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New from StriVectin, the innovative skincare brand, comes a brand spankin’ new line of anti-aging hair care. There are three lines available: Ultimate Restore, targeted to damaged hair, Max Volume, for lack of volume and Color Care for color treated hair. If you’ve been reading my blog regularly I don’t need to tell you that my biggest hair issue is volume so I tried the Max Volume line.

My hair a challenge and most days it’s lazy and just wants to lay flat. I’ve been with my stylist for over a decade and she tells yes, I have fine hair but lots of it. I think she lies. My pony tail is pathetic. So….I am on a constant quest to add volume, bounce and fullness to my lazy hair and I was excited to try this line. I’ve been using all the products in the line for about three weeks and am ready to give you my thoughts. Hint: some hits, some misses.

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StriVectin Max Volume touts itself as the “holy grail” of hair care by addressing the top three concerns–lack of volume, fine hair and dullness. There are four products in the Max Volume line:

StriVectin Max Volume Shampoo ($23) – this shampoo rathers well, leaves hair feeling clean and has a lovely scent. It washes out thoroughly with no residue. My hair DID have more volume than usual and felt soft.

StriVectin Max Volume Conditioner ($23) – this has the same lovely scent but does not perform as well as the shampoo. I felt I needed way too much to get any softness. Since my hair has such a fine texture it tangles easily and this conditioner did not detangle at ALL, in fact every time I used it my hair was a rat’s nest of tangles requiring me to use a leave-in conditioner just to come through it. No bueno. It didn’t weigh my hair down like many conditioners so it could work for you if your doesn’t tangle a easily as mine.

StriVectin Max Volume Root Lifting Spray ($26) – this was the star of the collection for me. Spraying at the roots and rubbing into my scalp gave me good lift that lasted most of the day. I’ve been wearing my curly and I got beautiful curls and bounce with great volume. I tried using the spray on both damp and dry hair and got much better results when using this on damp hair and then blowing it dry. Getting volume and not weighing my hair down while adding bounce is a win for me!

StriVectin Max Volume Bodyifing Radiance Serum ($35) – is supposed to enhance body and volume while delivering  softness, luster and enhanced lift. It has a true serum texture and is absorbed instantly without being sticky or leaving a residue. Like the other products it is lightweight and does not weigh down the hair. Work a drop or two through damp hair. My tresess were shiny and healthy looking!

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StriVectin Hair products are free of sulfates, parabens, phtalates, phosphates and synthetic dyes and are safe for color treated hair.

This lazy hair is standing at attention!

This lazy hair is standing at attention!

Available at Ulta and

Bottom Line: Hits for me were the Rot Lifting Spray and the Radiance Serum. The Conditioner was a miss for me leaving me with horribly tangled hair. The Shampoo was fine but didn’t wow me.

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  1. Travel Blogger says

    I would love to try the radiance serum! My hair needs something new with summer coming. It has been a little lifeless lately.

  2. I love trying out different hair care products. I actually have never heard of Strivectin Max Volume Haircare before but would like to give them a try!

  3. You’re very pretty! I love the effect that it has on your hair. I would personally choose the color care line since I color my hair often.

  4. I’m really liking the Color Care and already purchased one of the pieces since my set was a travel set.

  5. Aziel Morte says

    Your looks so good I love your hair and I think my hair needs new for this summer

  6. rizza smith says

    looks like a great product for my hair. gonna check this out

  7. Nicole Cochingco Escat says

    You look good, i love you hair! This product looks really great to use

  8. You look great! Your hair is just beautiful. My hair is a hot mess. I’ve never heard of this stuff before, but sounds like worth checking out.

  9. So glad you shared your fab review. I’m looking for a good one hair care. I’d like to try it out.

  10. wow i didnt know that we have anti aging for hair now that sounds very cool and new to me! a must try next time!

  11. Lynn Dee says

    Sounds like great products for the hair. Love your hair – curls and all. 🙂 Would check these products out.

  12. I love how your hair looks in the photo. This product is really effective in adding volume.

  13. Emy Cooks Momentos says

    Oh, it sure does wonders as it leaves you hair looking beautiful. I do love when there the product is free of sulfates, parabens, phtalates, phosphates and synthetic dyes and are safe for color treated hair. Will have a look for this hair product. thanks

  14. This brand looks really awesome and promising. Hopefully I can try it too. Thanks for sharing your review.

  15. Lisa Rios says

    StriVectin is a pretty new brand for me, but the products sounds like a worthy stuff to try. My hair has become so sensitive that I need some good shampoo & Conditioner & I would love to check this out.


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