Tarte emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener – Turn Around Bright Eyes!

Every once in awhile along comes a truly revolutionary beauty product. I can tell already that Tarte emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener ($18) will make my 2011 “Best Of” list–it’s fabulous! Here’s why:

  • I’m down with anything that will make my eyes look bigger and brighter
  • Tarte apparently got the memo that other brands didn’t because helloooooo, the waterline of a womans eye is NOT white, it’s a peachy flesh color just like this eyeliner
  • emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener has some may-jah staying power without irritating the eyes
  • As per ususal with Tarte products, it contains no harmful chemicals
  • It can also be used on the inner corners of the eye and under the brow bone to open up eyes even more
  • It gives a well rested look, wide awake look



A shot with flash so you can see emphasEYES better

Tarte touts their emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener as ‘wakeup makeup’ and I would have to agree. But that’s not all beauties…this beauty problem solver also makes your eyes look bigger, and when used under the brow bone, gives the appearance of a brow lift. The Tarte emphasEYES Inner Rim Brightener is going on my Beauty All Star list.  You NEED this pencil!  The retail price is $18, but right now at QVC it’s $16.44 with free shipping. You’re welcome!

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  1. Is ‘under the brow bone’ right below the bottom hairline of your eyebrows? Also, is it safe to use a product in the inner eyelid?

  2. This looks like a great product!

  3. Thanks for the info. Just went into QVC to place order, but they are not offerring free shipping. ???