Go to Fashion Flash for reading greats

This week we’d like to thank Deb from NoNonsense Beauty for gathering our Fashion Flash posts. Without Deb there wouldn’t even be this great emagazine she was the creator. Be sure to read the 6 articles about health, fashion and beauty.

Fashion Flash – best of the net

May’s first Fashion Flash is hosted by Stacie of Makeup Obsessed Mom. I forgot to post this but I’m betting that many of you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this week’s emagazine. Stacie has shared some beautiful spring photography as well as sharing the 8 terrific articles. I hope you’ll click over there to […]

Fashion Flash Mother’s Day book, beauty and Amazon giveaway

My three favorite items for a giveaway are right here for you to win. Books are my life! Beauty is obvious considering I’m write on Prime Beauty and wrote on Beauty Info Zone for 11 years. And Amazon, what can I say! Fashion Flash and Prime Beauty have a fabulous giveaway for our readers in […]

Ending April with the best of Fashion Flash

I love reading blogs and the variety in Fashion Flash is what makes it a delight. This week Allison of Never Say Die Beauty is our hostess to share skincare, lifestyle, fashion and healthy cooking. It’s a great combination of blog posts that we’re sure you’ll enjoy.

Welcoming Shift Your Stories to Fashion Flash

Fashion Flash is always changing and this week we have a new blogger, Mary of Shift Your Stories is posting for her first time. In addition to her blog Mary is also a published author and her book, PopUp Purge, is now available. Mary is a wonderful addition to our over 40 group. Here’s a […]

Fashion Flash delights

Welcome to the latest Fashion Flash news magazines. The No-Nonsense Beauty Blog is hosting this week’s great addition. We want you to read the 9 articles and learn about life in all its glory.

A little fun from Fashion Flash

Bloggers were busy last week preparing for holidays and didn’t seem to post as often but Jackie of Silver Style was able to pull some of the best articles of the week for Fashion Flash. Don’t miss reading about beauty, fashion and art on her Spring Fashion Flash article.

Fashion Flash rounds out the month with terrific posts that you’ll love to read

It’s our turn to host Fashion Flash this week and we’re thrilled to do that. We always learn so much from our fellow bloggers and this week is no exception. Spring cleaning is on all of our minds so check out the two articles that will help with that. And of course there’s beauty, lifestyle […]