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The Zoe Report Summer Box of Style

Purchased by me

As summer continues to heat up, or boil here in the south, I’d thought I’d share the latest offerings from The Summer 2106 Box of Style from The Zoe Report, $100. This quarterly box, curated by Rachel Zoe and her editors, is filled with everything you need to be tres chic in this season of the sun.

Though the box is probably one of the pricier subscription services available, it’s only delivered quarterly and always offers subscribers a retail value of more than $300. This season’s value totaled $368 and featured seven items, ranging from skincare to jewelry.

Summer Box of Style Brochure

Last summer’s box was the first Box of Style I received, and to this day, it’s my favorite. I couldn’t wait to see what this summer would hold in store. Rachel Zoe and her The Zoe Report editors definitely didn’t disappoint with their product selections. They filled the box with their latest obsessions and must-have essentials for looking effortless all summer long.

Hero Item: Luv AJ Pave Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring Exclusive Set – $190

Luv AJ Pave Tusk Lariat & Open Crescent Ring

 “Women often ask me how to style a lariat necklace, so I wanted to pair it with a ring that is equally gorgeous.” RZ

There hasn’t been a hero item I haven’t been excited about, and this set was no exception. Even though I typically wear larger style rings, I really like the delicate design of the Open Crescent Ring. It’s a conversation starter for sure. The first time I wore it, I was asked about where I’d found this incredible ring. What I don’t like about it, it how it doesn’t feel very sturdy. Although it’s adjustable, it doesn’t really hold in place, which means I’m constantly having to fix the shape.

The lariat from this set is probably my favorite. Again, like its ring counterpart, it is delicate and a conversation starter. It adds dimension to even a simple t-shirt. However, unlike the ring, it feels more sturdy.  The Zoe Report recommends layering the lariat with pendants and chokers to give it a bohemian flair.

The Caftan: Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup – $58

 Michael Stars Pastel Gardens Coverup

“Every woman needs a pop-of-color caftan in her wardrobe! Wear it over your swimsuit for a daytime BBQ, or with a slipdress and Jewels for an effortless evening ensemble.” RZ

When I first saw this piece during a FaceBook Live session with Rachel Zoe and the creator of OUAI, I fell in love with the caftan. It looked amazing on the model. I couldn’t wait to pair it with  leggings or even jeans for a unique bohemian look. My feelings changed the minute I tried the item on…I disliked it immensely. The caftan was unflattering and shapeless. It looked dumpy on me. I gave it to my mom to try, see echoed my feelings. I tried to see if my sister would want it, again a no go. Not sure what I will end up doing with it since I know I will never wear it.

I also have to say, I don’t think it is worth $58. The material really doesn’t feel like it’s well made or will hold up over time. I’ve also seen many comments from other subscribers saying their caftan came damaged, and they were struggling to connect with customer service to get a replacement.

The Do-Not-Disturb Signs: YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses – $40

 YHF Los Angeles Cashton Brown Sunglasses

“Statement sunnies are the key to every glamorous summer outfit! This shape will look amazing on absolutely everyone – and tortoiseshell makes them versatile yet unexpected.” RZ

This is the second time the Box of Style has included a pair of sunglasses (The first ever Box of Style included a pair of black shades). I was extremely excited about these sunnies, as I have been looking for a pair of rose gold aviators. These aren’t exactly aviators, but they come pretty close to what I been in search of. I really like the fit and feel of these YHF sunglasses. As someone who doesn’t spend a lot of sunglasses because I always break them, I appreciate that for $40, these sunnies appear to be well made. Plus, they have a timeless look I really like. I will definitely be swapping them out with my usual sunglasses this summer.

The Beach in a Bottle: OUAI Haircare Wave Spray – $12

 OUAI Haircare Wave Spray

“When I don’t have a ton of time to style my hair, I spritz the OUAI Wave Spray on wet hair and go. I couldn’t be more excited about this haircare line from game-changing hair stylist and my dear friend Jen Atkin.” RZ

 I’ve been so curious about OUAI products. They’ve been receiving a lot of buzz. I love wave sprays, especially in the summer and was looking for a new one to try this year. Sadly, I wasn’t impressed with OUAI at all. The fragrance of the spray is extremely overwhelming. I like my hair to smell nice, but there is a limit and OUAI surpassed it. The overpowering scent lingered on my hair all day, and not in a good way.  Plus, it really didn’t work that well. I tried using it a couple of times, but my hair really didn’t take to the product. My waves looked more like a frizzy mess and really didn’t hold.

The Styling Tool: DreamDry The Dream Turban – $30

 DreamDry The Dream Turban

“I use this DreamDry Turban every time I wash my hair – I even travel with it. I love that I can throw it on before bed and wake up with smooth, frizz-free hair. Sometimes I even use it with a conditioner or oil, then wrap it up for a deep-conditioning treatment.” RZ

 When I unwrapped this turban from the box, I thought, “Great, another turban that won’t really do what it claims to do.” I was completely wrong. The Dreamdry Turban is amazing. It fits better than any other turban I ever used, and really does help cut down on drying time. It has become my go to turban each time I wash my hair. I use it to reduce blow dry and air dry time.

