New! The Je Ne Sais Quoi of IT Cosmetics

 It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Collection

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We all want to have that “Je Ne Sais Quoi” factor. We want that special quality that’s hard to describe, even in French.  When it comes to makeup, It Cosmetics absolutely has Je Ne Sais Quoi. Of course, for the brand, this term refers to their signature perfect pink.

Now you can find Je Ne Sais Quoi in their CC+ Vitality Brightening Crème Blush, $24, and Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick, $24. The instant I laid eyes on these perfections in pink, I couldn’t wait to try them out.

It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Swatches

CC+ Vitality Brightening Crème Blush in Je Ne Sais Quoi – 1.48 oz., $24

 ItCosmetics CC+ Vitality Brightening Creme Blush

This might be the longest name in the history of blushes, but considering what it’s designed to do I can understand. Formulated with anti-aging peptides, hydrolyzed collagen, silk antioxidants and drops of light technology, the CC+ Vitality Brightening Crème Blush diffuses imperfections and gives skin a youthful glow.

I adore everything about this blush, from the color to the formulation. The creme texture is so lightweight you don’t even feel it on the skin. It doesn’t go on heavy at all and blends out easily with your fingertips or a brush. You can wear it very natural or really build up the Je Ne Sais Quoi for a more intense pinky glow.

My only complaint with this product is the packaging. It has more of a Je Ne Sais Cheap feel to it. The mirrored casing shows fingerprints like crazy. Considering how well the blush performs, I’ll give the brand a bit of a pass on the packaging.

Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick in Je Ne Sais Quoi – .11 oz., $24

It Cosmetics Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick 

Formulated with smoothing collagen, hyaluronic filling spheres, shea butter, jojoba, peptides and grape seed extract, the Blurred Lines Smooth-Fill Lipstick is designed to hydrate, even lip tone and reduce the appearance of lip lines. And of course, add a pop of color to brighten the complexion.

Until I tried this lipstick, I’d been impressed by every product I’ve used from It Cosmetics. I didn’t feel like it really delivered on its claims. It wasn’t hydrating at all. In fact, every time I wore the lipstick my lips became dry. I found myself needing to either reapply Je Ne Sais Quoi or reaching for a lip balm to bring back the moisture. I also didn’t feel like Blurred Lines actually blurred any lines on my lips. Instead, it made the lines stand out more.

Blurred Lines Je Ne Sais Quoi Lip Swatch

The only things I liked about Blurred Lines in Je Ne Sais Quoi was the color and the outside of the packaging.  The pink color is very flattering;  a perfect shade for spring and summer. As for the packaging, the iridescent pearlized look is extremely unique. It definitely stands out among my lip collection.

However, there is an issue with the inside of the packaging. Each the lipstick is twisted up and down, it scrapes against the side, causing a dent in the lipstick and leaving product all over the inside of the tube. Not sure why this happens, but for $24, the packaging and the lipstick should perform better.

Blurred Line Packaging 2
Blurred LInes Packaging

Overall: For me, the It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi collection contained a hit and a miss. If you’re going to invest $24, I would recommend investing it in the CC+ Vitality Brightening Crème Blush. The color and formulation definitely have that Je Ne Sais Quoi quality you want in a blush.

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  1. Allison @neversaydiebeauty says

    I got these two in the You Are Beautiful collection along with the CC+ Cushion Foundation and 2 brushes on QVC. I found that the blush had a film on it that I had to get through so that the shade showed up on me, but once I did that, it has becoming one of my two favorite blushes. The lipstick was similar. I got almost no color out of it initially, but after using it several time I got more of a pigmented look. It’s still an MLBB shade but it’s pretty for everyday.

  2. That lipstick shade is so pretty, but too bad its formula isn’t hydrating 🙁 I’m not a fan of drying lip products and so this really seems like a miss in this collection.

  3. Robin Rue says

    Sounds like some great products you got there. I am loving the shade of lipstick.

  4. I love IT cosmetics! I use their finishing powder and love it SO much. It reminds me of the banana lead powder that Kim Kardashian always raves about. Such a fabulous brand!

  5. Too bad that Je Ne Sais Quoi lipstick was not hydrating, it looks darling on you, barely there with a touch of pink.

  6. Sandy Pincombe says

    I appreciate your honesty about the lipstick. I have an IT bronzer, blush and highlighter palette that I love. Was thinking about trying an IT lipstick since I don’t have one in my collection. But I think I will wait.

  7. Oh no I can’t believe that the lipstick was in such bad shape but it is a nice colour. I do love the colour though!

  8. I just bought a lipstick from IT, and it didn’t have this problem…I LOVE it! I like the color you have even better…… looks like Ill be buying it again!!

  9. Love these colors! Need to check out this product!

  10. Amber Nelson says

    Oh wow! I really love the natural, glossy look for sure.

  11. Fatima Lora says

    Love that lipstick color! I’m all for matching my lipstick and blush.

  12. Debra Hawkins says

    Ugh! I hate when the packaging is subpar! If I am going to spend money on the product, the packaging better not hurting the packaging!

  13. jillconyers says

    Beautiful rosy colors. This makes me think of spring.

  14. One of my favorite lip products of all time AND I’m not normally a cream blush fan but that one is perfection!

  15. Stunning! I need that lippie in my life.

  16. The closeup of your lips is actually quite flattering to my eyes – that color is perfection. But it doesn’t seem worth it! I, too, love the blush and am using it in a look on my blog today, oddly enough!

  17. I love the colors! I think they look really nice on you 🙂 That blush looks awesome! Definitely pricey, but all the good stuff is.

  18. These colors are really pretty and I think that they are perfect for the spring and summer. I tend to wear rosy colors like these on myself.

  19. These are gorgeous products but a bummer on the packaging.

  20. Such a downer in the packaging, however I do use lip brushes a lot and not the tube itself so that wouldn’t factor in too much for me. I’m not sure about cream blushes.

  21. The lip color looks stunning on you! I thought it would be more red, but its a darker pink.

  22. Betzy Carmona says

    That blush is gorgeous 😀

  23. It has been ages and ages since I’ve used this brand, but I remember loving it. I’ll need to check these products sometime, especially the blush! – HilLesha

  24. You picked out some beautiful colors!! I love the blush too!!

  25. I love IT! I’ll have to try these!

  26. I have not tried this brand, but I like how the blush looks. I’ll definitely check it out when I run out of my current blush 🙂