Giveaway! Tarte Puttin’ On The Glitz – My Newest Obsession!

Tarte had a phenomenal year in 2011 as far as I’m concerned. The LipSurgence lip crayons won a Prime Beauty award, the Amazonian Clay 12-hour Blushes made my Best of 2011 list, the Amazonian Clay Waterproof Cream Eye Shadows make eyes simply shine. Late in the year entered Tarte Puttin’ On The Glitz, a limited edition color collection plus a glam clutch. This is no throw-away clutch–the silver python design with a gold chain handle is really cute and take-out-in-public worthy! Along with the clutch, the set comes with three interchangeable palettes each with six eye shadows and a face powder plus a maracuja-infused lip gloss in a pretty pink shade.  Now for the genius part—each palette snaps into the clutch so you have a complete on-the-go palette! The clutch also has a mirror and four credit card slots. But wait, there’s more! The kit also comes with instructions for different looks for each of the three palettes in case you need inspiration.

A Walk in the Park is a mix of cool and warm easy-to-wear natural shades including Amazonian clay 12-hour blush in darling (a soft shimmering coral pink). Love this shade!

Girl’s Night Out is a mix of vivid mattes and silver spun shimmers complete with Amazonian clay shimmering powder in champagne.

I did a quick look using this palette:

Nine to Five features not-so-quiet rich colors paired with traditional neutrals and tarte’s best-selling Park Ave. Princess Amazonian clay bronzer inside for a fresh faced healthy glow. This has been my HG bronzer for the past 3 years!

Overall Thoughts:What an awesome idea! Convenient snap-in palettes, 18 beautiful high quality eye shadows ranging from matte to satin to shimmer finishes, a blush, a bronzer, highlighter and a pretty gloss. This is also a tremendous value at only $48 for the entire set. These will sell out quickly so don’t wait to purchase!

Prime Beauty Grade: A

You really want one of these kits for yourself dontcha? Of course you do! Remember how I told you that I’m a gift whisperer? I buy what I think make spectacular gifts with no thought whatsoever as to who the recipient will be. Consequently I have an extra  Tarte Puttin’ On The Glitz Clutch and Palette to giveaway!!! You know the drill, wait for the Rafflecopter widget to load and enter to win!

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  1. Duh! Taupe of course! Though I prefer the cooler, lighter taupes!

  2. My favorite eyeshadow color of all time will always be Grifter by Urban Decay. It really brings out the green in my hazel eyes and has plenty of sparkle.

  3. Stila Cloud is my all time favorite eyeshadow.

  4. I really love Silk Naturals Naughty eyeshadow!

  5. Janelle @ Life.Love.Nailpolish says

    Gold!! Lately i’ve been alternating between Urban Decay Half-Baked and Sugarpill Goldilux! So pretty!

  6. colleen boudreau says

    I don’t have a specific favorite eye shadow color but I love shimmery neutrals.
    holliister at gmail dot com

  7. I love Naked Lunch by MAC for everyday

  8. Chris Taddei says

    my favorite is satin taupe from mac

  9. Lauren Bailey says

    Taupe!! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!! Happy new year!

  10. Ter'e Crow Lindsay says

    I love golds and purples as they showcase my eyes……….they’re green with gold flecks and 60+ years old. I still love my beautiful eyeshadows!

  11. Purple is my favorite, but I wear taupe a lot. Great Giveaway! x

  12. I love champagne eye shadow!

  13. A Walk in the Park is just wonderful! *_*

  14. Love Tarte and can’t believe you are giving this away! I tend to like taupe shades both warm and cool. Just started reading your blog. It’s awesome!

  15. My favorite eyeshadow color is a soft brown or faint shimmer pinky color. They go well with my skin tone and can be worn for almost any occasion.

  16. My fave eye shadow color is anything purple in general, but I’ve I was forced to choose it would be Tragic Romance from Darling Girl Cosmetics.

  17. I like a soft shimmery beige shade and then a deep chocolate to contour. By the way…so sweet to buy extras of what you like! I do that & give to my friends.

  18. I love anything taupe!

  19. Favorite eye shadow color: soft shimmery browns!
    Can’t get enough 🙂

  20. i like wearing warm browns and peachy colors

  21. amy pugmire says

    I love kitten by stila

  22. hmm tough choice! there is just soo many colors that I like! But if I could only use one hmm that would be a matte black for a nice smokey eye

  23. Taupe is my absolute favorite shadow color!

  24. My favorite eyeshadow color is lilac! And taupe. TIE! always.

  25. I love earth tone colors like browns, beige

  26. My favorite color of eyeshadow is Eggplant.

  27. For myself I love dark greys and browns. I have seen other people pull off orange and copper shades that I love too!

    kimberly.long at gmail dot com

  28. Favorite eyeshadow color? A good ol’ matte mid-neutral. Booor-ing!

  29. I love shimmers in natural colours, there my fave!

  30. Browns and beiges make my blue eyes pop.

  31. My favorite eye shadow color is purple – all shades

  32. Mamavalveeta03 says

    Cindy, that eye look is absolutely stunning on you!! (I’m so jealous of your lack of over-hanging eyelids. Notice how I reframed that so I don’t feel so bad about myself?!?).

  33. Mamavalveeta03 says

    I’m such a taupe/copper/bronze girl. Taupe for everyday, copper or bronze for night.

