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As we age, finding the perfect foundation for our aging skin can seem like finding a Unicorn drinking from a Pot of Gold in Narnia. Virtually impossible. Enter Korean Skincare brand, Sulwhasoo. I’ve tried a lot of cushion foundations and have not fared well so I wasn’t expecting much. I should have realized with the Korean heritage of Sulwhasoo, the brands’ study of Korean herbal medicine and Asian wisdom that their products would be stellar.

Sulwhasoo offers three different kinds of foundation cushions: Regular, Brightening and Intense.

Perfecting Cushion $60 offers full coverage to conceal imperfections while bringing out flawless radiance to the complexion.

Perfecting Cushion Brightening $65 delivers a brighter complexion with 12 hours of lasting glow.

Perfecting Cushion Intense $80 is an anti-aging cushion that helps your skin look firmer and younger with a healthy glow.

Since I am new to the brand, I decided to try the regular version first. It also has the most coverage of the three, it’s supposed to be full coverage but I think it’s medium. It can be built up, though in layers without looking cakey. The foundation includes a moisturizing blend of apricot seed and Korean herbs to create a flawless radiant glow.  The formula covers spots and signs of aging using a special watercolor method which disperses color into water instead of oil. It also boasts a film-fixing polymer to form a perfectly seamless layer for makeup that lasts up to 12 hours. While it doesn’t last 12 hours on me, it does last all day, 8-10 hours.

The finish on the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion is perfection. It has the most beautiful slightly glowy finish without looking moist. Most dewy foundations make my skin look oily or like I’m sweating. This has the right amount of ‘dew’ make my skin look radiant, not greasy. In fact, the foundation improves the longer you wear it! This is a fabulous foundation for dry, slightly dry or combo skin.

Believe it not, I also like the puff that comes with the cushion foundation. I find it really easy to buff the foundation into the skin without the puff eating all it up. It lays down even coverage and can be built up while still looking natural. The only negative is that there are only 6 shades available. I chose #11 which is the lightest and described as pale pink. It’s actually a good match for my winter skin but a bit light for summer. Still, I add bronzer and I can make it work.

The packaging of the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Foundation comes in a gorgeous white pearl compact with gold trim and lettering. Though the $60 price tag does seem pricey, it comes with a refill so you are actually getting double the amount–2 foundations, and to me, that makes it way more affordable than a luxury foundation.

Bottom Line: I’m loving the Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion Foundation for my older skin. It’s very lightweight, delivers a beautiful, naturally glowy finish. It’s a luxury product at an affordable cost!

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