KORRES Cactus Pear Bath and Body!

Olive Oil is excellent for the skin and KORRES has tons of bath & body products to hydrate your dry skin.

KORRES Velvet Orris Violet White Pepper Eau de Toilette!

  KORRES Velvet Orris Violet White Pepper ($38.50) is one of the most unique fragrances I own. Normally I am drawn to light florals or citrus notes. This fragrance is a bit out of my comfort zone because of it’s woody, spicy base. However, it’s this base that gives Velvet Orris Violet White Pepper it’s warm, fresh scent […]

NEW! KORRES Castanea Arcadia Collection Debuts on HSN!

  When you think of KORRES, the brand from Greece, you might think of bath and body products but did you know KORRES started as a pharmacy? KORRES was founded in 1996 based out out Athens’ oldest homepathic pharmacy. They believe in the power of plants and with a deep knowledge of over 3,000 herbal […]

Korres Black Pine Skincare: The Firming Solution

  Resilient Black Pine trees have thrived in the Mediterranean for over 3.5 million years, surviving the harshest weather conditions from deserts to mountains while continually improving their defense systems against environmental stressors. In short, Korres Black Pine Collection is ageless making it the ideal skincare system for over 40 women! Korres co-founder Lena Korres […]

Korres Antiageing Eye Primer Had Me At “Anti-Aging”

   The newest addition to the Korres Quercetin & Oak product line had me at ‘anti-aging.’  Korres Quercetin & Oak Antiageing Eye Primer ($21) is a triple threat acting as a primer, corrector and anti-ager.  Anything that can keep my eye shadow from creasing, fading and can mask the crepeyness of my lids, I’m there in a NYC […]