Summer Entertaining with The Deen Brothers and Evine + A Giveaway!

I love to entertain especially when I can spend time with my girlfriends! I recently had my ‘squad’ over for a little happy hour with the help of the shopping channel Evine and The Deen Brothers! #EvineEntertains #EvinePartner


We had so much fun! Not all the girls knew each other so we played the ‘two truths and a lie’ game. From this game we found out a few secrets: one of the girls was an extra in a TV series, one had to flee from her car as a train demolished it on the tracks, one dated a movie star–quite an interesting group! Then we played the ‘Who Am I’ game and my little dog Addy even got in on the fun!

Adding to the fun was wine tasting with a selection of wines from the Deen Brothers. The Deen Brothers (Paula Deen’s sons) have partnered with award-winning master vintner and celebrated restaurateur, Doug Margerum to bring Savannah Cellars, beautiful varietal wines right to your home! With Deen Brothers Wine, you’ll be able to enjoy a monthly subscription that not only delivers wonderful wines from some of the best vineyards in the county, but you can also go online for delicious recipes to pair perfectly with each selection!

My girls and I tested the Mixed 3 bottle Varied Californian Wines ($49.99). This selection consists of 3 bottles of Savannah Cellar wines one each of: Chardonnay, Rosé and Merlot.

This elegant Chardonnay is understated and beautifully balanced with soft, fresh, juicy notes of apple tart, Asian pear, vanilla and butterscotch.

Pure fruit makes this Rosé delicious. It opens with aromas of raspberry, nectarine and baking spice. On the palate it offers luscious berry flavors and stone fruit. Natural acidity ensures a crisp. long finish.

This classic Merlot is ripe, smooth, inviting and smokey. It is balanced with spicy Merlot ripe berry fruit, dark earth and toasty spicy oak notes.

The consensus of my testers? All of us were extremely impressed with the Chardonnay. One of the girls who previously didn’t like Chardonnay turned into an instant fan! We all liked the nice finish and the fact that there was no aftertaste. It was so smooth and creamy. I will definitely repurchase this one!

The Merlot was also a big hit. There are two Merlot drinkers in our group so I was very interested to hear their thoughts. They both said it was smooth and flavorful with a nice finish and they both would repurchase!

Although the Rosé came in third, it still paired nicely with the appetizers I made.

You can’t have good wine without good food and something to put that food on. Presentation is everything, beauties! These vibrant 11″ melamine plates from French Bull set off my appetizers beautifully. These high-grade melamine plates are BPA-free, scratch shatter and resistant and non-absorbent, too. They are perfect for summer or to add a bright pop of color to your table any time of the year! They come individually with 5 assorted designs for $11 each.

I made a few appetizers to go with the wonderful wines we were tasting. We also had chips and peach and mango salsa.

These Caprese skewers were so easy and fun to make and were a giant hit with the girls. I also thought they paired nicely with the Merlot.

Cantaloupe cubes wrapped in prosciutto achieve a tasty balance with the sweetness of melon in contrast to the salty prosciutto.

Finally, as a healthy dessert, we feasted on simple fresh fruit skewers drizzled with an vanilla bean reduction sauce.

Although this was a happy hour party, the Deen Brothers also have a 4-pc assortment of rubs and seasonings that are perfect for that backyard BBQ. The 4-pc. set ($36) includes Sweet Poppin’ Chipotle, Funky Chicken Seasoning, No Bull Steak Rub and Little Piggy Pork Rub. This set of four delivers uniquely blended spices that bring to life seasonings that work for a variety of meats that you might be grilling up sooner rather than later. Pack a punch and bring your food to life with the help from the Deen Brothers!

Have you done any entertaining this summer? Evine has generously offered a discount for Prime Beauty readers! Use code FashionFlash15 to get 15% off with no minimum purchases from today until December 31, 2017 for new customers only. It excludes Deen Brothers Wine, Waterford and CE items.

Disclaimer: This offer is valid on purchases made online at for new customers only. To be considered a new customer one of the following must be true: shopper has no customer number in the Evine system; the shoppers credit card has not been used on any shipped orders; The shopper has a customer number in the Evine system but has no orders that have been fulfilled against that number. You may use this offer one time. May not be valid with other discounts or promotional offers. No cash value. Void where prohibited, taxed or restricted, if sold or transferred. Not valid on merchandise offered by Evine’s paid programming partners or for the following types of merchandise: computers, electronics or Waterford. Evine reserves the right to substitute or cancel this promotion in the event of printing or system error.

