. It really does make my hair soft and as silky as satin sheets. It’s a great product and I love it, but at $29 a bottle, it can get expensive. Add to that price the fact that you use 12-40 pumps (depending on your hair length) of product, you can quickly say buh-bye to a LOT of dead presidents!

L’Oreal’s  EverPure Sulfate-Free Moisture System Shampoo is an excellent alternative to WEN at a quarter of the price! First let me tell you a little bit about my hair. It’s very fine and has virtually no body. It’s color treated, it doesn’t like to hold a curl and can get dry on the ends. Yeah, it’s a problem. More than one stylist has told me I have a lot of hair it just has a very fine texture. I don’t believe any of them. WEN tamed my flyways, brought my color to life, made the texture like feel silky soft, and conditioned the ends. The only downside was that since my hair is so fine, I had to add styling product back in to give me volume.

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It’s no surprise that so many brands are trying to copy WEN’s iconic formula. I tried Hair ONE ($9.99 for 12 oz.) by Sally Beauty and it left me very disappointed. It looks like WEN, however it does NOT have the same benefits. I have very fine hair and after shampooing with Hair ONE, my hair was a HUGE tangled mess–I couldn’t get a comb through. The performance in general was a big let down. And then along came Salon Grafix Cleaning Conditioner: better but not quite there yet. Okay, one more tryL’Oreal’s  EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo–Bingo!

This sulfate-free shampoo has a luxurious feel and you need only a dime size amount of product. Even though it is sulfate-free, it has a creamy lather that leaves my hair and scalp very clean. I’m using the volume formula which has a rosemary and juniper scent which is so refreshing!  I do not use the conditioner–with my fine hair I don’t need too and L’Oreal EverPure Shampoo gives my hair plenty of moisture. My hair feels significantly softer and more manageable. My color is so bright is looks as if I’ve just visited the salon! My hair is left nourshied, the color bright and more importantly, NOT weighted down. My only complaint is that I did not notice any additional volume to my hair. There are also Smooth and Moisture formulas in the EverPure line. 

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Let’s compare shall we? Remember this is my opinion and your experience may vary depending on your hair.

L’Oreal’s  EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo

  • sulfate free
  • my hair felt clean
  • I had no tangling issues
  • my hair felt just as soft and silky as WEN
  • my color was really bright
  • I’m using waaay less thereby saving me even more money!
  • several formulas available
  • no harsh salts
  • natural botanicals
  • 100% vegan
  • retails for $7.49 for 11.5 oz.


  • sulfate free
  • my hair felt clean (albeit somewhat tingly which I’m not fond of)
  • I had no tangling issues
  • my hair felt soft and silky
  • my color was bright
  • money back guarantee
  • 5 fragrances available
  • paraben-free
  • no artificial colors
  • no harsh chemical
  • ph-balanced
  • cruelty free
  • retails for $29 for 16 oz.

Bottom Line:  L’Oreal’s  EverPure Sulfate-Free Color Care System Shampoo is almost too good to be true! It is sulfate-free but still lathers, it smells heavenly, you need only the smallest amount and it’s only about $7 smackers! If you are looking for a shampoo that performs as well as WEN, look no further! Highly recommended!!

Visit http://www.lorealparisusa.com/en/offers.aspx#offers for a $2 off coupon!

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  1. Unfortunately, I haven’t had good luck with L’Oreal shampoos: my hair never feels clean afterwards. Maybe they’ve reformulated?? Glad it worked well for you!

  2. I haven’t tried this particular one, but I do like this L’Oreal line of shampoos and conditioners. Very gentle and moisturizing!

  3. This sounds like quite the deal! I have the completely opposite hair texture, though, so I’d want less volume, more damage control. I haven’t tried WEN, but I did buy a bottle of that Hair ONE from Sallys. Haven’t tried it yet, but now I don’t know if I want to! If you had tangling issues, I probably will, too. Meh.

  4. I love L’Oreal products, definitely giving this a try!

  5. Ooh I will have to keep my eyes out for this!

  6. Love the EverPure line!

  7. L’Oreal hair care consistently gets great reviews.

  8. Betzy Carmona says

    I really want to try L’Oreal Hair Care line now

  9. Hmmm… I may try this. I honestly HATE (I know I used capitals but it’s that bad) the WEN cleansing products… it leaves my hair either really dry and brittle or too oily and never clean. It’s weird depending on the time of the year I use it. So, I’d be interested to see how the L’Oreal would work for me.

  10. Overall I like LÓreal shampoos and so I think I have to try this one too.

  11. Angela Muller says

    I haven’t tried the L’Oreal shampoo you suggested, but I do use WEN religiously. I don’t understand the comment saying WEN leaves her hair dry and brittle, however, when she says it leaves her hair too oily, I should remind everyone that you need to rinse the WEN much longer than you think you need to because it is a shampoo, plus conditioner. I love my WEN, but will give L’Oreal a try based on your experience. Thanks for the information!

  12. I am currently using the Shea Moisture Fruit Complex line and love it but this sounds FAB too. I’ve never tried WEN before. How do you deal with the product buildup?

  13. I’m definitely going to watch out for this!


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