New! Le Metier de Beaute Nouvelle Vague the Fall 2012 Color Collection

Bold and bodacious is the new  Nouvelle Vague, Le Métier de Beauté’s Fall 2012 Color Collection.  This collection mixes playful and opulent shades to create a modern look that is utterly effortless “I was tremendously inspired by the visionary spirit of avant-garde European film directors such as, Jean-Luc Godard, Otto Preminger, and Francois Truffaut,” says Mikey […]

Lancome Midnight Roses Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Lancôme was instantly captivated by the charisma and charm of Emma Watson, face of the Trésor Midnight Rose fragrance, and sought to build on that alluring story by creating a makeup collection that would capture every woman’s heart. The result was Midnight Roses. Inspired by the precious purple rose, the collection is infused with shades of purple, the […]

NARS Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

Um, is it just me or does the NARS model  look a little scary? She seems zombie-like to me. I’m going to concentrate on the NARS Fall 2012 makeup items and not the promo pic. There, I feel better. The collection includes: Trio Eyeshadow ($45.00) High Society Lavender, matte forest green, iridescent amethyst (Limited Edition) Multiple […]

Dior Golden Jungle Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

It’s hard to believe that the Fall makeup collections are hitting stores already–we haven’t even had consistent summer weather yet!! Seems like it gets earlier and earlier doesn’t it? Anywho, I present to you one of  THE best Fall collections, in my humble opinion. Feast your eyes on Dior Golden Jungle!   In February 1947, […]

Laura Mercier Cinema Noir Fall 2012 Makeup Collection

The upcoming Fall 2012 Cinema Noir Collection by Laura Mercier  is hitting counters this month.  Laura Mercier Cinema Noir Collection  was inspired by the movie genre Film Noir and the old Hollywood glamour of the 1940’s.  Think Ingrid Bergman, The collection emphasizes the contrast of black and white, dark and light featuring bold red lips and muted […]

Chanel Bombay Express Summer 2012 Makeup Collection

      Chanel’s Creative Director Peter Phillips takes inspiration from exotic India for the line’s latest cosmetic collection, Bombay Express Summer 2012. Dark inky eyes, golden skin and nude lips are the heart of the collection which includes: Brume d’Or Joues Contraste Blush ($43.00) Routes des Indes de Chanel Evanescent golden powder ($80.00)  I wish […]