But wait, there’s more!

Prime Beauty and Evine would like to gift you with these elements for a party or BBQ of your own! I’m giving away a 3pc. Variety Set of Deen Brothers Wine to one winner and the French Bull plates and Deen Bros. Spice Rubs to another lucky Prime Beauty reader! Winners will be picked at random through the Rafflecopter widget. I cannot guarantee which prize each entrant will receive. This giveaway is limited to US residents 21 years of age or over, where permitted by law. Giveaway ends Tuesday, August 22nd at midnight PT. Follow the mandatory tasks on the Rafflecopter widget to enter to win. To gain additional entries, complete the optional tasks on the widget. Note: by participating in this giveaway entrant acknowledges that entrant’s email address will be shared with a third party. We are sorry but delivery to AL, AK, AR, DE, HI, KY, MS, OK and UT is currently prohibited by law.

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  1. Awesome giveaway! These are some great party items that are festive and cute! I can’t wait to check these out for our next upcoming party! Summer is almost over! I better hurry lol

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I didn’t realize that the Deen brothers had teamed up with Evine. How cool! I’m in love with the French Bull plates especially! Definitely a terrific giveaway!

  3. I am a fan of the Merlot wine.

  4. Ohhh, love Paula Deen and her son’s! I will have to look for their wine, because I want to give it a try.

  5. It seems that you are having the great time of your life! I agree that, Age goes better with wine and friends!

  6. Susan Pertierra says

    I like a Riesling or Pinot Grigio.

  7. Jen Mathews says

    Uhhhh I want to be invited next time!!!

  8. Patricia Brousseau Caradonna says

    Asti Spumante is one of my favorites.

  9. Cassie Liz says

    This looks like such a fun time! The food looks sensational – very beautifully presented! And that wine went down a treat i’ll bet

  10. Melissa Chapman says

    Sounds like an amazing get together. I love Prosecco but those all looked good too. The Deen brothers have some great products.

  11. Beth Davidson says

    Looks like a fun time! I’m a big wine fan but my girlfriends and I keep alternating pregnancies so we haven’t been able to try anything new lately. I’ll add Savannah Cellars to our list!

  12. Rachel Griesmer says

    My favorite type of wine is Merlot.

  13. This sounds amazing! I’ve never tried their wine before and it’s definitely perfect for entertaining. I’m glad you had a great time, it’s always the best time when you have your girlfriends.

  14. I’ve just tried one of their wines and was definitely impressed. Those plates are totally my taste. I need those and they’d go great with the bowls I have from Evine. Now I wish I was a first time customer but I’m not!

  15. Your skewered fruits are making me salivate right now!

  16. Linda Szymoniak says

    I prefer sweeter wines, like moscatos. White is my favorite, but I recently tried a sweeter red and rose and was pleasantly surprised how much I liked them.

  17. I like Riesling and also Chardonnay.

  18. I love me a good Pinot Noir with any meal!

  19. Michelle Castagne says

    I like Chardonnay.

  20. I’ve always enjoyed a good Rosé more than other wines. I’m not much of a connoisseur so I don’t “pair” wines and foods. I just go with what tastes good despite the style and it’s usually a Rosé.

  21. I miss this kind of night with my best girls. There’s nothing more fun and relaxing! I think these wines are worth a try! Love that they have everything!

  22. Looks like a fun time! I love entertaining too and I also love wine and these look delicious!

  23. I like a sweet red wine with my meals

  24. Tracie Cooper says

    I love Chardonnay!

  25. What a fun time.. and can’t go wrong with wine!!

  26. Gricelda Castro says


  27. Julie Lynn says

    I love white wine.

  28. This looks like such a great get together. The wine looks amazing!

  29. Krystle Cook says

    These look like the perfect ways to entertain your guests. I need to look into getting some of that wine.

  30. steve weber says

    White wine is my jam

  31. What a fun night you had with your friends! I haven’t tried any of those wines from Savannah Cellars but I think I would be interested in the Chardonnay. I’ll have to look this up and get a bottle too.

