The Better Skin Co. Porefeckter – great for you, great for a BCA donation

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It’s October which means that we will be seeing pink all over. Many companies graciously give back by donating a portion of their sales to a variety of breast cancer charities. Not all give a large percentage of proceeds though. But The Better Skin Co. is donating 100% of their October proceeds from the sale of their brand new launch POREFEKTER Bi-Phase Face Serum to The Breasties.

The Better Skin Co. Porefecter

Not only will you be doing something wonderful for your skin by using this Bi-Phase serum but you’ll be contributing to help millions of people who are affected by breast and reproductive cancers.

The Better Skin Co. Porefekter

I’ve always complained about the pores on my face. It’s been one of the reasons why I haven’t been satisfied with the way my skin looks. In my youth I had very oily skin and blackheads. Those left me with large pores that I work on to make my skin look and feel better.

The Better Skin Co. Porefekter was created for people like me with large pores as well as those with dull, dry or flaky skin. I’ve been using this serum nightly for about 3.5 weeks and I’m seeing a difference in the pore quality of my skin. My nose is what I’m concentrating on since that’s where I become most dissatisfied. Using Porefekter is shrinking the look of the pores and giving me more confidence in my skin.

Porefecter after shaking

To activate this ultra hydrating bi-phase serum, you have to shake shake shake it to make it. When moringa, dragon seed and carrot seed oils mix with mineral and antioxidant rich sea kelp infused botanical water formula, this recipe awakens tired skin, eases dryness and encourages natural exfoliation, leaving a brighter, pore-free, radiant looking complexion.

Porefecter after being shaken

This fragrance-free, cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free serum feels great on and works! The high quality ingredients combine to help rejuvenate skin. It’s a combination of a beauty oil and a serum that help soothe skin. Using Porefekter is the closest I’ve come to having skin that is poreless. My foundation lays better. I don’t look in the mirror and see the holes that make pores visible. It’s truly been a pleasure to use this.

And now is a special time. First you can get 15% off the cost of this on The Better Skin Co. website but more important, during October all 100% of your POREFEKTER purchase price goes to The Breasties. Help yourself and help others. Use the code OCTOBER2021 for your discount. You never know when you’ll need the help from BCA charities.

PORE WARRIORS – PHAs + AHAs (fruit acids) exfoliate,
hydrate and refine the skin encouraging pores to appear
smaller. Natural AHAS included are bilberry, sugar cane,
orange, lemon and sugar maple.
DRAGON FRUIT SEED OIL – High vitamin C content helps to
reduce redness and inflammation.
VITAMIN C – Improves collagen synthesis, brightens and
evens out skin-tones.
CAROTENE COMPLEX – Protects against blue-light
induced oxidative stress. Rejuvenates and brightens pale
and dull skin tones.
ARGININE – An excellent collagen boosting and
moisturizing agent.

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