Was my Hourglass splurge worth the money?

Like many of us I’m not spending nearly as much money as I used to. Between getting older (who me??) and not seeing people, I just don’t have the desire. But every once in a while I get something in my head and I can’t shake it out. I’ve learned to not impulsively buy but […]

Introducing Suki Skincare!

Suki skincare is a cruelty-free line full of wonderful ingredients that are effective!

Introducing Lexli Skincare!

Lexli Skincare is an aloe based skincare company that will change your complexion for the better!

Say Yes to Coconut Skincare for Hydration & Restoration!

(Moisturizer) Even if you’ve spent the last few years on deserted island, you’ve probably heard all about the coconut hype. It seems this roundish, hairy fruit has magical powers for your skin and body. No longer is only for tasty tropical drinks or to mix with chocolate, but it also hydrates and restores moisture head […]