May and the Sunday Scoop giveaway page are a perfect combination

I hope that you’ve been a winner in some giveaways. Please let me know what kind of giveaways you are looking for. Am I missing a category? Spring is definitely here with some people getting spring snow showers, many of us receiving rain galore, and sometimes the sun comes out to play. I hope your […]

Over 170 giveaways on The Sunday Scoop this week

This week is huge – I couldn’t believe how many giveaways I found (and I probably skipped over 100 more). I love giveaways and I will have a new one starting on Prime Beauty this week. In the meantime here’s all the most interesting ones for you and your family. I hope you become a […]

Hoping to win giveaways? Here’s the Sunday Scoop

Welcome back to the Sunday Scoop on Prime Beauty. We’re a regular feature for you each week and cover all the interesting giveaways I can find for the upcoming week. So far I haven’t had any feedback on whether you’ve won anything but I would love to hear if you had. I hope that this […]

Happy holidays and happy giveaways on The Sunday Scoop

This week’s giveaway page goes on and on. I promise you’ll find a lot of giveaways that you’ll want to enter and even more want to win. I hope it’s been a good week for you personally in spite of the horrors of the last week. We all need to fight for everyone’s rights. Sending […]

And in comes spring with the Sunday Scoop giveaways

I didn’t beat the amount of giveaways from last week’s Sunday Scoop but this one is no slouch either. I know that next week is going to be super super long and my hands are going to kill me! In the meantime there are some terrific ways to win this week and I hope you […]

Let’s spring forward into our March Sunday Scoop giveaways

I may have lost an hour today but I’m still excited about this week’s giveaway page. When I started Sunday Scoop many years ago it was to share the beauty giveaways that I found. As time went on I realized that not as many blogs were doing those so I added more categories. Well this […]

March right up to giveaways with the Sunday Scoop

Thanks for joining us on The Sunday Scoop. I am always on the lookout for giveaways for our readers and get excited when I find them. If you have a type of giveaway you are looking for please let me know in the comments and I can put on my spy glasses to search for […]

Giveaways anyone? The Sunday Scoop is just for you

Welcome back to The Sunday Scoop. Each Sunday you’ll find me and the collection of giveaways I’ve found for you. Have you been entering? Have you been lucky at all? If so we’d love to hear what you’ve won. I hope this is a successful week for you in all ways. PRIME BEAUTY’S GIVEAWAY – […]