The Coloured Raine Mystery Box

Coloured Raine Mystery Box 2019
Purchased by me

What’s your reaction to the words “Mystery Box”? Do you rush out and buy it or sit back and wait to see what others receive first? For me, it depends on the brand. When I heard Coloured Raine was releasing one, I didn’t hesitate to click the Buy Now button.

I first became aware of Coloured Raine last year. After watching several Youtubers rave about their eyeshadows, I bought their Queen of Hearts palette. It’s quickly become one of my all-time favorites, and the reason I also had to add Safari Raine to my collection. The quality of their shadows is truly outstanding.

For that reason alone, I knew their Mystery Box, $35, with a value of $150, was a must-have.

Coloured Raine Mystery Box

When you purchase a mystery box, you never know what to expect. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes not. This time, I got very, very lucky. Every box is packed full of so many great products, including an eyeshadow palette, three liquid lipsticks, three lipsticks, a highlighter, single shadow, lashes, and accessory.


Berry Cute Eyeshadow Palette

Berry Cute Eyeshadow Palette

Like all of Coloured Raine’s products, this six-pan palette is cruelty-free and made in the USA. Berry Cute, $18, features 3 foil and 3 matte shadows in a range of berry tones.

Berry Cute Palette Swatches

I am thrilled to have this palette in my collection, as I’d been eyeing it for quite some time. The colors are beautiful and the formula blends and builds to perfection. It features all my favorite colors for fall and winter. I know it will be one of my go to’s as the season’s change.

Single Eyeshadow – Brick
Brick Eye Shadow Single

Next up, I received a single shadow in Brick, $6.99. This vegan shadow is the perfect brick red shade. It features the brand’s signature buildable, blendable formula. It will also pair very nicely with all my other Coloured Raine palettes.

Coloured Raine Single Shadow Swatch

Lip Products

Satin Lipsticks

Coloured Raine Lipsticks

As a certified lip product junkie, I was beyond thrilled to receive three Classic Satin Lipsticks, $17 each, in my Mystery Box. The colors in my box include Socialite, Affluence, and Empathy, which are all vegan, gluten and paraben-free.

Coloured Raine Lipsticks Swatches

Affluence is a gorgeous cranberry with brown undertones. Socialite is a pale peach and Empathy is a nude with peach undertones. I adore all three shades, with Affluence being my favorite. I can’t resist a dark berry color. Mostly, I love how well each shade looks when worn with the Berry Cute palette.

 Liquid Lipsticks
Coloured Raine Matte Lip Paint

Next up, are three of Coloured Raine’s liquid lipsticks, $17 each. These lipsticks are no joke when it comes to pigment and longevity. Once these vegans liquid lipsticks are on, they are on, which I love. My box included Boss Babe, Spiked Punch, and Suede.

Boss Babe is a purple-hued rum raisin, Spiked Punch is a burnt orange, and Suede is a soft nude with coffee undertones. If you know me at all, then you probably guessed that I’m in love with Boss Babe and Spiked Punch. While Suede is a beautiful color, it didn’t work on my skin tone. It ended up going gray on me, so I’ll be passing along to a friend. null

Face Product

Focal Point Glowlighter

Focal Point Glowlighter_Lavender Dreams

Next up we have the Focal Point Glowlighter, $9.99 (on sale), in Lavender Dreams. With its blue and purple shimmer and buttery texture, Lavender Dreams is just plain fun to wear. Plus, it’s also vegan, talc, paraben, and gluten-free.

Lavender Dreams Glowlighter Swatch

I love how you can blend it out for a subtle glow or build it up for a more intense flash of purple. Again, it also looks fabulous with the lip products and eyeshadows I received.

Lashes + Lash Tweezer
Coloured Raine Eyelashes

Although I’m not much of a false lash wearer, I was excited to see CR32, $15, in my box. These cruelty-free, vegan 100% synthetic silk lashes are stunning. They also feature a handmade cotton thread band and a very natural look.

I haven’t tried them out yet, but I plan to wear them on an upcoming trip to see how they perform.

The last product in my box is a lash tweezer. I wasn’t able to find this product on the Colored Raine site so I’m not sure of the cost. Regardless, I’m glad to have this tool in my arsenal. Maybe now I will wear falsies a little more often since this tool will make application easier.  

Coloured Raine Mystery Box Look

Overall: If you’re a fan of Coloured Raine or have always wanted to try their products, I highly recommend their Mystery Box. For $35, it’s a great deal on $150 worth of cruelty-free, USA made,  amazing beauty products.

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