The Car Set Key! The Perfect Gift for the Glamma!

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The Car Seat Key

I have been babysitting a few days a week for a family friend and
it has been years since I’ve been around an infant. This sweet baby boy has brought such joy and laughter to my life! The baby just turned 7 months old and wow have things changed since I was changing diapers in the late 80s! I’m amazed at how sophisticated baby essentials, toys even food have gotten.

From pacifier clips to baby wipe warmers, gadgets for making parents and Grandparents’ lives easier abound these days. As an honorary ‘Glamma’, I have a few challenges that a young mom doesn’t experience, like arthritis. Who knew it would be SO difficult! Even mom had to cut her nails super short just to get the baby out of the car seat. Good news, there is a gadget for that!

The Car Seat Key

The Car Seat Key is the perfect solution! It’s an easy, safe and efficient way to release a child from their car seat. The key is conveniently stored on your car key ring so it’s easily accessible and safely out of reach of the child.

The Car Seat Key

Slide The Car Seat Key over the red harness release button from any angle with the arrow pointing down. Easily squeeze with one or two hands while pulling the buckle downward to release the harness. It literally takes seconds to do something I have struggled with for 10 minutes or more. Seriously, I thought it was going to take until the kids’ high school graduation before I could get him out of the damn car seat!

The Car Set Key is available in an array of colors and retails for $14.99. Also available in a 3 pc. Neon bundle for $44.97 or a 5 OG bundle for $49.99. The 3 pc. bundle is perfect for me so I can give one to mom and one to the other Grandma.

The Car Seat Key is Child Safety Tested & Approved, Made In The USA, Patented AND has a Money-Back Guarantee! Purchase HERE with free shipping on orders over $40. That makes the 3 or 5 pack bundle a great deal!

Bottom Line: the Car Seat Key is perfect for people with arthritis like me, those with Carpal Tunnel, muscle, joint, or just long nails! Plus, knowing I can quickly unbuckle the car seat in an emergency gives me such piece of mind. Highly, highly recommended for anyone who carts a child around in a car seat!!

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