The Healthy Glow: Juice Beauty Green Apple SPF 15 Brightening Moisturizer – $38

 Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Moisturizer

“I love using anything and everything organic whenever possible. This moisturizer is lightweight, contains SPF 15 and smells delicious.” RZ

 This is the only product in the box I have yet to try. Not because I don’t like it, I’m a big fan of Juice Beauty, but because I have too many moisturizers open at the moment already. I’m looking forward to adding this to my skincare routine sometime soon. Juice Beauty makes some really great organic skincare products that don’t irritate even my most sensitive of skin.

Bottom line: Although this wasn’t my favorite Box of Style Box, (last summer’s box was a bigger hit for me), I’m still excited I had another opportunity to discover new brands and new products. With a value of $368, the Summer 2016 box was well worth the $100 quarterly investment. I’m looking forward to seeing how Rachel Zoe and her Zoe Report editors continue to evolve the Box of Style come fall.

What’s your favorite Summer Box item? What are your must haves for summer?

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    Hmmm, I’m not sure that this would have been my favorite box either. I thought the caftan looked great in the photo, and I had been thinking that I’d love it as a beach coverup, but I can see that it would be too long for me and the shapelessness is a definite concern. I’d be nervous spending that much money on a subscription box where someone else is doing the selecting for me. You’re brave!

    • I’m 5’5 and the caftan definitely wasn’t too long, but the shapelessness was horrible. I’ve really loved the past boxes, but I am beginning to wonder if they are picking things they like without thinking about their audience.

  2. The caftan is a lovely print, but I couldn’t wear it. I’d maybe cut it up and use the fabric as a scarf. The only thing I’d be excited about in this box is the turban.. not a $100 box for this gal.

  3. Rachel Zampanti Langer says

    Oh those are super cute sunglasses! How fun to try all these products. That hair turban interests me . . .

  4. The box is lovely but not worth it for me. It’s too bad about the caftan since the print is pretty but unless you have a model’s frame it’s probably not a winner. Love the jewelry though and I’m sure the turban is a great one.

  5. Zoe definitely knows how to style her subscribers! This box is awesome and my favorite would be the accessories. I’m sure that caftan looks great on you!

  6. Rebecca Bryant says

    I have never heard of this before. Will be checking it for sure.

  7. You received some really cool stuff in this one. They definitely nailed the beach/summer theme.

  8. The Box of Style looks incredible. I definitely need to subscribe ASAP. I love OUAI products. So awesome they included one.

  9. Rachel Catherine says

    Wow! Those look like some great things. Even though it wasn’t your favorite, you still made out like a bandit!

  10. FabZilla_Kath says

    The sunnnies are my faves!

  11. Faithfullymeblog says

    oh wow, there are some really cute goodies here. I want those sunglasses. Totally stylin…

  12. There are so many great things in this box! I love the caftan…it’s such a pretty color and would look great at the beach. The sunglasses are very cool too!

  13. I regularly read The Zoe Report, but I have never tried the subscription service. It sounds like the price is well worth it, considering what’s all included. I’ll have to check it out! 🙂 – HilLesha

  14. I quite like the contents! Expensive though, even though you do get a good overall deal.

  15. Karlyn Flores says

    These are all looks a great stuff. I want the wave spray.

  16. You got a ton of great items to try. I really want to try the turban. I don’t like using the hair dryer on my hair. It usually ends up frizzy if I don’t get it dry before bedtime.

  17. What an amazing selection. I almost got this but glad I didn’t as the sun glasses wouldn’t work with my glasses I have and I don’t really like the coverup. Glad that you’re happy with the box!

  18. That looks like an awesome box with lots of goodies. I love those sunglasses! I would love to try the Juice Beauty product too.

  19. Michelle Kneece Waller says

    I have never heard of this box, but it does look pretty awesome. I love how much it comes with and seems like a great price.

  20. Can you use the caftan as a tabletop accent? The colors are so pretty! Or maybe cut it up and use as scarves.

  21. I had no idea that Rachel Zoe came up with her subscription box too. I’m glad you shared what you got. It’s definitely a lot of luxurious items, although most of them I do not really use. But still very nice!

  22. Debra Hawkins says

    I love the colors in that coverup! It is so bright and fun. Perfect for summer!

  23. CourtneyLynne Storms says

    Ooooo what a fabulous box!!!! You definitely got a lot of goodies!!!! Need to look into a subscription for myself!

  24. Nicole Etolen says

    Oh, nice box! I like everything init, especially the moisturizer. This is so perfect for summer!

  25. Nicole Escat says

    I like the wardrobe, so summer! Love this box, nice choice! I want to subscribe too.

  26. Bianca @ Lady Wiser says

    I’ve never heard of this box, but looks like you got some amazing deals cute sunglasses.

  27. Ryan Escat says

    My wife will surely love to receive this box. She loves to unbox subscription boxes.

  28. The variety of the products in this box is really nice. I really like the fact that it contains jewelry.

  29. Lisa Rios says

    We have so many subscription box options these days & this one looks great with some wonderful products though The Zoe Report is itself pretty new for me. I love that jewelry, but it sounds bit high on price, will check it out for more details.

  30. Great subscription box indeed. Love all the items/products listed here. Amazing!

  31. Chei Pangan says

    Love all the items!

  32. Hannah Adkins says

    I agree with you that this is definitely one of the pricier boxes out there. It seems interesting for sure!