  34. Most any Taupe color. Been using a Larenim mineral shadow, but also a really cheap but nice Wet n Wild one called Nutty.

  35. Tina Renee says

    I have blue eyes and I love how rich brown, champagne and golden shades look on me!

  36. Taupe – in all of its variations!

  37. I don’t have a specific eyeshadow but I love dark browns and shimmery peachy-pinks.

  38. My favorite eye shadow color is a shimmery medium brown! Thanks for doing this give away!

  39. My favorite eyeshadow color is a charcoal grey.

  40. I love green eyeshadow the most, a nice olive shimmery one.

  41. Currently I am in love with Stila’s It Girl palette!

  42. My favorite eye shadow color is Suspect by Urban Decay.

  43. I love Half Baked from Urban Decay! 🙂

  44. I’ve always been a sucker for a nice shimmery oyster shade;
    works great for under the brow bone area too! 🙂

  45. My favorite eyeshadow color is taupe – leaning toward brown/purple. 🙂

    Thanks for an awesome giveaway!

  46. My favorites are probably coppers and purples. Pretty!

  47. Lisa Brown says

    Taupe is my favorite, and the brand I like is Corry Cosmetics in the color “Dimm”, a matte shade, which is Taupe.

  48. My favorite eyeshadow color is a champagne shade 🙂

  49. I like soft golds and browns, with either golden green or navy along upper lashes.

  50. Kerri Roberts says

    I have had my eyes on these for a while!

  51. candy barr says

    I love a shimmery taupe!

  52. I love golds and golden purples, and also a great orange.

  53. I absolutely love gold eyeshadow.

  54. I’m new to Tarte and so far it’s great!

  55. i too have fallen in love with tartes lippies <3
    really want to try out the blush too

  56. I have never used anything by Tarte, but I must say that these shadows look beautiful!

  57. Purple. Definitely Purple. =)

  58. my favorite eyeshadow color is a metallic bronze to brown like is found in the old style loreal autumn leaves. i’m not sure if the new one in the black packaging is the same..i had enough of the old gold-ish quads that i’m just now running out.

  59. I love purple color! Wow~these shadows look pretty~~ 🙂

  60. i love taupe, purples and greens

  61. yuki kuran says

    i love silver! irinasas at yahoo dot com

  62. I love taupes and golds!

  63. I have brown eyes & I love golds, purples & teals. 🙂

  64. I love beautiful bronze shades!

  65. Jackie Craig says

    I am drawn to plums. . . I really love the versatility of purples 🙂

  66. Oh I love Tarte cosmetics!

  67. I have yet to tried Tarte, but with those colors, I would definately try it. So, so pretty.

  68. Oh, forgot to mention, I love the gold colors!

  69. My favorite shades are the lighter borwns, taupe, tawny, bronze, light gold.


  70. I love dark greens and browns


  71. I usually go for pale pinks or really rich, warm browns!

  72. I go 4 greys/browns & slightly golden

  73. I love shimmery browns and bronzes!

  74. I look great in a pale pink shimmer. Thanks!

  75. I love taupes with teals. There’s really nothing better as far as eyeshadows are concerned. Well, maybe golds and greens. 😀

  76. I love golds and taupes!

  77. I love a nice lavender or purple

  78. Lately I’m loving a shimmery champagne on the lids and matte brown in the crease. Love taupes too of course (:

  79. I am a sucker for all shades of purple. Lilac, plum, indigo, violet–I am in!

  80. I have a not-so-secret thing for blues (I KNOW!) but lately I have been reaching for plums, purples and greys.

  81. I don’t really have any favorite colors since I will use just about any color that catches my eye that morning. I do tend to use creams and browns most often though, but purples, blues, and greens make the rounds quite often too.

  82. A shimmery copper.

  83. Jennifer P says

    Oh my goodness! What spectacular colors. Thanks for giving us a chance to own one!

  84. Jennifer P says

    My favorite eye shadow is a deep greenish teal or beige.

  85. Erin Pitts says

    I love shimmery browns.

  86. My tarte femme natural palette is my all-time favorite, and I love the neutral browns!

  87. Nancy Obando says

    I really love gold and shimmer tones. Beautiful palette.

  88. wowww,this is the most creative makeup set i have ever seen,and well,i love love love the clutch so much,it’s soooo gorgeous,i’m new to tarte,anyways my favourite colour will definately be the girl’s night out palette,cause i loveee smoky eyes and a bit of shimmer

  89. ´´¯`•.¸¸.♥.”❉´´¯`•.¸¸.♥♥.´´¯`•.¸¸.♥.”❉´´¯`•.¸¸.♥♥.´´¯`•.¸¸.♥.❉

    Thanks so much for having this giveaway! 🙂 I’ve been watching the demos on QVC and this looks like such a great set, clever concept and beautiful colors. 🙂


    • I forgot to mention, I love light neutral colors most – champagnes, pale golds, etc., but I also use a bit more color with a lavender or something (I love shadows that have a bit of sparkle or shimmer to them, and am usually a little more adventurous color-wise with my liner)

  90. i like golds and purples

  91. I love smoky eye shadows, either in browns or grays.

  92. Jennifer Ryder says

    I can’t live without purples and greens!!


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