Find Your Holiday Kissing Squad with Tarte

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Tarte Kissing Squad Limited Edition Lip Sculptor Squad

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In the beauty world, the holidays started in September and October. I watched, I listened, but I wasn’t ready for the holiday season to begin…until now. Thanks in part to Tarte’s Kissing Squad, $34 ($136 value), a limited-edition lip sculptor quad. Or as I call it, Lippie Heaven.

The Kissing Squad Collection

Tarte Kissing Squad Lipstick and Gloss Combos

This Ulta holiday exclusive comes with four new shades of Tarte’s full-sized Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lipgloss duos. In addition to being vegan and cruelty-free, each lipstick/gloss is formulated with good for your lips ingredients like coconut oil, maracuja, and vitamins A, C, E. This nutrient rich combination delivers incredible pigmentation while it nourishes and hydrates the lips, without feeling heavy or sticky.  Plus, each lipstick and gloss smell like a delicious vanilla cupcake.

Not only is the Kissing Squad a great value, but it’s also extremely versatile.  The shades range from a natural nude to a deep-toned berry. Each is designed to work on a multitude of skin tones.  I can honestly say there isn’t one shade that doesn’t work with my pale skin.

Kissing Squad Swatches

  • Kitten – nude
  • Minx – dark nude
  • Flirt – berry
  • Pixie – mauve berry

The Performance

 If you’re like me, you’re never sure what to make of holiday sets. Some perform amazingly well, some not so much. When it comes to the Tarte Kissing Squad, I have mixed feelings.

First, let’s start with the value of this quad. It is amazing. You get four full-size products for $34, which is only $10 more than the cost of one The Lip Sculptor Lipstick & Lipgloss. There is no doubt this is an amazing deal. The benefit of having a lipstick and gloss in not one product, but four, also makes this limited-edition set ideal for tossing in your makeup bag, purse, or suitcase during the busy holiday season.

Another big positive of this collection is the intense pigmentation and shade range. All four shades are exclusive to the collection. And as I mentioned above the lip colors are gorgeous. They are extremely flattering and very wearable for day or night.

Tarte Kissing Squad Lip Swatches

However, I did have some issues with the wear time. This also seemed to be the chief complaint among the reviews on the Ulta website. Because the gloss isn’t very sticky it tends to wear off quickly, especially when worn in combination with the lipstick. Kitten has the least amount of wear time and Pixie the best.

I also noticed when I only wore the lipsticks, the lines on my lips seem to become more pronounced. Adding a little bit of gloss or lip balm to the center of my lips helped to even this out. My lips do tend to become drier this time of year, which could be a contributing factor to this problem.

Overall: If you’re looking for the perfect gift for the lippie junkie or newbie in your life check out the Tarte Kissing Squad at Ulta or At $34, it’s a great value. Each lipstick/gloss duo delivers amazing pigmentation in four versatile shades. It’s the perfect limited-edition set for creating a variety of lippie looks for day or night.

What’s your favorite product from the Tarte Holiday Collection?

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  1. Do you know I have never tried much Tarte – but I am loving those lip colours I shall have to add them to my wishlist!

  2. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    If I didn’t already have 3 of these, I’d go for this set in a heartbeat. It’s a great value. Perfect gift too

  3. I’m torn between Kitten and Mix. Okay I’ll buy both 😉 Or at least tell DH to put them in my stocking!

  4. Sounds like there’s a lot a great colors that I need to check out. I could use some new lipstick.

  5. Ohhhhhhh, I really love these shades!

  6. I love duo lipstick and gloss items like these! The shades look great too.

  7. Aleya Bamdad says

    I like that there are both lipsticks and glosses in the set and that the colors are so wearable.

  8. Allison Lancaster says

    I was just thinking today how I need some new lip colors and I love lip gloss! I may have to add this to my wish list 😉

  9. I love how these look on the lip. I didn’t pick anything up from Tarte this holiday, but I’m still loving the palette they did with Bunny!

  10. This is a steal. I like Kitten and Pixi best. It’s great to have two products in one tube.

  11. Reesa Lewandowski says

    So I love them all! I feel like I will wear them each for a different occasion.

  12. Debra Hawkins says

    What pretty colors, I love the all but really the red is just so stunning! Who doesn’t love red lips?

  13. FabZilla_Kath says

    Fabulous shades. I woud be happy to receive these as gifts

  14. Those colors are beautiful! I love Tarte products and the Pixie shade is particularly lovely. Thanks for sharing swatches and pictures. I never can tell if I will like it without seeing it outside of the containers.

  15. What a lovely set! I like the colors as well. It’s an awesome idea to have the lippie and the gloss in one. That’s really nice. Sorry to hear about the wear time of the glosses though.

  16. Mistee Dawn says

    I love these! The colors are so pretty! These would make such great gifts!

  17. It is a shame that the wear time is so limited as the glosses are beautiful. I like all of them but I think flirt is my favourite.

  18. I;m not sure we have that brand here in UK, but I love those shades!

  19. Beautiful colors! Love the Minx. I’m not a huge fan of Tarte, maybe I should give it a try again.

  20. I love makeup! This is actually on my wish list. My favorite color is the Flirt one, perfect for Christmas!

  21. This is an awesome gift to put in my family’s annual gift exchange. A good price point and everyone would find a shade that they like.

  22. These colors are perfect for the holidays and I love how bright and moist they are. I have always loved their beauty products.

  23. Stephanie Lee says

    What a cute spread of colors. These sound really fantastic! I’m always looking for a new lipstick to try!

  24. These lip glosses look very pretty and would be especially nice with holiday outfits. It was neat to see what the colors actually look like.

  25. wow what juicy lips, definiltely kissing type lol. Love the color palette thanks for sharing!

  26. TheNewClassy says

    Those colors look amazing. I bet my daughter would go crazy for them. That’s the type of colors she likes in a lipstick.

  27. Tabitha Shakespeare says

    I actually love these colors! This set has perfect versatility to go with a more vibrant color or stay on the neutral side!

  28. adapperchick says

    Those are some really nice shades, and at that price point, they’re perfect.

  29. Kitten and Minx are my favorites. I like them all though and may gift myself with this set.

  30. Though the brand looks new for me, I am in love with that Tarte’s Kissing Squad right away. I love the shades of Pixie and Flirt so much and the price is such a great value for sure!

  31. Mandy Young Carter says

    Great mix of colors for those who like to change things up with their lip gloss. I prefer to keep things neutral, so I would love 4 of the kitten!

  32. These look amazing! I’ve not got anything from Tarte but it seems a really great brand. I love these colours and how they taste so yummy! It’s a shame they wear off quickly but I wouldn’t mind this too much.

  33. Lisa Marie Heath says

    Really love Kitten and Flirt!

  34. Rachel Catherine says

    I’ve never heard of this brand before. Looks like a great selection of colors for someone who likes to mix it up.

  35. Pretty colors! This is the first I’ve heard of this brand. Definitely have to check it out!

  36. I’d love to try these. My lips have been feeling too dry lately. The colors are definitely shades I’d wear.