Fleur and Bee Natural Skincare!

Fleur and Bee is an effective, vegan and cruelty-free skincare that is affordable and really works!

LifeAround2Angels Bath Bombs!

Gift Mom with a set of all natural bath bombs for Mother’s Day!

New! Snow Fox Skincare

 The newest trend in beauty is clean skincare. It involves creating products free of toxins and animal-derived ingredients, in favor of more plant-derived, natural ingredients. The clean beauty moment is something I can absolutely get behind, especially as someone with very sensitive skin. Helping me do so is the 3-Step Regimen from Snow Fox Skincare, […]

New! Liquid Lip Suedes from Civilized Cosmetics

  Over Thanksgiving. my 4-year old niece asked me if I could show her how to do makeup when she’s older. Of course, someday, when she is old enough and my sister says it’s okay, I will be happy to oblige. But it got me thinking about when I began to love makeup. It was […]

The One Ingredient Wonder of Belli Basics Clearly Coconut Oil

    Conduct a Google search for Coconut Oil and you’ll find page after page touting its health and wellness benefits. Beauty lovers love coconut oil daily as a hair mask, to moisturize skin, remove makeup, etc. Chefs use coconut oil to create healthier and more flavorful recipes. Most of the time, this one ingredient […]

Review: LAVANILA Healthy Deodrant

LAVANILA’s growing line of healthy products continues to brim with everything that’s good for you and nothing that’s not. They’re packed with vitamins and minerals, and completely free of harsh chemicals. Since loving the LAVANILA fragrances I’ve been wanting to try the Healthy Deodorant but just never got around to it until I needed to […]

La Natura Organic Shea Butter Lip Balm

I’ve never been much of a lip balm type girl; I guess because I’m older and grew up hoarding tiny Avon sample tubes of lipstick, I gravitate towards lipstick rather than gloss or balm. I never even got into Lip Smackers when all the girls were trading them in middle school, I was too busy […]

Earth Day Beauty Gives Back!

When my daughter was in grade school, every year on Arbor Day (April 20) each child was given a pine tree sapling to plant. As a Camp Fire Girl leader, I too gave each girl a sapling and we planted them in a local park. This year, for Earth Day, April 22nd, eco-friendly brand Lavanila Lavanila […]