  32. Amber Nelson says

    Oh now this looks like a fun night. I am a fan of red wines, but I think any wine tastes good paired with the right food.

  33. Wow it looks like y’all had a fun time. While I was reading I actually wanted to have been there with y’all.
    My favorite is most definitely a Merlot but coming in 2nd would be Chardonnay. Have you ever had mushrooms cooked in Merlot and butter? My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  34. I have never been a fan of red wine but the chardonay looks good and i love the colorful plates. Looks like a great time.

  35. Oh wow, this looks so fun! I love the idea of a happy hour party! Will have to try something like this with my girlfriends!

  36. Anita Duvall says

    I think of these three, my favorite would be the Rose’. I am a sparkling white wine lover at heart. Looks like a fun time.

  37. Jeanne Coulombe says

    I like the white wines and even the semi sweet wines.

  38. Sandy Klocinski says

    My favorites are Moscato because it’s sweet (and I LOVE it) and a white Zinfandel

  39. I really prefer Zinfandel (or Cabernet)

  40. Gail Williams says

    I love having a glass of wine with my girlie friends. I do not have a favorite. Merlots are fun.

  41. Memphis_Muse says

    i love my pinots….pinot grigio & pinot noir

  42. Jessica Miller says

    Any Type of Sweet red/pink wine.

  43. karenboblett says

    I couldn’t enter the rest of your giveaway because you didn’t have your Instagram link done correctly. Please correct this so I can enter, plus you don’t have an Instagram link at the end of your contest so I can spread the word.

  44. Sandy Pincombe says

    Chardonnay is my favorite wine. I really like white wines. I also like a Riesling too and also a Piesporter

  45. shannon fowler says

    I tend to like red wines, but it really depends on what I am having with it.

  46. Onyinye Elochukwu says

    Pinot Grigio is my favorite

  47. I like prefer almost any variety of red wine but I’m not opposed to having some Moscato too.

  48. Laura Sorvillo says

    I love melon and prosciutto skewers with just about any wine.The sweet and savory combo makes my mouth water even now just thinking about it! Looks like you had a great spread and a great time,I wish my friends and I did things like that.I never would have thought to invite the gals over for wine and Evine….hmmmm

  49. My wife prefers red wine, but she would drink whatever she is given!!

  50. Reesa Lewandowski says

    Oh what a fun giveaway! I love those skewers! Rose is my favorite!

  51. Jenny Scheldberg says

    I like something white with a little fizz. I’m trying to venture into reds.

  52. I had no idea that the Deen Bros. were so busy! I really want to try some of their spices.

  53. Jean Standley says

    This looks like such a fun night! I love the idea of a wine subscription. Rose is my fave wine so would defintiely like to try that one.

  54. Michelle Tamasa says

    My favorite type of wine is Chardonnay, but I like Sauvignon Blanc sometimes… If I’m in the mood for a red, Pinot Noir.

  55. I’m pretty much a white wine person, Chardonnay especially, but I do like Zinfandel, too.

  56. I seldom drink, but I do love to have a glass of wine every once in a blue moon. My favorite wine is Cabernet Sauvignon.

  57. KJ D'Costa says

    Great picture with everyone gathered together. And a wine tasting with a prosciutto dish is the best reason.

  58. What a fun night! I don’t drink wine but a girls night is always a great idea (also, those truths are awesome!).

  59. redheadmomblog says

    It sounds like you all had a blast! Love the fruit kabobs you made! I bet you all had a great time.

  60. I like Rose wines or anything sparkling.

  61. Debra Holloway says

    I love the merlot, the sweetness.

  62. Merlot is my favorite

  63. I’m a Merlot fan.
    coupcazy aka Brenda Haines

  64. Rose’ is my favorite.

  65. Dana Rodriguez says

    Oh how fun! I like all types but my favorite is Chardonnay.

  66. Lyndsey R. says

    Red blends are my favorite.

  67. Krystel Seijo says

    This looks like so much fun. I’m not a wine fan but when it’s chilled like that I might go for it.

  68. I like the Rose’ wine. I’m surprised that the tasters didn’t love it.

  69. Laurie Nykaza says

    I like red wines the best!

  70. “Tell me which type of wine is your favorite?” White wines. And probably wines with long names from Germany. And Hungarian dessert wine.