Tenth Street Summer Hats!

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Tenth Street Hats

Tenth Street Hats launched their first-ever Western Collection in early May. Founded in 1921, Tenth Street Hats is known for its timeless styles, such as fedoras for men and wide-brimmed hats for women. Now, due to years of customer demand and ongoing requests, the family-owned and operated hat company will be releasing its first-ever Western line of hats. 

In addition to my makeup obsession, I am also obsessed with accessories. Accessories are the easiest way to change a boring outfit into something spectacular. Hats are one of the accessories I love to wear to add some spice to my outfit, especially in the summer. By now we all know what damage the sun can cause and having a cute summer hat to wear keeps your face safe from the sun.

Tenth St. Amelia
You can see how it shades my entire face!

I chose the Hand-crocheted raffia straw hat, Amelia $68. The linen texture band and bow make this Scala Collezione big brim beach hat a can’t miss. Crushable and sturdy enough for travel, light and practical enough for sun protection on a summer day, this fine piece of millinery will make a lovely addition to your wardrobe. It comes in natural and tea. I chose natural.

Tenth St,. Hat Amelia

The Amelia is so versatile! You can wear it to the beach, on a picnic, boat, or my favorite way, with a cute summer dress. It’s crushable so you can even take it on vacation with you!

Tenth St. Hats

It’s made with an elasticized COOLMAX® Sweatband so it stays on in breezy weather AND keeps your head cool.

Tenth Street has a 30-day, hassle-free return or exchange policy as well as a one-year, craftsmanship guarantee on our hats; we’ll replace your damaged hat for free within the first 12 months.

I love my Tenth Street Hat! It’s so stylish, keeps the sun off my face, and looks great with all my summer clothes!

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