Prime Beauty Organizes Her Makeup Stash!

The Beauty Spotlight Team is focusing on how we beauty bloggers store our vast and ridiculously large makeup collections and it’s my turn. I have a really old “secretary” desk that belonged to my mother. She painted it turquoise to match our 60s kitchen–it’s THAT old! I didn’t even need to distress it, because it’s already […]

The Organization of a Disorganized Beauty Blogger

Today Marcia from Beauty Info Zone explains how she organizes her beauty stash.

Beauty Organization with Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog

Helen from Lola’s Secret Beauty Blog had, what seemed to be, an insurmountable storage problem with all of her beauty products, but one day it occurred to her that she was approaching her storage dilemma all wrong. Behind this door, you will see how an unorganized space was transformed into a veritable sanctuary where she […]

Beauty Storage with 15 Minute Beauty!

15 Minute Beauty has a bit of an organization problem. She needs a lot of space to store the products she needs to keep her blog features interesting and fresh! Take a peek inside of the cabinet she uses to store all of the goodies!

Beauty Storage with Never Say Die Beauty

Allison from Never Say Die Beauty has been making up her storage solution plan for her growing cosmetics collection as she goes along. She’s sharing her current set of affordable and hopefully attractive storage solutions with her readers and with the Beauty Spotlight Team. Hop over to her blog and take a look at her […]

The Beauty Spotlight Team Featuring Phyrra’s Beauty Storage Tips!

Courtney from Phyrra has reorganized, purged and updated her makeup collection. Find out how to update your beauty storage and learn some new organization tips and tricks!

Beauty Hack: How I give my collection a seasonal refresh!

by Blythe  It’s spring. The tulips are beginning to bloom, and soon the temperatures will warm. For many, this also ushers in the annual task of spring cleaning. Usually this entails, cleaning out your closet, putting away winter gear and airing out the house. It’s a daunting task, and unless you’re Marie Kondo, probably not […]

Makeup Wars Beauty Storage!

This time Makeup Wars is focusing on how we beauty bloggers store our vast and ridiculously large makeup collections. I have an old “secretary” desk that belonged to my mother, I painted it turquoise blue and then distressed it. I’ve been using it for makeup storage and a vanity but then I ran out of […]