Trust all your hair needs to RevitaLash Cosmetics

RevitaLash is not a new name in the hair game. They are well known for the RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner & Serum which has been shown to be a master in helping our lashes and eyebrows grow without irritating ingredients. Many people swear by this and for good reason. I’ve learned that there’s a lot […]

The pros and cons of L’Oreal Elive Water Wonder

I purchased L’Oreal Elive Water Wonder on the recommendation of several beauty lover friends. I had mixed feelings about it at first but now my mind is made up. There are definite pros and cons for my taste but in the end you’ll see that it’s a product that I’m thrilled I bought. L’Oreal calls […]

Protect and Nourish Your Hair with the Redken Trio!

    Although summer is winding down, there are still plenty of warm days left to enjoy. Whether you’ve spent time in the pool, at the beach, or simply under the blazing sun, your hair has probably taken a beating. Before fall starts, and a whole set of new hair issues arrive, it might be […]