Sudden Change is a Game Changer for Eyes!

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For the most part, I have learned to like myself enough that aging doesn’t bother me all that much. With one exception– and that is the bags under my eyes and my crow’s feet. Hey, I said for the most part! Trust me if I could afford it I would have some kind of plastic surgery to bring back the youthful look of what I consider to be my best feature.

I’ve tried eleventy-billion eye creams and spent a bazillion dollars on them. Some work better than others, some are less expensive than others, some target only one area. So, when I got the chance to try Sudden Change, I thought why not? The quest is real beauties.

This little drugstore find is a game changer, especially for us over 40 beauties that have eye “issues.”  Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum delivers a noticeable “lift” to visibly reduce under-eye bags, dark circles, lines, wrinkles and puffiness. It not only reduces my bags, but smooths out my under-eye area so well, it looks like I’ve have a filler! Nothing has EVER done such a great job of shrinking my bags. It also softens the fine lines around my eyes. Sudden Change encourages the draining of the tissue under the eyes which cause the puffiness and bags. The best part? It diminishes (dare I say nearly eliminates?) my bags in only three minutes FLAT—kind of like my bags! Okay, okay simmer down I’ll be here all week. Ba dum bum. Seriously, it’s kind of a miracle in a bottle.

Start with clean dry skin and do NOT use any eye cream or moisturizer. Make sure if you are removing your eye makeup before applying Sudden Change, do not use an oil based product. For Sudden Change to do its best work, you need a dry area– the drier the skin the better. Spread two drops with the included dropper using your finger and gently pat around your eye area. Work quickly—remember it only takes three minutes to see results. Instant gratification anyone?


Sudden Change dries clear, feels like nothing and does not leave any white residue. Your eye will immediately feel tighter where you have applied the serum. I love the feeling because I know it means Sudden Change is hard at work on my eyes. The instructions specifically say not to contract your facial muscles, talk or smile for three minutes after application. This is very important for the product to work effectively.

And now drum roll please…..





I have used this alone and mixed with my foundation, which I prefer. I need foundation around my eyes to cover my age spots and redness. I just use two drops mixed with a little foundation and applied it the same way. You’ll want to avoid using any eye cream or an oil-based foundation because you will not get the same great results. My eye area does feel drier than I’m used to but the bags are considerably lessened so it’s all good. I can use Sudden Change before work in the morning and it lasts until I get home at night! It’s a genius product for us over 40 gals!

Bottom Line: Sudden Change lessens bags, smooths out wrinkles, reduces dark circles and generally gives the appearance of a younger looking, firmer eye area. Instant gratification–what more could a girl ask for? Give Sudden Change a try!
Sudden Change in available at CVS, Duane Reade, Rite Aid, ULTA, Walgreens and Walmart for about $15. You can also enter to win a Sudden Change prize package, including a $100 gift card! Three winners will each get a $100 gift card to a national Sudden Change retailer (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens or Walmart) for new makeup and other beauty essentials, including Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum! Winners announced on Friday, 5/1, at 12 p.m. ET.

Share your own Sudden Change success story photos using #InstantRetouchwithSuddenChange.

To learn more about the Sudden Change brand visit them on the web at and LIKE the brand on Facebook.

This is a product-provided, sponsored conversation that contains affiliate links. I received a package of Sudden Change Under-Eye Firming Serum for my own personal use. All opinions, text and experiences are my own.


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  1. After seeing so many positive results, I’m seriously considering picking up this serum.

  2. This is the second post I’ve seen of this serum and I am seriously convinced. The results are amazing!

  3. Jamie@makeuplifelove says

    This stuff looks AMAZING. I am hooked and I NEED it. I have such bad dark circles and under eye bags and puffiness. I totally need this!!!

  4. Sounds like a winner!

  5. Glad it worked well for you!

  6. I loved this serum! I’m using it all the time now.

  7. This is the second review on this I’ve seen and I’m pretty impressed with the results and the reviews I’ve encountered. I definitely want to check this out, I have a CVS up the street! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I definitely see the difference! Great price point, too.

  9. I’ve been hearing amazing things about this serum! That’s a bargain price for good quality skincare.

  10. Definitely a difference! I need to get my hands on this!

  11. Norah Loves Makeup says

    Sounds like a good find for under eyes brightening!

  12. What a huge difference. YOu are one brave woman for putting that before pic up.

  13. You get a real result with this.

  14. The results look fantastic!

  15. This sounds like a miracle product!

  16. Another review on this product… man, I really really want it now!

  17. You have some of the best results I’ve seen!

  18. Such a great difference!

  19. Totally impressed. I’m gonna pick me up one this week. Keep ya posted! 😉


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