Spring 2015 Hair and Nail Trends!

spring and nail trends 2015

It might not feel like it right now, but spring is a little less than two months away. Soon the snow will melt, the temperatures will begin to warm, and new trends in hair and nails will start to emerge. We got a sneak peek at what we could expect late last year during Spring Fashion Week, and I have to say, some of the new trends are actually kind of unexpected.

From Boho Waves to Negative Space manicures, there are a lot of new things to look forward to in the upcoming season.

Hair Trends


She’s Come Undone – Boho Waves and Loose, Lived-in Updos

boho Waves                                               boho waves 2

                                       boho bun  boho bun 2


Hair this spring is going loose and wavy thanks to inspiration from the hippie, free-spirited days of the late 60s and early 70s. Forget having to spend countless hours on your hair creating perfectly coiffed beachy curls or socks buns, because the new look for spring is about lived in, less is more, I just woke up this way hair.

This trend was very prominent on the runway, where models could be seen wearing everything from long flowy, slightly wavy hair, to deconstructed, messy low buns, ponytails, and braids. When they weren’t sporting either of these looks, they were wearing a more air-dried natural hairstyle. Yay, for not having to always style my hair.   I’m definitely looking forward to trying some Boho waves, or loose messy buns in the next couple months.

The Return of the Ponytail

 ponytail-hairstyles-2015             ponytail-hairstyles-2015_2

For a few seasons now, it seemed like the ponytail had been traded in for the sock-bun or topknot. Thankfully, at least for me, the ponytail seems to be making a big time comeback.

Runways shows of all shapes and sizes were showcasing all kinds of ponytails, with most of the emphasis on the long ponytail. Models could be seen wearing very high and sleek looks, as well as  low and loose; with the low ponytail being the prominent and most popular of the looks. Some designers even incorporated waves, textures, or knotted ponytails into their shows.

I Just Got Out of the Shower Slicked Back Hair

Slicked down hair 2    slicked down hair    Slicked down pony

One of my least favorite trends emerging for spring is the slicked back or just got out of the shower hairstyle. I know it is supposed to be sleek, but to me it just looks lazy and greasy.

This new trend was spotted on various runways, either paired with updos, like a tight bun or ponytail, or used to create a dramatic gelled back crown, with looser flowing hair on the bottom. Either way, I hope this is a trend that comes and then goes after spring is over.

Let’s do the Twist and Braid

braids and twists 1      braids and twists 2     twist and braids 3

One style that seems to be sticking around for yet another season is the braid. Luckily though, the trend does seem to be expanding into a new real realm with the twist, which means no matter your age or skill level, you can find a way to work in a braid or twist into your style.

You can wear your braid in the traditional French or roped style, or can keep it loose and playful. Another option is just to twist pieces of your hair around other sections of your hair. You can also add a little twist to your usual look for a bit of surprise and diversity. I might have to add the twist/braid to my repertoire this spring.

Embellish me

Embellishments 2   embellishments      embellishments 3

Besides the Boho waves, one of my favorite hair trends for spring is the utilization of embellishments. Maybe because it brings me back to my childhood, when wearing feathers and big statement barrettes were all the rage. These simple accessories just always added something to my outfit, and made me feel unique, even if all my friends were doing the exact same thing.

The coolest thing about this new version of adding embellishments is that it incorporates different materials and metals. Models were seen wearing leather flowers in their hair, as well jewels, multiple floral arrangements, metallic pieces, colored string, and much more. It is amazing how a simple embellishment can bring a whole new look to your everyday hair.

Nail Trends

 Two big trends are emerging for spring nails. The first is being called Negative Space, and the other is the Barely There nail look.

Negative Space

 08-negative-space-nails-dion-lee-w724                        10-negative-space-nails-charlotte-ronson-w724

 The Negative Space trend is the newest iteration of nail art. What is truly unique about this manicure is that it is all about making a statement with your nails, while still being a minimalist. You can paint your nails with one simple stripe of color, such as a metallic or neon polish, or do a half-moon manicure where you only paint the moon part of your nail with color.

You can also create a bigger statement by painting almost your entire nail, and then leaving a bit of the natural nail showing through. This works especially well with geometric patterns.

Barely There

2015-Spring-Summer-Nail-Polish-Trends-6   Barely There      

barely there nails 2

The other big spring nail trend, Barely There, looks exactly like it sounds. It basically involves wearing nudes and very pale pinks. You want your nails to look extremely natural, almost as if you aren’t wearing any polish at all, even though your hands are perfectly manicured.

Of course the key to this look is to choose a color that truly flatters your skin tone, which can sometimes be a challenge when choosing a nude polish. You don’t want your nails to look dirty, or like you have dead hands.

 Will you be trying any of these trends this spring?

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