Dry Brushing with The Prana Ionic Body Brush!

Have you heard of dry brushing? I had heard the term but didn’t know anything about it and then Prana Brush contacted me and their brush changed my life. I know what you’re thinking “uh, isn’t that a little dramatic?” Yes, it is BUT when a product can improve your health, it is life changing and […]

10 Tips for At-Home Hair Color Made Easy!

Salon hair color is becoming very pricey. Working at a salon I know it’s not unusual for a color to range anywhere from $75-$175 and I live in a small town, I can’t imagine the price in a fancy celebrity salon! I colored my hair at salons for eons until just last year when I discovered […]

The Makeup Eraser: A Must Have Beauty Tool!

  The Makeup Eraser ($20) is a reusable, washable, makeup-removing face washcloth for all skin types. Free of chemicals, this makeup remover cloth gets rid of all types of makeup, including stage, sports, and theatrical makeup–even stubborn waterproof eye makeup. This thing is incredible! Just wet with warm water and erase your makeup in seconds!  And.. this baby holds […]

Top 10 Beauty Hacks!

This week our Top 10 bloggers are sharing their beauty hacks. Anything that saves me time or money I’m down with! I can’t wait to see what the tips and hacks the rest our bloggers have in store, so I can learn more! 1. Get perfect cuticles If your cuticles look like a crime scene […]

Happy Mother’s Day!!!

Prime Beauty wishes you and your Mother the happiest of days today!  My mother was a very classy lady. She loved good skin care, perfume, makeup and was a clothes horse. Yep, that’s where I got it from!  Beauty tips I learned from my mother:  Use a good night cream. My mother ALWAYS used a good […]